Where Should The Shoe Rack Be Kept?

A Shoe rack is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the house because it is the place where we keep all our footwear. It is the best way to keep our shoes and slippers organized. In most of the traditions, there is a place to keep everything in the house. Therefore the different types of shoe racks are usually kept near the main door or outside the house. But sometimes, you may get confused about which direction to keep the shoe rack. So here are some of the places and position information you can check and follow. This will enable you to keep the shoe rack at the proper place in your home.

What Is The Importance Of Shoe Racks?

 Shoe Rack

Today the shoe racks are a major part of house décor. Many people choose stylish shoe racks to keep their footwear. There are open and closed shoe racks in the market. The closed racks are more expensive than the open ones. Many countries have shoe racks at the house’s side entrance because they will store their footwear inside it after coming home. It also helps to keep the dirt away from the home because the visitors need not walk inside the house wearing their shoes. Moreover, the shoe racks are also the best way to manage the clutter. If we line up all our footwear at the entrance, it does not give our guests a good appearance.

That is why many people prefer to use shoe racks. You can organize the footwear in the shoe rack according to their use. For instance, you can keep the sports shoes in one rack and the fancy shoes in another rack. If there are kids, you can keep their shoes and slippers in a separate rack. You can also use over the door shoe rack for multiple purpose. Furthermore, if you use an open shoe rack, then line up the footwear you frequently use at the front. This will help you to take the footwear out easily without making a mess. Take care not to keep other things like newspapers, tools in the shoe racks. You can keep a separate storage area for such things.

Know About The Various Places To Keep The Shoe Rack

  • You can place your shoe rack at the west or south-west direction.
  • If you prefer to keep the shoe racks at the entrance, then you can place it outside the door. But you can avoid keeping it at the inside entrance.
  • Some homes keep the shoe racks in the living room. You can keep it at the south-west corner of the hall or the porch.
  • It would be best if you kept the shoe racks clean and well maintained. If it is in a place where everyone entering your home can see it then avoid stacking it with so much footwear.
  • You can buy a closed shoe rack if you prefer to keep it in the main hall.
  • Do not keep the shoe rack in the way at the house entrance. Your guests must not see the shoe rack first when they enter the house. It must remain in the corner and match with the décor.
  • If you have modular shoe racks, keep it in places where they will not be ruined by water or dirt.
  • Buy a shoe rack according to your home’s size because if it is a big one, it can spoil the home décor and take up lots of space.
  • If you buy a wood-based shoe rack then it is best to keep it inside because it will serve you for many years.
  • There are also shoe racks that you can hang on the walls. This can get positioned in the outer area of your home.


These are the different positions you can consider keeping your shoe racks. Keep your home tidy with the help of shoe racks.

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