8 Simple Ideas to Decorate a Bakers Rack

Not many of us are aware of what the bakers rack are? You usually have your racks in your kitchen for storing things. But that does not mean that baker’s racks are something new. They are very old and present from the 17th century itself. They are usually made using metals like cast iron and were used for storing freshly baked bakery food. The cast iron’s thermal conductivity will absorb the heat from the bakery food and evenly distribute it.

That means it helps keep the bakery food warm for a long time, even when they are on display. But if you look at the baker’s racks today, they are solely used for decoration or used to store general items. They are made using different kinds of materials like wood, iron, steel, or other metals. You don’t need cast iron as you don’t have to keep the food warm on the rack. So, if you have a baker’s rack, you can decorate your house differently. The first thing you should know is to decorate the baker’s rack to add beauty to your house.

8 Ideas To Decorate A Bakers Rack 

Ideas To Decorate A Bakers Rack 

If you are looking for some innovative ideas to decorate a baker’s rack, then here are some simple tricks that can be helpful. You just need to make sure that you are placing the right baker’s rack in the right room as all of them are not suitable for all rooms in the house.

#1 Keep The Rack Clutter-Free

One important point to remember when you are decorating your baker’s rack is keeping it clutter-free. You should not add many items to the baker’s rack so that it adds a lot of weight to the rack. Usually, they are open on all sides, and every item you add to the rack will make it heavy. When it gets overcrowded, it will not just add weight, but will also make it tough for you to move items on the rack. You will have to disturb other items on the rack when you keep it simple.

#2 Hide Small Items

Like we already discussed, we should not overcrowd the baker’s rack. Adding too many small items will make it overcrowded and does not make the rack look attractive. So, to add more beauty to the rack, you can stash all the small items in a large and attractive bin. That will reduce the number of items and also add a nice look to the baker’s rack. You don’t need to display any that does not add to your baker’s rack’s beauty.

#3 Add Mugs And Cups

The best place to store your mugs and cups on the baker’s rack is the middle rack. It is the right way to decorate the baker’s rack. If you have a rack with hooks on the side, you can even use the hooks for hanging the mugs and cups.

#4 Distribute Things Evenly Across Rack

Another important thing that you need to remember when decorating the baker’s rack is distributing the things evenly. You should not overload any shelf of the rack. That can dominate the look of the baker’s rack.

#5 Wooden Rack Use As For Bookshelf

An amazing idea to decorate your wooden baker’s rack is to use it as a bookshelf. You will be able to find baker’s racks that are entirely made of wood, and some come with a few shelves made of wood and others made of metal. As it can be used as a book rack, you will be able to place it in any room of the house. But you will have one problem with this kind of rack as they are very heavier. It is not easy for you to move from room to room. They come with a vintage look and hence add a nice look to any space in the house.

#6 Decorate Metal Racks For Outdoor Use

When you wish to place the baker’s rack outdoors, it is good to choose a rack made using metal. Usually, they are made using stainless steel and iron metal. You can place them in the deck, front yard, and porch as well. You should use multi-tiered baker’s racks when you are using outdoor. They are good as a plant stand. You can place the small pots in the lower racks and the bigger racks in the upper racks with multiple layers. You can use either the top shelf or the lower shelf for storing the gardening tools.

#7 Racks with Cabinets

One better baker’s rack that you can find is a rack with cabinets. It can be one of the best options for your kitchens. You can store all the utensils like spoons, spatulas, and other small things in the cabinets. You can use the metal racks for displaying something attractive. That is the best way to decorate the baker’s racks.

#8 A Large Rack For The Living Room

If you are looking for a baker’s rack in the living room, you should go for a large rack. It can be used for cabinets and bookcases. It looks very simple, yet very beautiful for your living room. You can place almost everything on the large rack in the living room, like photo frames, table lamps, books, and décor items as well. You can keep it very simple, and still, it will look amazing in the living room.

These are some of the simple ideas you can consider for decorating your baker’s racks and decorating your house with these baker’s racks. Very small racks can be used in the closets or in the bathrooms for placing some bath essentials, accessories, and towels. It can also be used in the bar for placing some wine bottles. They can be placed at the entryway so that you can place some small pieces of decors for decorating the house. When placed in the bedroom, they can be used for placing the bed sheets, blankets, linens, and other things. Decorating a baker’s rack has come a long way, and many people have the best racks collection. Some buy the vintage-style baker’s racks to give that old look to the house.

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