Chicopee Business Owner Has Installed Coat Rack To Collect Coat For Needy

The coat rack was installed outside of La Diaspora in Chicopee to collect coats for those in need in this freaking chili snow winter season to help needy people from extreme cold waves. It is a good cause raised by Johnny Miranda The Chicopee business owner for the needy to grab a coat for free. The coat rack was outside about two weeks ago. Since then, he said that people and businesses in the community have donated about 150 winter jackets. Johnny Miranda added the biggest coat donation we got was from Bob the Bike Guy. A huge round of applause for bob

Chicopee Business Owner Has Installed Coat Rack To Collect Coat For Needy

The coat rack is placed outside from the first week of January from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. seven days a week and the good thing is the coats have been flying off the rack. Even Saturday’s snowstorm could not stop their efforts. so this means it was a great effort done by Johnny Miranda to help people in this cold season One more great thing Johnny Miranda has done has install a coat rack outside the door of his shop so that the people who pass by can see the tag on it “It’s Cold – Take One If You Need One” and try them on and take what they needed.

Johnny Miranda said Until the cold weather goes away, we will still have that coat rack out there for those in need.  He is also taking donations If you also want to join this good cause. Contact information for Miranda has been placed on the front door after operating hours.

watch the video here

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