What’s the Right Method of Securing a Bike on a Bike Rack?

To travel a short distance in less time with higher convenience, anyone can opt for a bike. No doubt that using a cycle to travel short distances helps you burning a significant number of calories, doing cardio-workout indirectly, and staying fit. However, the stress of thieves can make you feel bad when using a bike. 

It is easy to find that bikes are an easy target, and most thieves get their hands on some smart cutter tools to get rid of locks and such other things. The best option is to secure your bike to a bike rack, but is it possible that you can make it hard for thieves? If you secure a bike in such a manner that thieves have to spend a little dealing with the locks, they are not coming for it. 

According to sources, bikes are ripped off every three minutes and sold with changed color, or the parts are sold in the market. The most common place for a higher number of bikes thieve is college campuses. On the other hand, bicycles are expensive these days due to the carbon fiber frame, lightweight body, and much more. This is the major reason that thieves are looking more into bicycles. 

4 Method of Securing a Bike on a Bike Rack

Many methods can help, and those methods will not take much time at all. Let’s begin by taking a close look at the most popular methods – 

  1. Secure using U-Lock with the Bike Rack

You can find that there are proper locks available for bikes, which can help to secure your bike properly. Thin cable locks were used in the past, and the design is changed now. Locks are super sturdy these days with a large frame and sturdy design. The most preferred design choice is U-lock, and these are made of metal. 

This is one of the most reliable lock types that you can opt for and get greater use. It has a thick body, so it is hard to break even with professional tools. The heavy-duty chain with a strong padlock ensures a better use. The level of protection is good enough to impress you toward the use. However, smart thieves can still cut these locks. 

The concept is to increase security so that thieves don’t come for your bike and avoid it by looking at the lock. There is nothing more into this, and you can find that U-locks are hard to crack, so thieves avoid going for them. Put the chain through the frame of your bike and then use U-lock. Going with a thick chain is important to avoid facing any issue.

  1. Using Lock at Both Sides of Bike Rack 

You can go with lightweight locks and connect at both sides or both wheels. By placing your bike next to a bike rack in a parallel position, you can lock both wheels. By this method, you can reduce the chances of steel. The best part is, you can go with U-lock on both sides and increase the protection rate, that’s why it is a reliable option. 

By adding a lock to the bike frame, you can get better use, and this is the best option for sure. Experts say that you can add a lock to the bike frame, back wheel, cycle chain, and handle in a crisscross style. This will give you a better protection rate, and most people are relying on this method. You have to be selective to avoid getting into any issue. 

Some people have bikes with quick release lever in the front wheel, and using a bike lock is a bad choice for the front wheel. On the other hand, thieves can easily remove the front wheel with a few tools to get hands-on your bike. Always find the securest place to lock your back, and then thieves are not going for it. 

  1. Always opt for Immovable Bike Rack 

During the selection of a reliable bike rack to lock your bike, you should consider sturdy bike racks concreted in the ground. These bike racks are non-movable, and no one is going to approach it. Even thieves are not going for the harm of public property, which can get them in more problems, so they look for a movable bike rack. 

If you are taking your bike on a college campus, you can look out for an immovable bike rack and expect a better way to secure your bike. If you are going to lock your bike with chain, then go for something immovable. Many things are immovable, and trees are easy options. You can secure a bike to such a large object using a chain.

For all those who are using bikes rarely and have no experience with bike racks, try to keep it close to the place where you are heading and locking it to a rack with extra space. You can place it right next to the bike rack and then lock on both sides. A three-place contact lock seems better, and there is no way that thieves can get your bike.

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  1. Choose An Adequate Type of Bike Rack 

It is important that you choose the right type of bike rack while locking your bike. You may think that all bike racks are the same, but they aren’t. When heading out, you can opt for some smart type of bike racks that are immovable, but you can look for their design, style, and build quality. If you are opting for short-term parking, then you can go with grid bike backs. 

These racks usually have a comb-like appearance, and the short-term use means these are less secure as compared to the other types. For short term parking, you can opt for these types, but if you want to park for a few hours, then you can go with thicker metal frames that have u-rack. These are made to park bikes for a longer time, and you can find these racks on college campuses. 

The types depend upon factors like where you are currently. You can go with uplift bike locks which can better your experience and provide a safer use in parking. These are some of the unique bike racks, and they are designed for longer life. They have several impressive features, and you are also getting three-point of locking contact. All of these factors ensure better use. 

The convenience factor is always great among the short-term parking racks, but they are less secure. So, you can opt for some better designs or types of racks based on their shapes. Make sure that you opt for hard and sturdy locks to get better use. The important tip is to park in a well-lit area so that thieves don’t opt for your bike in such cases. 

The Final Verdict 

You can take a photo of your bike and record the serial number for registration. It will get you a safer use, and if your bike is stolen, the chances of finding it still exists. There might be several ways to avoid theft, but one common option is to buy a cheap or ugly looking bike so that thieves don’t opt for it. 

The other method of reducing the chances of theft is to ride your bike to safe areas where robberies are not common. In such places, a single layer of security using a U-Lock is impressive, and it can provide you a better use. Keep it in mind that you should opt for the well-lit areas and do not park for long during the night time. 

If you have installed a bike rack in the parking space of your apartment building, then try to keep it immovable so that no thief gets a chance to steal your bike. This method will come in handy to protect your bike.