Dropracks Launched New Roof Rack Which Can Be Raised or Lowered Automatic

Dropracks system again made the headlines with the latest roof rack approach, which is claimed to be a complete refreshment of the design and style. According to the design team,  this new roof rack takes a completely different approach to loading accessories, bikes, gears, and other items on your car. No doubt that getting your bike and items on a journey is easier when using a roof rack. It seems reliable and convenient in many ways, but it isn’t as practical as most manufacturers claim. The implementation and installation method requires plenty of effort. Eventually, some people avoid using the heavy lifting method required with the old-style SUV roof racks

Dropracks Launched New Automatic Roof Rack

Dropracks Launched New Roof Rack Can Be Raised or Lowered According To Your Needs

Now, Dropracks is the latest technology patented by a Norway company that provides you with a ton of ease while loading gears and other stuff. The bars of the roof rack slide down to your level and provide comfort while loading stuff. There is no need of carrying heavy bikes, luggage, and other stuff. The comfort of loading stuff at such a decent height makes things easier for people who have been avoiding bikes on the long journey. The smart design works on a simple but excellent mechanism of rails allowing the movement of the rack in a specific direction. The main part of the base of this frame fixes on your car roof and the top part can move by sliding in one direction and then going down. By this method, you can find ease when loading or removing stuff from the Dropracks roof rack system.

Drop racks is a promising brand and it has an excellent reputation in the industry for manufacturing top-selling designs. This new design is available in the following variants – Sports and XL roof rack. Both the designs are made for different types of cars. Customers excited about this product can pre-order online and get it delivered within a few days. However, the delivery might get late as the expert says that people from Europe are still waiting for this product. Both variants of this roof rack have different functionalities and capacities that might seem less adequate than the previous option. But, seeing that this is their prototype which is shipping to the customer, we can see a huge improvement in the upcoming months with the newer generations.

The sport variant of this roof rack offers a payload capacity of 75 KG, which is equivalent to 165 lbs. The adequate load width that a customer can expect is 51 inches. Considering the rack weight, it is 64lbs or 29 KG. The XL version of this new roof rack is offering 59 inches load width along with an 80 KG (175lbs) loading capacity. This phenomenal capacity comes with a drawback of slightly extra weight to the new rack. In terms of pricing, the Dropracks sports variant is priced at $2,230 in the US and the XL variant is available for pre-order at $2,570. The prices might vary as the deliveries begin. 

Price : €1.950

Buy it From DropRacks.com

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