How to Build Your Coat Rack – 5 Simple Steps

If you want to get rid of stuffed coats or jackets bundled in your house, you need to build a coat rack for your own. Today, DIY coat racks are the best things to create at home. They are not only fun to make but also a useful piece to the house. You can make this fantastic interior piece as beautiful as you want. All you need to create a coat rack is a piece of wood and hooks. It may seem easy to hear, and the truth is it is as easy as it sounds. You can create a DIY coat rack within just an hour or two. Now let us take a look at the ways to build two types of coat rack.

Step By Step Ways To Create Free Standing DIY Coat Rack

How to Build Your Coat Rack

#1. The Items Required To Create Coat Rack

Now let us see the ways to build a 72-inch coat rack for your home. You can create this accessory in any size as you desire. The tall coat rack can accommodate more coats. If you prefer, you can make the size smaller or bigger. The stain and the post is the middle part of a free-standing coat rack. You can make a curved stain from a straight wood piece. All you need for a free-standing coat rack is stain, hooks, paint, post, legs and notch.

#2. First To Make The Legs.

You can start making the leg of the rack with an 18 length leg piece. You can choose any wood to make the rack. There is oak, rose or teak wood to create the legs for the rack. The right measurement of the rack leg is 5/4×6. After this, you can make 1 wide inch at the upper part of the rack leg. Make a 2-inch wide foot on the lower corner of the rack leg. You can now cut the legs using a sharp jigsaw. From the couture leg, you can trace and cut the other three legs from a wood. You can use sandpaper to ease the sharp edges in the legs.

#3. Attach The Legs To The Post

Now the next step is to attach the legs to the post. You can take a 58-inch tall post for this coat rack. You need to notch off the leg to the 58-inch post. You can attach the legs to the post by using a 2 and a half-inch deck screw. Evenly attach the leg one by one to the post by using the deck screw. After screwing, you need to apply the wood glue to the button in the screw hole.

#4. Now Add The Decorative Pieces.

The last step to complete the free-standing rack is to focus on the final touches—dust off the post’s excess wood piece. Now, at last, use sandpaper to make the wood even. Now on the top, you can attach hooks to the racks. You can add any number of hooks to the top of the coat rack. It is one of the advantages of creating a free-standing coat rack as it can accommodate any number of coats and jackets. You can use normal screws to attach the hooks to the coat rack. Now paint the coat rack by using polyurethane. It can keep your coat rack shiny and beautiful. You can add any other ornate to the coat rack to beautify it. After completing the coat rack, you can hang all the coats and jackets.

#5. The Steps To Create Beautiful Wall Mounted Rack

The wall-mounted coat rack is simple and easy to create. If you have limited space, then the wall-mounted coat rack is ideal for you. You can fix the coat rack behind the door or in the hallway. By making a DIY beautiful coat rack piece, you can use it as your interior as well. Now let us see some of the simple steps to create a wall-mounted coat rack.

  1. You can create a wall-mounted coat rack in any size. The 5-inch coat rack is compact and can accommodate decent amount of coats. Now the first step is to cut the wood plank for the coat rack into your desired size. For this coat rack, you need a flat-looking wood piece to mount it on the wall.
  2. Now on the plank of wood, you need to drill holes with proper space between each hole. Do not drill the holes in the rack wood randomly. Use a scale to measure and drill the holes in proper intervals. You can drill holes for the hooks in a straight line or drill holes in a zigzag way.
  3. Now the next step is to paint or stain the wooden rack. You can use any shiny paint colours or stains. The white colour paint can make the wood rack look posh. However, you can use any paint colour of your choice. You can also use a double coat to prevent cracking of paint in the future.
  4. Now the next step is to attach the hooks to the wooden rack. You can use wood glue or screws to attach the hooks to the rack. You can use both the wood or ready-made metal rack available in the market. Ensure to attach the hooks in the right position into the rack.
  5. Now you need to mount the rack to the wall. You can make two holes in the side of the rack and attach it to a nailed wall. If you want to mount the coat rack permanently then nail the coat rack into the wall. Also, if you have a drill, then use it to mount the rack to the wall.
  6. The last step is to tighten the screws in the rack. You can also add a crown or shelve to the coat rack. You can add any decorative pieces to the coat rack using glue or a screw.


Creating a DIY coat rack is exciting and useful. With your imagination, you can build your coat rack in any design. Also, follow the above tips to create a coat rack for your house.

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