How to Organize Tie Rack Properly?

Do you wear a lot of formal dresses? Whether it is for an official meeting, official party or when you want to get that professional look, you will need to get dressed in a formal shirt and trouser. Your formal look is going to be incomplete if you don’t wear a tie along with the dress. Many people love wearing a tie every day to their office, and some people try them only with suits or when they want a different look. Whether you use them occasionally or you use them daily, it is essential to take care of the ties properly. 

Tips  to Organize Tie Rack

You cannot just fold them and place them along with the other clothes in your closet. You will have to open them in the right way and then store them properly. You need to open the tie knot carefully and adequately so that the tie is not damaged. If you wish to organize the ties properly, you need to get home a tie tack. You will have to choose the right tie rack depending on many factors and then arrange them depending on the space you have. 

The number of ties

The number of ties that you are having with you will help you decide the right tie rack. If you have too many ties, then you can go for box type rack or hanging tie rack. The size of the box will be decided based on the number of ties. 

Space factor

If you have enough space in your closet, then always go for a box type rack, but if there is a space issue, then you can go for hanging type rack. You can either hang on one side of the closet or anywhere in your bedroom. 

Fold it properly

Folding the tie in the right way is very important. If you are choosing a hanging style rack, then you can easily place it on the shelf without any folding. But if you are using a box-type rack, then you will have to make sure that you have to fold it. You should first fold it to the middle by placing the tie on a flat surface. Never try to store the tie without removing the knot. Now from the thin end, start rolling the tie towards you. You will have to roll it completely. You can now place each tie in one compartment of the box. The tie rack box will come with many compartments, and that helps you organize more than one tie. It looks very similar to the socks box that you use. 

Different materials

These tie racks are made of different kinds of materials like wood, metal and plastic. The price of the rack varies depending on the material used. The price also changes depending on the material you are choosing. Also, make sure that you are choosing a material that suits your closet. 

Organize them well

It would be easy if you sort the ties based on the color and arrange them according to that. Always place all the light colors first and then the dark color. That makes it easy for you to pick a shade that matches your outfit. If you are going with a white shirt and black trousers, a tie of any color can be worn. But if you are going with a full suit, then you will have to pick a perfect color. You can easily place the suit or shirt on the tie and pick the perfect color when you are arranging them according to the shades. 

It is not at all going to be tough for you to organize tie rack if you are picking up the right tie rack. They are a very small piece of clothing, and hence you can lose track of them if you are not arranging them in the right way. 

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