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Most people picture themselves enjoying the vacation even before their journey started. But the travel starts with packaging the luggage, planning the journey and so on. Packaging the luggage might seem like an easy task but it can be messy when you have a ton of clothes to fit into the bag. Technically, you can fit all those clothes but folding the garments and then bending over to the bag several times can be challenging. The easiest and reliable solution to this problem is no one else than a luggage rack. Make your own space for holding heavy trollies, bags and handbags with a white luggage rack. 

Top Rated White Luggage Rack  Reviewed

The best luggage rack, especially, a white luggage rack complements your guest room and enhances its beauty. With a white luggage rack, you can protect your bedding & bed from the dust and damage caused by guests or relatives keeping their bags on the bed or floor. People living in a small apartment or home may store racks under the bed, in the wardrobe or at any corner of the room when not in use. It takes minimal space and is very affordable, hence investing in a luggage rack is a worthwhile deal.  The market is full of luggage racks in different styles, colours, materials and prices. It depends on you to choose a rack that fits your preference and needs. If you are feeling confused about getting the racks then consider the 5 top racks that are below-given. The top five options have been selected after thorough research do check before buying a  luggage rack.

#1. Casual Home Shelf White Luggage Rack


Casual Home Shelf White Luggage Rack

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A white luggage rack from a casual home is one of the most convenient frames that are used to hold luggage bags and hand luggage. Also, it can be used as a shoe rack or additional storage space for keeping other house items. The rack serves raised height which makes your packaging and unpacking easy and simple. However, it is made of premium quality solid wood which makes it sufficiently stronger and durable. The space-saving foldable design makes this luggage rack the perfect private buddy.  You will thank its heavy-duty straps that provide reliable support to your heavy luggage bags. Most importantly, the rack is protected against scratches because of its felt-lined drawer. The dimension of a rack is 16 x 26.75 x 22.25 inches. This white luggage rack model doesn’t require effort for assembling, as without putting effort you can directly place it into any room. Another thing that you’ll like about the brand, it offers a wide variety of racks in different colours. 


  • The rack is an all-rounder in terms of sustainability, smart capability and foldability. 
  • Casual home racks come in five colours – White, Honey Oak, Espresso and Walnut.
  • It can hold a 150-pound capacity on top and 50 pound capacity on the lower space.


  • Not found.

#2. GateHouse Furniture White Luggage Rack


GateHouse Furniture Luggage Rack

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The rack from Gatehouse furniture is going to be an ideal option for those who are looking for a versatile product at an affordable price. One best thing about the rack, it is equipped with three heavyweight and sturdy white nylon straps which give proper support to all types of luggage backs. The white contoured wooden leg and smart finish enhance the looks of a rack, making it ideal for every home space. However, it complements your home, even the office interior. Of course, the white rack gives you soothing feels and aesthetic appeal. Another notable thing about the rack is it is made in the USA. As you know, products that are made in the USA ensure high quality. The rack is ideally designed to support up to 200 pounds, making it enough strong and sturdy. With this luggage rack, you can make your packaging and unpackaging tasks faster. The rack can be used in a vacation home or guest room.  One who wants to place this rack into their home space has to put little effort into its assembling process. The dimension of the rack is also very good and that is 23 x 13 x 20 inches.


  • It is a portable and lightweight rack.
  • USA based rack is surely a profitable deal.


  • The rack is too much expensive than others.

#3. Lipper International White Finish Rack


Lipper International White Finish Rack

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The real game-changer rack is here which has been offered by Lipper International. This back saver allows you to pack and unpack your luggage without bending onto it. With this rack, you can make ideal space in your bedroom, living room and closet to hold luggage bags or other house essentials of your relatives and guests. Plus point about the rack has a bottom shelf that serves as a suitable shoe holder. This additional can be also used to store hand luggage or other items. Talking about material, the material used to construct the rack is Brazilian pinewood which is 100% sturdy and durable. Apart from this, the white premium finish complements any home or office decor. When not in use, you can easily fold and store it in a safe & secure place. You need not assemble the parts of the rack because they are already assembled. But all customers should note that they can clean it with a little damp cloth or with a dry towel or cloth.  Avoid using soap or water because it gets damaged. Another notable thing about the product is that it comes without additional accessories. 


  • The rack has a sophisticated design which makes it perfect.
  • It serves as a luggage rack or as a shoe rack.
  • The adequate height of the rack is a back saver.


  • The company should offer some more colours according to users. 

#4. MISC White Hotel Luggage Rack


MISC White Hotel Luggage Rack

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The list is incomplete without this rack which has been offered by MISC. A white hotel luggage rack is best suited for a guest room, hotel room and bedroom. You can welcome your guests and relatives with a convenient option to pack and unpack with this stylish luggage rack. It is one of the wider luggage racks to accommodate luggage bags. The dimension of a rack is 26.75″W x 16″ D x 22.25″H. Although the weight is 8 pounds which makes it lightweight and sturdy enough. You can pack and store it when not in use. This space saver rack can be stored in the closet or under the bed.  You will be able to store shoes and luggage on the lower shelf and above shelf respectively. This feature will offer extra storage space for other essentials as well. Among all features of the rack, the one feature that you’ll like the most is build quality. The build quality is good enough because it is constructed of solid wood. Moreover, the premium and strong straps provide increased support. 


  • The rack is ideally designed for a busy home that welcomes frequent visitors.
  • It has a maximum capacity to hold all types of luggage.
  • In the packaging, you’ll get a rack with a diamond home EBook. 


  • The rack is a little heavy as compared to other racks.

