How To Lock Bike To Hitch Rack? – 5 Step Solution

Hitch racks are perfect to carry your favorite bike on the journey. You can carry up to three bikes with a hitch rack. There are plenty of brands offering excellent hitch racks for cars, SUVs, trucks, and other vehicles. You can choose to buy any good quality option and carry the bike along with you.  The fun part of having your hitch bike rack on the journey can be seen with the overall experience. You get to explore the real beauty of a particular place on your bike and it is also a great way to enjoy the surrounding. Most people are using hitch racks while going to the picnic, tourist destinations, and urban areas. However, it might be difficult for a new person to lock the bike to the hitch rack.  If you are having the same issue, we would suggest you read the manual or follow the given steps for safe usability – 

Here Are the 5 Steps To Lock Bike To Hitch Rack

How To Lock Bike To Hitch Rack?

#1. Start by Checking the Hitch Rack

Always check that the hitch rack you have installed on your car is securely installed and doesn’t wobble. You can place a little weight by your leg and try to check if it moves or not. Once you have checked the hitch rack, pay attention to any loose parts. 

#2. Get Extra Locking Straps

You might need a few basic tools, no power tools, to install the bike. You need a locking strap, extra lock to balance the front wheel of the bike and lock it into place. There are many cases of bikes stolen from the hitch rack, so your bike must be in place with a ton of force. 

#3. Place the bike on Rack

Lift your bike from the frame and make sure you have someone to hold the bike handle from moving. Otherwise, the bike handle moves in one direction and it might hit your face. To avoid this issue, a handyman is always the best choice. 

#4. Lock the tires first

Once you place both tires of the bike into the rack, the back tire automatically locks into place whereas you can find a little movement in the front wheel. You need the strap to hold the front tire in place and then you lock the bike into the rack by tying the strap around the middle of the bike frame. 

#5. For Other Type of Hitch Rack

If you have a different type of hitch rack which holds the bike from the centre of the bike’s frame. Then you need to lift the bike and place it on the rack. Lock the rack on the bike frame and fasten the bolt. To get rid of handle movement, use an extra strap and many ways can help you lock it into the place. 

Bottom Line

When using the hitch rack, you need a strap to hold the bike into place. Bikes are expensive these days and you can find lots of cases regarding stolen bikes. So, always use an extra lock for the wheel so if someone removes the bike from the rack, he/she move it. The thief has to carry the bike to steal it, which can help in many ways.  

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