Things To Know Before Buying Heated Towel Rack

Towels are used regularly in every home as it is an essential and small thing that makes you feel cozy after every bath. Most of all, it is needed only when you take a bath in winter. At that time, even if it is only for some time, it makes you feel warm and completes your bath. Probably in winter, it is difficult to dry the towel quickly A heated towel is suitable for absorbing humidity and keeping your towel warm when you need to use it. A major benefit of using a Heated Towel Rack is it reduces mildew of towels, dries towel faster, work as a permanent heat source for your bath area or bathroom. The heated towel Rack is available in varieties of types, mounts, styles, a sizes that can be installed easily. 

Things To Consider While Buying Heated Towel Rack

Things To Know Before Buying Heated Towel Rack


A common problem with buyers is how to choose a perfect heated towel rack if they don’t know about them. Buying the right towel rack maybe not be difficult for regular users, but those who are unfamiliar with the quality and type of racks should read the mentioned guidepost. The blog is all about the certain aspects that you keep in mind while buying a Towel rack for bathroom space. However, choosing a towel rack as per your requirement and bathroom space is a major aspect in itself. The rest is your choice, how much you have to invest in it, whether to keep changing it, and many more. 

#1. Make Sure Which Type Of Towel Rack You Want

Generally, a heated towel rack has two types and they are determined by their installation process. Electric and Hydronic are two installation types that you can check before buying. 

Hydronic Towel Rack Heater – As the name implies, it is designed with a scientific idea and is much like a radiator. It is equipped with a radiant heat system or existing hot water system that creates the necessary heat and makes your towel dry. 

Benefits of Having Hydronic Towel Heater

  • There is no risk or short circuit as it hasn’t noticeable wires.
  • It has maximum energy efficiency.
  • You can replace its heating component when it damage. 

Disadvantages of Using Hydronic Towel Heater

  • Installing the heater without expert guidance can be difficult.
  • It takes longer to heat up.
  • Once the heater is installed, it is difficult to shift it.
  • It can be used only when the boiler is working.

Electric Towel Rack Heater – As the name implies, it is designed in such a manner to consume electricity for keeping towels dry. If you are looking for an ideal option for your improved bathroom, you may choose this rack heater. It may consume less electricity than the two standard-size light bulbs. 

Benefits of Electric Towel Heater

  • It can be easily installed as it does not require the help of a plumber.  You just need to plug in and turn on the switch for use.
  • Electric towel heaters are portable thus they are easy to move but once mounted on the wall, movement is difficult.
  • It consumes less power thus you can save your money on electricity bills.
  • It may heat faster compared to a hydronic heater.

Disappointment factor in Electric Towel heater

  • It may enhance the risk of causing damages from short circuits because they come with visible wiring.
  • You have to call an electrician for hardwired models.
  • You cannot replace the heating factor. That means a huge loss of money.

#2. Make Sure You Know How To Hang/ Mount Heater

It solely depends on you to choose the place and angle for mounted your heater. Typically, they can be mounted on the floor, wall, or place as a freestanding. In our opinion, you need to keep the bathroom’s space in your mind when mounting. Otherwise, the personal needs and preference is a primary factor. For better flexibility and ease of use, you can place the heater as a freestanding. One of the major benefits of opting for a freestanding model is that you will get an additional benefit in its movement. Talking about Wall Mounting, it is suitable for those who like to leave the floor empty. Wall-mounted models are available for all types of space and bathrooms. Moving to the next option, a Floor Mounted Model, is best for uneven walls and freestanding tubs.

#3. Make Sure You Whats Your Requirement In Style And Size

Wide ranges of warm heaters are available in contemporary, traditional, and modern styles.  Also, you have to make sure how many towels you need to hang on the warmer. Always pick a smaller size heater for just one towel and a big family, the large size would be a better option. I hope the mentioned key aspects will help you to choose the right Towel Rack heater for your bathroom space. 

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