BMW R18 Luggage Rack Launched By Wunderlich

The BMW R18 is a super comfortable motorcycle manufactured by BMW Motorrad and was launched in September 2020 in Germany. Due to this pandemic, BMW Motorrad decided to launch virtually on the online market. Now we are getting news that Wunderlich America Company has made luggage racks for the BMW R 18—the Solo and the Duo. This luggage rack is the easily accessible and flexible solution for all BMW R18 riders who, traveling alone, would like to store bags or other luggage safely and in a cruiser-friendly manner. When traveling, it uses its potential in combination with side and saddlebags. And more details they provide are for the solo luggage rack is fitted directly onto the bike’s rear and can carry weight luggage up to 85 kilograms. The design of the BMW R 18  luggage rack is so modern in look and slim in size which gives a very stylish look on BMW R 18 bike.

Wunderlich announced that the Duo is ideal for those who want to retain the bike’s two-up riding capabilities. It can be paired with an optional sissy bar that serves as a backrest for your passenger. This dua rack is not so bulky and can carry a weight of 5 kilograms only for now onwards. It’s constructed out of 16 to 18mm steel tubes and the slightly sloping surface and extensive rack mount fully emphasize the pure and integrated shape. The side console opening closely follows the radius of the rear screen, and the central bracket also incorporates the opening.

It is very easy to mount on the mounting points of the standard pillion seat and it also has an assembly kit with a luggage rack. As per The Wunderlich company Price for a Solo pillion is $395.95 USD, while the Duo luggage rack is $506.95 USD. Both are affordable but the ones who find it expensive can go for a solo luggage rack which is also good for carrying weight and looking vise also.

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