About us

Hi, I am Larry Levitt and love to keep everything assembled & organized in my home and office. Organizing our homes & Offices are important tasks in our daily life. It is very important to keep our things in proper segments in a convenient way to reduce the mess and keep the home & office clutter-free. For this purpose, you will need specific racks. I myself use different types of racks like key racks, shoe racks, towel racks, spice racks in my home and would like you guys to see some of my home pictures.

My Key Rack

Larry Levitt Home Key Rack

My Shoes Rack

Larry Levitt Home Shoe Rack


My Towel Rack

Larry Levitt Home Towel Rack

Spice Rack in My Kitchen

Larry Levitt Home Spice Rack

And here are some of my office racks which I use in my daily routine can’t imagine how life will be without these racks as they help me to keeps my thing in the proper place and make my life so hassle-free.  please have a look

Larry Levitt card holder rack

In the market, there are many different kinds of racks available. These racks can help you in organizing the stuff very efficiently. Since the market is flooded with various types of racks, I decided to assist you in choosing the right kind of rack. To help you, I came up with a new blog – Rackpick.com

I want my readers to choose nothing but the best. So, to help the people, I have started building a blog about the racks and only about the racks. I will cover all types of racks in the blog, and we will also add details about the buying guides that are going to help you choose the right product. I personally feel different types of racks keep our homes and office more beautiful and assembled. Do mail me if you want any details regarding racks for your home and office use.

Thank you

Larry Levitt –  Love To Organize My Life With Racks