Different Types of Bike Racks: Which One To Choose?

Bike racks are undoubtedly the best and most reliable ways to transport bikes on cars or SUVs. The bike racks not only offer better usability, but they also offer great value for money by providing you with safer and easier transport. And though you can rely on the bike racks easily, the thing that matters the most is that you choose the right type of rack for yourself. Yes. You heard it right. Bike racks are available in a wide range. They are available in different designs and types that offer the same purpose, but the usability and reliability vary for the different types of bike racks. And to get the desired results and perfect value, you must choose the right type of bike rack for your vehicle.

And if you are confused that which bike rack you should opt for, this article will help you decide about a more reliable and useful bike rack for yourself. SO, be with us until the end of the article and then decide which bike rack you should invest on. 

Types of Bike Racks

Depending on the design and performance, the bike racks are classified into three categories. Have a  look at them and then choose the most suitable one for yourself according to your convenience.

1. Roof Mounting Bike Rack

The first type of bike racks that we are going to discuss is one of the most popular and widely used bike racks among the car owners. By using these racks, users can easily carry their bikes on the roof of their cars. Though they are hard to install, but as they do not require extra space and don’t interrupt driver, they are one of the most widely used bike racks among the car owners. Try them, and you will love their usability. 

You can easily find tons of oof mounting bike racks from various brands. Choose the one that perfectly fits your budget and your car perfectly.

2. Hitch Bike Rack

Another popular bike rack type that is popular among the users who are after usability and easy maintenance is the hitch bike rack. The hitch bike racks are easiest to install and maintain bike racks available in the market for the car owners. With the different capacity and design availability, you can easily choose the most efficient one for your car. 

Apart from being intelligently designed, the hitch bike rac3ks are also foldable in design. So, you can easily fold them to get more space, when they are not being used. So, if you were looking for better design and usability, the hitch bike rack will be the best choice to make.

3. Spare Tire Mount Bike Racks

Spare tire mount bike racks are popular among the SUV owners who are looking for a more reliable and efficient bike rack for them. These racks are installed at the place of the spare tire, and you can easily get brilliant support and efficiency. 

Though they are more expensive than the roof and hitch bike racks, if you are after durability and reliability, the spare tire mount bike racks will be a worthy item to consider. Try it, and you are going to love the overall value of spare tire mount bike racks. 

So, these were the three most popular and widely used bike racks available for the car and SUV owners. You can choose any of them according to your budget and usability. Personally, we like the hitch bike racks the most due to their usability, and compact design. Also, most of them are foldable and relatively easier to install and manage. So, if you were after these qualities, then we will suggest you to go with a hitch bike rack. Try these, and you are not going to be disappointed with the durability or performance of these bike racks.

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