Ninja Foodi Dehydrator Rack Review 2022- Should You Buy Or Not?

We are sure that you must be spending hundreds to buy the dehydrated food from the market. The problem with the pre-packaged dehydrated food is that you are not sure if it has been laced with chemicals, and in addition to this, you also end up spending a lot of money on them. Wouldn’t it just be fantastic if you could dehydrate your food at home? This will give you the best results because it will all be done under your supervision. The HomeStuff Market has a dehydrator that makes it all possible for you to dehydrate your favorite food. 

Dehydrator Rack – Ninja Foodi Review 2021

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This particular option from HomeStuff Market is capable of creating delicious & nutritious dehydrated food. You can dehydrate fruits, vegetables, berries, and even meat with the help of this dehydrator, and it will turn out to be great. You can replace these dehydrated meat, berries & fruits with junk snacks and take a step towards a healthy life. On this page, we have reviewed the dehydrator rack for you, and you can check out the detailed features along with the advantages as well as disadvantages of this dehydrator rack. 

Features of Ninja Foodi Dehydrator Rack

This dehydrator rack has been designed with a lot of elegance, and it is of great use to everyone. There are many features in this dehydrator rack, but we would like to highlight some of the best features. Check them out below.

Tight Grill Space–The first striking thing that we like about this dehydrator rack has tight grill space. Because of the tight grill space, you can even dehydrate small-sized foods like berries. The space between the grill is just 0.25 inches, which is the best thing about the dehydrator. Many dehydrator racks have ample space between the metal burns, making them unusable for small fruits. Another thing that we would like to mention is that the wire burns are not sharp at all. This makes them easy to use and easy to clean.

5 Table Design– We are sure you would want to get a big batch of dehydrated stuff for the first time instead of redoing the process. To help you achieve a higher quantity, this dehydrator rack has a 5 table design. What this means for you is that there are five tables to accommodate the food. The overall design is very stable. These racks can be stacked on each other, and if you want, you can remove a couple of shelves depending on your usage. Another good thing we noticed here is that you can assemble the rack with just one hand.

Compatibility– The next feature that we like here is the compatibility associated with this dehydrator rack. If you have a Ninja Foodie 6.5 or 8-quart air fryer, then you can use the dehydrator rack with that air fryer. This dehydrator rack is also compatible with Instant Pot DuoCrisp + Air Fryer 8 quartz. With the air fryer, you can dehydrate the food even quicker. This dehydrator rack will then work as an excellent accessory for your air fryer & pots.

High-Quality Material– We came across many flimsy dehydrator racks, and we were not happy with the quality. Things were slightly different when it came to this dehydrator rack. The material used is food-grade 304 stainless steel. It doesn’t wobble, and it is very stable. In terms of quality, this is the best we could find.

Pros Of Ninja Foodi Dehydrator Rack

Easy to Setup– Usually, one of the biggest challenges with dehydrators is the setup required to use them. For this model, you won’t need more than a minute to set up the easy setup. You can set up this dehydrator rack with just one hand. It is not at all wobbly, and it works amazingly well with any food. You can use one, two, or even all five racks at once, and the hemmed edges give it a smooth finish. There are no sharp edges, so there is no risk of getting a cut.

Easy to Clean– When you are dehydrating anything, the liquid can get smeared on the rack. In such a case, the next big task after using the dehydrator rack is to clean it. With this model, the cleaning won’t be a great deal. You can soak it in soapy water and brush it to clean the debris. Once that is done, you need to rinse it. Alternatively, you can also throw the racks in the dishwasher to clean the rack.

Usability– During our test, we found this dehydrator rack to be very useful. The challenge associated with other dehydrator racks is that you would find it challenging to dehydrate the berries, but with this particular model, you can dehydrate the berries very quickly. You can also grill the vegetables very crispy since it is compatible with the air fryer and pots. This gives you an added advantage. You can use just one single shelf or two shelves in the air fryer and grill a delicious pizza. So, the usability factor associated with this dehydrator rack is very high.

Customer Service– The next important thing when you are buying any product is customer service. We are glad to mention that the customer service of this brand is fantastic. The brand assures you complete satisfaction, and if in case you are not happy with the product, you can contact the brand, and they will replace it free of charge. The brand takes a lot of pride in the quality of these dehydrator racks.

Cons Of Ninja Foodi Dehydrator Rack

Issues while using Air Fryer or Pots – Some users reported that they could not use multiple shelves while using this dehydrator rack with the air fryer or pot. This is a problem, but you will notice this problem with almost every rack you buy. For getting the crispy vegetables in the air fryer, it is advisable to use a single shelf only.

Overall Verdict

Overall, this is one of the best dehydrator racks in terms of quality. You can go ahead and purchase this without any doubt. The food-grade stainless steel gives it massive strength, and it also ensures that the rack doesn’t wobble. The dehydration rack works amazingly well with the small fruits and berries. Cleaning the rack is very easy, and you can even use the dishwasher to clean this dehydrator rack. In case of any issue with the dehydrator rack, contact the brand, and you will get a free replacement.

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