Cully Pratt Retires From The Department – Who Made 3% Of Gun Rack

Sgt. Daniel “Cully” Pratt, brother of star Chris Pratt, who’d been found last year to have handed a custom weapons rack with a 3 Percenter symbol to a fellow sheriff’s sergeant, has retired from the Solano County Sheriff’s Office. On Saturday, Pratt uploaded a video on Instagram announcing his retirement. “I’m going to start doing some bit more art, a little bit more handyman services,” he stated in the video. ‘Painting and project management; murals and antique restorations; woodworking; I’m planning to get again into woodworking.

Cully Pratt Made 3 Percent Of Gun Rack

Cully Pratt Made Gun Rack

According to an investigative article published last year, Pratt had endorsed the 3 Percenter anti-government militant group on personal social media profiles, which had been discovered. The rifle display board, which Pratt constructed for colleague sheriff’s Sgt. Roy Stockton and which had hooks for Stockton’s AR-15 rifle just above words “WILL NOT COMPLY,” was one of the highlights of the photoshoot. In an Instagram post, Pratt used the hashtags like “#3percenter” &”#blackgunsmatter.

Online, Stockton, who will be voted to the Vacaville Town Council in 2020, offered leather & metal crafts embellished with Three Percenter emblems for sale. After being contacted for a remark for the investigation article, he & Pratt either pulled down the posts with 3 Percenter emblems or made them private, depending on their preference. In their case against the Three Percenters, federal prosecutors asserted that they believe in armed insurrection against the federal govt. At least 6 alleged 3 Percenter members from California have indeed been arrested in connection with the attack on the United States Capitol on January 6, 2020.

Although Pratt and Stockton were fired, Sheriff Tom Ferrara supported them and another deputy who encouraged the team on social media, sheriff’s homeless outreach coordinator Dale Matsuoka, and said that they were only attempting to show assistance for the 2nd Amendment and also that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had cleared them of any extreme right-wing affiliations. Ferrara’s remarks were later called into question by the FBI. As part of his own declaration to the Vacaville Journalist, Pratt also stated that he did not assume the 3 Percenter symbols represented anti-government sentiment, despite the fact that 3 Percenter groups were implicated in an armed confrontation with federal authorities in Oregon months before he posted the photo of Stockton’s gun rack, which resulted in the death of a man.

After the dispute became out, many actions were taken, including the sheriff’s office resigning from its agreement to offer policing operations at the Solano Community College & a petition requesting that the County board establish a new oversight committee for the sheriff’s office. He had been employed by the sheriff’s office from 2015 and also was elevated to the position of sergeant in 2020. Prior to that, he served in the United States Army from 1995 until 2003. According to data collected from the Council on Peace Officer Training, he then worked for the Pittsburg Police Force from 2004 – 2008 as well as the Rio Vista Police Dept from 2008 to 2015.


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