How To Store Your Shoes & Sneakers Properly?

Your footwear is very important for you as they protect your feet and add some style to your look. But many people overlook this factor. They care about the footwear when they wear them and not afterward. But you should understand that footwear is not cheap and hence you need to take proper care of them. The best way to take care of your footwear like shoes, boots, and sneakers is to store them correctly. There are a few people who just love to try different kinds of footwear depending on the occasion. Or it is just their love for different kinds of footwear that makes them have a collection. When you have a huge collection, it can be a big problem for you to store them. So, if you are looking for some best ideas to store your shoes, boots, and sneaker, then you are at the right place.

First Ask – Do You Need Shoe Storage Rack?

Halter 5-Tier Stackable Shoe Rack

Usually, many people prefer storing shoes in the closet to get access to both clothes and shoes in the same place. But if you are someone who loves to buy a lot of shoes, it will be tough for you to throw away a few of them. Many people do not get rid of a few pairs of shoes even when they don’t fit them. So, in such a case, you will need a good shoe storage rack for you. But you should also consider the space concern. You need to pick something that can be folded so that space is saved. There are many different space-saving shoe racks available in the present market.

Keep Them Away From The Floor

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is to keep them away from the floor. This is a very important thing that you should follow. When you throw all the shoes on the floor, they form a heap, and it can hard for you to find the shoe of your choice. The shoes will get beaten up when you push them from one side to another. You need to organize them in order, and for that, you need to find the proper shoe rack.

Say No To Wired Racks

One of the most common shoe racks you can find in any store near you is a wired shoe rack. But that can be a very bad choice for your shoes. They will not be able to store all kinds of shoes, and so you will throw them in the back after a few days or weeks. Especially if you are using heel shoes, there is no point in buying wired racks. The heels will slip off the wired rack.

Divide Them Before You OrganizeThem:

When you organize your shoes in the closet, you should first divide your shoe collection, especially those who have a lot of shoes, sneakers, and boots. You should be able to divide them based on your usage first – the ones you use regularly and the ones you use occasionally. Once you are done, you should place the rarely used ones on the top and the regular ones at the bottom so that you can reach them easily.

Clear Boxes

Another good option you can consider when looking for the best ways to store your shoes is using clear boxes. You should get something that comes with a lid, and the content inside the shoebox is visible. That way, you will be able to keep the shoe safe and also be able to see them. That makes it easy for you to pair your clothes with your favorite footwear. Sometimes, we open the closet doors without any planning. When everything is visible for you, then you will be able to make a choice easily.

Special Care For Boots

Boots need some extra care, so you need to be very careful when storing the boots. You should store them upright, and you can take help of the old newspapers or used water bottles for help. You can even roll the used newspapers and place them inside the boots for more care. When they stand straight, then you can easily place them in clear boxes with lids. You will also be able to find the boot shapers in the present market, and you can make use of them as well. That makes them last for a long time.

DIY Hangers

If you do not have space in your closet, then hanging your sandals and shoes to a vertical bar in the closet can save you some space. If you check online, you will find many DIY videos that help you make hangers. They are very simple to make, and you can make them with the wired hangers available in the house. The simple hangers that you use for hanging your clothes can be used. That saves you a lot of space in the closet.

Over The Door Shoe Organizer

Over-The-Door Shoe Rack

You can easily find the over-the-door shoe rack on the market. They are lifesavers as they do not occupy any space in the closet and are very easy to use. If you are having a lot of flip-flops or lightweight shoes, then this is one of the best ways to store them in the closet. Always remember that before storing your shoes, boots, sandals, sneakers, or any footwear, you will have to let them dry in the open air. You should not place them in the closet immediately after using them. Any sweat or smell formed due to the sweat will go away when you leave them in the open space. Once they are completely dry, you can easily place the shoes in the closet for storing. Always store them in the right way to last for a long time, and your money is not wasted. So make use of these simple ideas for storing your shoes, boots, and sneakers next time. They are simple and easy to follow as well.

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