How To Use Firewood Rack – Tips For Storing Firewood

If you have a fireplace in your house, then you will need proper firewood in the winter. Many people buck the trees themselves and split the wood for the fireplace. You cannot use the greenwood for your fireplace, as that will cause a lot of smoke. You need to dry it properly before you use it. You cannot always buck the trees and get some wood for your fireplace, and hence you stock it up. When you want to stock up firewood, then you will need a firewood Storage Rack. It is the best place to stock up as much wood as you want for the winter. 

Tips to Use Firewood Rack

But having a firewood rack will not help you in storing the firewood in the right way. You need to use it in the right way to make sure that the wood is safe and perfect for the winter. So, here are some tips about how to use the firewood rack for storing the firewood. 

Always Store Above the Ground

One of the most important points to keep in mind when storing the firewood on the firewood rack is you should store it above the ground. If the rack is touching the ground, the moisture from the ground can get attached to the wood, and there is a chance of mold formation, and the wood will get wet as well.

Do not Store Them Inside the House

You should always pile up just only as much as you need in the house, and the rest of the wood should be placed on the firewood rack only. If you are storing a lot of wood in the house, then you will have to face a problem with ants, spiders, and other insects as well. 

Arrange Them Properly

When you have a firewood rack, you may just pile up the wood on the rack. You will have to arrange them in proper order so that they do not fall off suddenly and you will also be able to take them easily whenever you need them. It is an art to arrange them properly, and it will look amazing when someone sees them. It will add some extra beauty to the place when you arrange them in the right way. 

Keep the Cut Ends Exposed

You can arrange the firewood in any pattern that you like, but all you need to look at is whether the wood is completely dried and ready for a fireplace or not. If it is green wood, then the cut end of the wood should be exposed. This is the place where the moisture is stored, and when you expose it to the sun, it will get dried up, and you will be able to use the wood in the right way. They will burn for a long time. If it is completely dried wood, then you can place the bark side upwards, and the cut ends downwards. This way, you can protect the wood from catching moisture. 

Cover it Up

You will be able to find firewood racks with covers, and it is always good to get a rack that comes with a cover. You will be able to protect the wood from any moisture, snow, rain, and insects as well. Some of the racks come with half cover, and in that case, you are just protecting only half a lot of the woodpile. So, always get a full cover for your wood rack. 

Whatever pattern you are choosing for storing the wood, it is very important to keep the entire area around the firewood rack clean. You will be able to control any mold, insects, and bugs from spoiling the firewood that you stored on your rack.

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