How To Put The Bike On Bike Rack?

Bike racks make it very easy to carry the bike with you, and they also eliminate the chances of scratching your car’s paint while carrying your bike. Whether you are traveling outside the city or within the city, the bike racks are of great help to anyone who loves to ride a bike. If you haven’t used the bike racks before this, you might find it slightly tricky to mount the bike on the bike rack. There is nothing to worry about in such a case as we are here to help you. Check out the step-by-step process to mount the bike on the bike rack.

How To Put The Bike on Bike Rack?

Steps to Put The Bike on Bike Rack

  1. Opening the Rack – You need to start the process by opening the bike rack. Most of the models would form a big arc once it has been opened. One end of the bike rack mounts on the rear window, and the other end is mounted on the trunk. However, if you drive a sedan, both ends are mounted on the trunk.
  2. Securing the Rack – The next step is to secure the bike rack. You need to mount the clips properly and ensure that you are not rough with this process. Ensure that you have not missed any of the clips and that you have mounted the clips properly. In this step, you also need to tighten all the straps to ensure a proper grip. If required, you can add a few extra straps to get a better grip.
  3. Testing for Stability – Now, grab the bike rack with both hands and try to move it in all directions. Ensure that it is stable and won’t fall even when you encounter potholes. If you notice any instability, you need to tighten the straps properly.
  4. Pulling the Arms – In this step, you would need to pull the arms and ensure that they are locked. There should be a clicking noise until you have a bike rack with the screw assembly. Now, you are ready to put the bike on the bike rack. 
  5. Mounting the Bike – To mount the bike on the bike rack, simply lift the bike and place it on the rack. Ensure that you are gentle and careful to avoid scratching the car. You would also need to lock the bike on the rack to avoid theft. To secure the bike, you must also clamp down the arm on the frames
  6. Pro Tip – If you think the bike may scratch the body, adding an extra layer of padding or rugs between the car and the bike would be good.

Addressing the Exception

The female bikes don’t have a horizontal crossbar, making it difficult to mount the bike on the rack. In such a case, you would need to use a frame adapter to mount the bike on the bike rack. The steps are the same, but the only difference is that you will be using an adapter with your bike. After attaching the frame adapter, the process to mount the bike remains pretty much the same.


This is how you can easily mount the bike on the bike rack. If you cannot follow the tutorial at any step, please leave a comment for us, and we will try to help you with more information. Alternatively, the bike rack manufacturer would have also provided you with a user manual. You may check the manual to ensure that you are not missing anything. We hope you have a wonderful biking trip.

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