How To Fix A Loose Towel Rack? – 4 Steps Solution

Some projects seem like easy steps can tackle them. As a homeowner or DIY, it’s not challenging to manage your home projects with the breeze. Avoid calling professionals for the projects that are a piece of cake. If you face problems with the towel bars as they have gotten loose due to false anchors, then here are the significant ways to tackle your problem with straightforward steps. If you are looking for a way to repair a loose towel bar, first, you have to remove the existing screws that have got loose. In addition, then you can reinforce the anchors by holding the towel bar on the wall and tightening it with a set of screws. It’s easily manageable to tighten the new anchor with screws. Finally, look at the brief way of adjusting the loose towel rack.

Here Are the 4 Steps To Fix Loose Towel Rack

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Step 1 (Determine the Height )

What is the average height of installing a towel rack? Again, keeping it simple, you have holes of the previous towel bar to skip making the holes.  However, if you want to install a new one, recognizing a mark’s height and weight is a must. The general height of the towel rack is about 48 inches from the ground. The towel bar comes in a distinct width, and if you want to tighten it, it’s essential to consider the width and height of the towel bar. During this drive, you can consider the bar template that correctly determines the width.

Step 2 ( Make the Marks)

Marking a hole position is a little challenging but not a tall order. First, place the bar and hold it 48 inches from the ground. To ensure the bar level will be the same, put some marks on the hole using a pencil. This step needs to be appropriate since you have to drill the position where you have made the holes.  If the position goes wrong, you cannot tighten the towel bar. However, after making the mark through a pencil, you can drill the holes by recognizing the required width. 

Step 3 ( Install the anchors)

The anchors are significant to tighten the hole and install your towel bar appropriately on the wall. The anchor can be installed by using the screws.  This is the appropriate way to mount the brackets into the wall anchors and make sure to mount them until it gets tight.  Therefore, there is an adequate technique to tighten with a set of the screw. It can be done by mounting the bracket on the wall and then letting yourself tighten it with a screw.

Step 4 ( Repeat same with other holes)

To tighten the Second hole, let the rod inserted into the 1st one be the same. Then, for the second hole, you have to mount the bracket with the help of driving the screws.  The pro tip drives the screws until the hole gets tight. Then, mounting screws and tightening them properly is necessary.  Otherwise, the hole remains the same, and you won’t be able to hang your towel. So once the screws are set and tight, hang your towel. The methods mentioned earlier are to tighten the loose holes of the towel rack. Then, you can take the help of steps mentioned above to complete it and setback for admiring your handy work.

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