Squat Rack Vs. Power Rack – Which One To Choose?

Are you planning to build a mini gym at home? Then you will have to add some important equipment to the home gym. If you are targeting weight training, then gym equipment is mandatory. Many people get confused between Squat Rack, and a power rack, and also some people use these two names interchangeably as well. Even if you are also in such a confused state, then let us understand their difference and then decide which is the best choice for you and your home gym. Here is 4 reason to buy a squat rack.

If you are concentrating on weight training or strength training, then this gym equipment is going to be the centerpiece of the gym. 

Squat Rack Vs Power Rack

Squat Rack Vs. Power Rack

What is a Squat Rack?

We call it a squat rack, but the squat stand is the right word that suits the equipment. It is very small in size and consists of just two metal posts. It has a barbell. The barbell will be placed on the adjustable metal posts. When you are about to start the workout of squatting, you will have to adjust the height of the bar. Now you will have to lift the bar and move forward or backward and perform squats. Once you are done with squatting, you will have to step backward or forward and place the barbell on the metal post. 

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What is a Power Rack?

If you are dedicated to strength training, then you will have to check out the power rack compared to the squat rack. It is also called a power cage by some people, but the most common name in the gyms is the power rack. The name power cage is used because of the construction of the rack. It comes in a cage-style where four metal posts are present. The four posts are again connected with the help of horizontal frames, nuts, and bolts. They come with safety straps, and you will be able to work out even when you are alone. You will not any support from another person. 

Squat Rack Vs. Power Rack

  • The power rack is safer when compared to the squat rack as it comes with safety straps. Even if you make the mistake of slipping the weight from your hands, nothing major is going to happen to you or anyone around you. 
  • You will be able to do a variety of exercises with the help of the power rack like squats, chin-ups, pull-ups, bench presses, inverted rows, deadlifts, barbell curls, and also other exercises that involve lifts. But with the help of a squat rack, you will be able to perform limited exercises like squats and bench presses. This is a good choice for people who are training themselves for the Olympics. 
  • If you are having space issues, then the squat rack is a good choice when compared to the power rack. You can easily place the squat rack in any corner of your home gym without any problem. But the power rack comes in cage design, and hence you will have to make sure that there is enough space for it. 
  • The power rack is very sturdy and strong when compared to the squat rack. It is going to last for many years if you get one. You can work out on a power rack with a lot of confidence, which may not be possible with a squat rack. 
  • You can easily customize the power rack as per your choice like the bands, weight storage, safety pins, wall ball targets, and landmine. But that is not possible with a squat rack. 

Overall, a power rack is a good choice if you are not having space issues in your home gym. But if you look at the price, a squat rack is cheaper than the power rack. Now it is your decision that matters because you will have to work out using them. here we have covered the best brand of the squat rack and 10 handpicked the best squat rack you can buy from amazon now. 

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