How To Make A PVC Towel Rack For The Pool – 8 Simple Steps

There are towels for every pool owner — and there are plenty of towels. And during the summertime, it appears like they are multiplying. Construct the handy towel rack out of a common PVC plumber’s pipe to solve the problem of drying towels once and for all. The pool towel rack has enough for 8 full-size beach towels and, as an added benefit, it can accommodate all of the pool noodles & floaties.

Here Are Steps To Make PVC Towel Rack For The Pool

Step 1

Collect the materials you’ll need, which you may get at any hardware store or on the internet. In addition, a hacksaw or even a miter saw will be required.

Step 2

Make a cut of PVC in the below-mentioned lengths

  • 14, 4-inch chunk
  • 8, 2-inch chunk
  • 12, 38-inch chunk
  • 4, 30-inch chunk

Step 3

Using 100-grit sandpaper, erase the cutting burrs from the PVC tubing as well as the branding on the side of the tube. With a series of quick swipes of the sandpaper, you should be in business. Using the 220-grit sandpaper, lightly sand the surface to eliminate any scratches that may have formed.

Step 4

Place eight parts of the 38-inch PVC on a level surface and attach a T-connector to either end of each section to dry-fit these towel bars before installing them. Make certain that the connectors are aligned at a 90-degree angle to one another. The towel poles for the pool rack will be formed from these T chunks.

Step 5

Using the T-section towel poles that you installed in Step 4 on each end, build the rack by joining them in the following order: T sections, two-inch chunk, 45-degree elbows, four-inch chunk, T sections, four-inch chunk, T sections, four-inch chunk, 45-degree elbows, two-inch chunk, T sections, four-inch chunk, T section, two-inch chunk, 45-degree elbow, four-inch chunk, T section, four-inch chunk, T section, four-inch chunk, 45-degree elbow, two-inch chunk, T section.

Step 6

Using the 3 connectors & four pieces of 38-inch PVC, assemble the bottom by constructing a square with these components. The legs are secured in place by slipping a vertically oriented 30-inch piece of PVC into each of the 4 connectors.

Step 7

Place the rack piece over the bottom section and double-check all of the connections to ensure that they are perfectly aligned.

Step 8

When you are pleased with the fit of the rack part, you can remove it from the base section. Disconnect each connection one at a time, beginning with the base portion, and apply a fast swipe of primer, immediately followed by a swipe of glue, working your way up. It is not essential to prime & glue both inside the connection and outside the tubes; it is enough to prime & glue either inside the socket or outside the tube. Before gluing the chunk back together, double-check that the alignment is accurate because the glue hardens almost as quickly as it is applied. Continue until all of the connections in the base portion have been glued together. Finish by priming and gluing the 2 parts together to form the towel racks for the pool.

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