How To Remove Thule Roof Rack – 5 Step Solution

Installation of thule can be done on various vehicles. For example, it can be done on cars, trucks, or SUVs within a few minutes. In addition, due to the simple design of installing Thule rack bars, you can remove them independently. The process is effortless and helps you lift your Thule rack from the roof of your vehicle to store, or you can shift it to another vehicle. The entire process is done with the system named as compression clamp system. In this article, you will read out the elementary steps to understand and perform as well as remove Thule roof bars without facing the typical situation. But, then, let’s dig deep into them!

Here Are 5 Steps To Remove Thule Roof Rack

How to Remove Thule Roof Rack

Step 1

Thule can be installed in various vehicles such as cars, trucks, or SUVs, for starters. It takes a few minutes, and you can mount Thule on your vehicle. First, open the door of your vehicle from both sides, especially where the roof bar is adjusted.

Step 2

There are many types of Thule. Some come up with a lock system and keys, while others don’t. If your system demands unlocking, first unlock the outer housing at the base of the low cable knob. Then, you can unlock it with the help of a key that comes along with the set. If you are unlocking, then remove the plastic bags from the lock with the help of a screwdriver.

Step 3

For the next significant step, the essential role is played by a unique tool, i.e., AcuTight. The tool’s appearance is unique in that it has a bright green handle and is located inside foot housing. You can take the use this tool for twisting the knob. Twisting the knob is essential and making sure it is counterclockwise since this helps to loosen the clamp. In addition, not all the models require a help of a unique tool. Some can be loosened with some breeze steps.

Step 4

This step involves slightly shifting the bar to the side. It can be done with an appropriate technique. You have to reach across the roof first, then put some effort to straight up the bar and adjust from the center. This will help you to adjust the bar to the site. In addition, after adjusting, check the car roof properly. If it still has rubber pads that might be stuck on the roof, remove them with the help of a credit card. This will help you to pull up the peel of the pads.

Step 5

Removing the Thule will be done only if you go for this significant step. After removing, it requires proper cleansing. The residue left behind need to be removed from the roof. Otherwise, it may be harmful to the car body. Cleaning the residue can be done using mild car wash detergent and a soft sponge. Hence, these are the appropriate methods to remove the Thule with easy steps. First, however, carefully consider the steps mentioned above to remove the Thule.

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