#5. Beeyuk Double White Luggage Rack


Beeyuk Double Luggage Rack


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This double luggage rack enables your guest to hold cases, backpacks, clothes, shoes and a trolley. The dimension of the rack includes 60 cm length, 50 cm width and 65 cm height. However, you can buy other racks at the same price but you’ll get a double luggage rack at this price point. It offers enough space for keeping essential items on it. Plus factor about the rack is that is made of solid wood which is coated with a white finish. The natural and environment-friendly material of the rack is revealing the simplicity of nature in your home space. The customer should note that to maintain the durability of the rack, you should put it in a dry & humid, hot & cold environment. Otherwise, it gets quickly damaged. Overall, the weight of the rack is 3000 grams which offer enough capacity for your luggage bags. If you want more colours in the same brand then you can choose it. These four colours are white, black, wine red and wood colour.


  • It is not a single luggage rack.
  • The combination of white colour and black strips enhance the beauty of your room.


  • Not available.

Buying Guide To Choose Best White Luggage Rack 

Earlier, as we discussed that a luggage rack is the simplest solution for storing light and heavy luggage bags. With a luggage rack, you can make your packaging and unpacking task easier without bending hassle.  Although, it enables you to keep your guest room mess-free and tidy. But in this competitive world, you can find a vast collection of racks. Thereby, it is good to familiarise yourself with a proper buying guide. Knowing what aspect to consider buying a white luggage rack will help you to choose an ideal rack in the terms of functionality, affordability and sturdiness. Various aspects should be taken into consideration when choosing a white luggage rack. Some of them include built-quality or material, price, design and looks, capacity, weight, warranty, and so on. You will be able to pick the right product for your home space with all these factors. Let us discuss:

Design and Appearances

The important aspect that you need to keep in your mind is the appearance and design of the white luggage rack that you’re going to buy. Make sure the rack you choose will complement the interior of the room where it will be placed. Such people prefer to choose a white rack, whose interior colour is not more flamboyant.  Some rack brands offer a luggage rack with a combination of white and black strips that enhance the beauty of your home space. So before going to choose a white rack consider an elegant and simple piece that provides versatility, convenience and style to any room.

Capacity of Rack

The next most important feature is taking into consideration is capacity. There is no sense to buy a rack that won’t have enough capacity to hold the weight of your bags. If a luggage rack offers 75lbs to 150 lbs capacity then it is worth buying. For those who travel frequently, it is good to have a rack with 75 lbs capacity. When carrying heavy luggage bags, people will have to choose a 150-pound capacity rack.

Rack type

There are generally two types of racks – a single luggage rack and a double luggage rack. Among single rack and double rack, a single luggage rack is the most common and popular type. These racks are often built with wide surfaces where you can easily place the heaviest and extra handbags. Some rack models come with dual racks.  A dual rack is designed in such a way as to offer additional space on the ground level of the main rack. This additional space has been used to store other items or handbags. If you’re frequently travelling by air then opting for a single rack would be an ideal option. 

Effortless assembling

Some white luggage racks have to be assembled manually, while some do not require any effort for the assembly process. Putting efforts into assembly procedures is a wastage of time and money too. That is not enough; in fact, it requires expert guidance and adequate bolts to assemble the rack. Look for a model that can be assembled in a minimal duration with just a few steps. That will save you a lot of time and effort.


Another important aspect that you have to consider is the portability of your white luggage rack. The foldable design and structure of the rack enable you to fold it and store it when saying goodbye to guests or not in use. Having a folding model will allow you to store it even in minimal space. They can be stored under the bed or in the wardrobe. It is ideally designed to save ideal space in a small house or apartment. A rack should also be lightweight so that you can carry it from one place to another without any hassle. So, look for a rack model that is perfect in terms of portability and is lightweight.

Product Value

Product value is another important factor that you need to keep in mind either by scrolling online websites or going outside to shop a rack for your home space. Make sure how many bucks you have to or need to invest on a rack, as some racks are available at an affordable price while some are too much expensive. Depending on the built quality & popularity of the brand, the price will vary from each other. So, always choose a rack that ensures good quality under your budget.


Presently, the market is loaded wide range of racks of different sizes, materials and capacities. Racks are either constructed of wood or metal. Wooden is a traditionally used material that gives an antique touch to your home space while metal is popular for its long-lasting usage and finest finish. But if you’re looking for a white rack, it can be only available in wood. If you want to invest in a metal material, then it would be good to have a metal rack.


Some rack models come with a specific warranty period. It is highly recommended that choosing a product with a warranty allows you to replace or fix it whenever there is an issue with the rack. A rack with a warranty is a bit expensive than a rack without a warranty period.

Ratings and Reviews

The ratings and reviews are some of the most crucial factors that you need to always keep in mind whether you buy a rack or anything else.  Ratings and reviews will help you to know about the sturdiness and quality of a specific rack.

Reputed brand 

It is highly recommended that a reputed brand only ensures high-quality, and offer a return policy & excellent after-sale services entitled to the product. A well-known brand never disappoints its users and ensures to reply to any queries.


Some racks are ideally designed for a small space while some are best suited for large apartments and hotel rooms. In our opinion, a rack should be not too small, and not too big. Otherwise, it can cause issues during their cleaning and maintenance.

Maintenance and Care

Racks made of wood don’t need too much care and maintenance than the metal rack. This is because there are more chances of rusting on metal racks. We hope that mentioned aspects will give you the right direction when you’re choosing a rack whether for your five-star hotel, home or office space. 

Final Words

Above all mentioned products have premium build quality and are ideal in terms of sturdiness, durability and functionality. Even, they all are lightweight and chosen by numerous users worldwide. Make sure you go through and understand every feature in mentioned top-five picks. 

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