How To Store Belts – 4 Best Way to Store & Organize Belts

One of the common clothing accessories that you will find in most closets is belts. It is an essential accessory that will help hold the trousers and pants in place and work as a fashion statement. For some people, it is not just for those purposes but is like jewelry. They cannot step out of the house without a belt. They have a huge collection of belts. Many people collect them from different places and stores. They are available in different materials, sizes, shapes, and colors as well. You can choose from a huge range of options available in the present market. You can choose belts that match different kinds of an outfit like formals and casuals. But if you are someone whose love for belts can never end, then you must be having a huge collection.

How To Store & Organize Belts


Some people will face issues with storing their belts collection in the way, while some people do not know how to store them. They just leave them after they are done using the belts. It can be tougher to search for a perfect belt or your favorite belt when you don’t organize or store belts properly. It can even lead to damaging the belts. So, it would help if you were very careful with your collection of belts. That will not just keep them safe, but will also help in making them last longer. It will not be a tough job or a tedious job to organize and store your belts. But if you are still unsure how to do it in the right way, then here is how to organize and store belts properly. We have listed a few but simple options that can be used by anyone.

#1 Belt Rack

One of the best and simplest options that are available for you are using a belt rack. You can easily find the best belt racks in the market or store near you. You can find plenty of options on the online stores as well. With the help of the belt rack, you can easily store and organize your belts. A belt rack means a few hooks attached to a wooden or metal bar. You can easily fix this belt rack at the back of your closet door. That means it is not going to occupy any extra space as well. If you think attaching to the closet door is not a good choice, then you can fix it to any flat surface in your room like your wall as well. But when you are installing it inside the closet, they are kept away from sunlight, which protects them. If the door area is already occupied, you can also choose your closet’s back wall. You can easily slide the clothes to one side and look for a belt of your choice. It can be placed in multiple ways.

#2 Belt Organizer

In most of the closets, belts get collected at the bottom. They are not at all organized. But using a belt organizer is another great way to store the belts. You will be able to find belt organizers in the market. You can hang both belts and ties to this organizer. You can hang this belt organizer to the closet bar or rod where you hang your clothes with the wire hangers’ help. These belt organizers are made using metal and plastic. You can hang the belts from the buckle. Make sure there is good space on the closet rod for hanging the belt organizer. They look similar to the belt racks, but they are different. The only problem you will place with your belt organizer is that they need space on the closet bar or rod.

#3 Divider Drawers

Another good option that you should try for properly organizing and storing the belts is using the divider drawers. These drawers are made using acrylic material or wood and perfectly fit inside the drawer. You can protect them very well as they are not exposed outside. When you hang them, there are more chances of scratches on the belts, and they can get damaged when you are trying to fetch other accessories from the closet. You can nicely roll the belts and then place them in the drawer. This is one of the best ways of storing expensive belts so that they are protected. These drawer boxes can be used for many other things, like storing your inner garments, ties, and handkerchiefs.

#4 DIY Belt Hanger

If you think it is not worth investing in a belt hanger, you can make one at home by yourself. You should get the cup hooks and wood plank and try making the belt hanger. You will be able to find several DIY videos on the internet. Make use of the videos, and they make one. You just have to place the hooks on the wood and rotate like screws. The pointed edge will slide into the plank and very safe for you to hang the belts. So, these were some simple ideas for storing and organizing belts properly. But many people are not sure whether to roll them or hang, and the answer is very simple. Depending on the size and material used in the belt’s making, you will have to choose a method. For rolling, you will have to place the belt on the flat surface and then start rolling them from the other end of the buckle. It is always good to keep them away from sunlight. Some belts get cracked and damaged when they are exposed to sunlight for a long time. Also, some belts with heavy buckles are not suitable for hanging. You should also give special attention to your leather belts. They always need special care. You should clean them with a soft cloth and then condition them. A belt organizer, belt rack, or hanger is very useful. It will not just store them in the right way, but will also make the selection process simple for you. You will be able to look at all the belts easily and pick the one that matches your outfit. That makes the task simple for you.

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