How To Dry Pasta Without a Rack at Home?

Do you buy pasta from a store near you or do you make it at home? Many people are making pasta at home these days as it is a straightforward process. If you are sure about how to make the dough, then the process of cutting the pasta can be done with the help of the pasta cutting machines. It takes just a few minutes to make pasta at home, and you will not need any extra equipment for it, apart from the pasta cutter. 

How To Dry Pasta Without a Rack at Home

How To Dry Pasta Without a Rack at Home?

But there is one crucial step that you need to keep in mind, and that is the drying process. Sometimes you will have to dry the pasta before you go ahead and cut it and sometimes you will have to dry it after cutting. 

Before cutting the pasta:

When you mix the dough and roll it flat, it is sometimes sticky, and you will not be able to cut it properly. If you are unable to cut them properly, then it is not even possible to roll them into the desired shape as well. So, all you need to do is just roll it flat and wait for it to dry for some time and then start the cutting process. For this, you don’t need any rack as it can be dried on the same surface where you roll it, as you are not going to dry it for a very long time. 

After cutting the pasta:

The main problem starts here. After cutting the pasta into the desired shape like long strings or any other shape, you cannot coo them directly. You will have to let it dry. Even if you wish to store the pasta for later use, you need to make sure that the pasta is dried completely so that it does not get spoiled. This is where you will need a pasta rack for drying (Check Best Brands Of Pasta Drying Rack). But do you really need one? No, there are many things around you that can act as a pasta drying rack. 

  • Cloth drying rack or hangers: You can use the cloth drying rack or cloth hanger for drying the pasta after they are cut into the desired shape. These hangers are a good choice if you are making long pasta strips. You can place them on the hangers and hang them to any strong or a chair in the house till they are dry. 
  • Oven: Usually, if you have a big oven at home, then remove the lower rack from the oven. Now place all the pasta strips on the upper rack of the oven one by one. You can now close the door of the oven and let them dry. There will be ample space for the pasta to dry inside the oven without any disturbance. But make sure that you do not switch on the oven by mistake. 
  • Cloth: You can even use a soft cotton cloth for drying pasta. You can place a clean and soft cloth on a clean floor and then place the pasta on the cloth. Allow it to dry as long as you want and then take them from the cloth and store them in a container. This is a good option if you are cutting the pasta into different shapes, and when the shapes are small. 

Not just these three options, you can use anything, and everything in your house for drying like placing the pasta on your chairs or dining table can also be a good option. It all depends on your creativity and how long you can leave the place undisturbed. If you have kids at home, then it can be difficult to dry pasta just anywhere in the house. But you don’t always need a pasta rack for drying homemade pasta. 

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