6 Best Way To Clean Dehydrator Racks

Dehydrators are getting more and more popular these days. It will be able to remove all the moisture from the fruits, vegetables, and meat and help in preserving them for a very long time. You need not have to stand under the sun to dry them in a traditional way. But when you are using a ninja foodi dehydrator rack or any other dehydrator rack you should make sure that you are keeping it clean. The racks of the dehydrator can be removed easily from the unit and you need to clean them. Cleaning the racks properly and regularly will make sure that the food that you place in the dehydrator remains hygienic. 

How to Clean Dehydrator Racks

The sticky residue on the dehydrator racks is not an easy task to do. If you leave the food residue on the rack, then the taste of the next batch of food is going to be affected. It takes a lot of time to dry the food in a dehydrator and it is the same when you try to remove it from the dehydrator. That simply means the food gets stuck to the racks of the dehydrator. But if you are buying it for the first time, you may not be familiar with how to clean it. It is not a very tough job like it seems. Just a few steps and a few precautions, you will be able to do it in just no time. If you are looking for the best ways to clean dehydrator racks, then continue reading the article till the end. You will be able to know a few methods of doing it in an easy and effective way. 

Soap and Warm Water Solution

It is very important to soak the racks before you clean them if there is a lot of dirt on them. First of all, fill the sink with warm water and add soap solution to it. Now soak the trays in the sink and leave them for the whole night. In the morning, you will have to scrub the racks with the help of a scrubber. You can use a toothbrush to reach all corners of the rack. You should now wash them with plain water so that they become clean. Using water with high pressure can be very helpful. Once you are done with cleaning, now dry them under the sun so that any moisture that is left in any corner of the rack will be dried up. 


Vinegar is one of the best cleaning agents you can find in your kitchen. You will be able to clean a lot of things with it, including the dehydrator. You should first soak the racks in two liters of warm water and add 10 ml of white vinegar to them. You should leave them for at least one hour, but leaving them longer is better. You should now clean the racks with a brush and then rinse with normal water. Clean them till the vinegar smell vanishes. You can clean them with the help of a sponge to remove any leftover water on the racks. You can now dry them under the sun. 

Epsom Salt

When you are cleaning kitchen appliances, it is always safe to use non-toxic and safe cleansers. One of such cleansers available for us is Epsom Salt. It is also known as Magnesium Sulfate. You usually use it for cleaning tiles, skin, hair, and washing machines as well. It is very safe to use for cleaning household things. Sometimes, you will not be able to clean tough stains or food with just soap water, but it is possible with this Epsom salt. 

You should first fill the sink with hot water. If you think the sink is going to be too small, then you can use your bathtub. Just place the dehydrator racks in the hot water and make sure that the racks are at least one to two inches inside the hot water. You should add at least one cup of Epsom salt to the hot water and leave them overnight. You can take them out of the hot water and rinse them with soapy water. Then you can clean them with normal water. With the help of a clean cloth, you should wipe the cleaned racks and then dry them in the sun. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

You should first fill a spray bottle with Apple cider vinegar. Now with the help of the spray bottle, you will have to spray on the dehydrator racks. Leave them soaked in the Vinegar for at least 15 minutes. The food and dirt that got stuck in the racks will loosen up. Now take the racks to the sink and clean them under pressure water. It is good if you use high pressure. Pressure will help in removing the dirt faster. You will have to repeat this process till you get clean racks. 


With amazing cleaning properties, Sodium Borate or Borax is one of the best ways to clean your dehydrator racks. It is available at a very low price and helps in cleaning very well. With just a very small amount of Borax you will be able to clean a lot of things, even the tough stains on the dehydrator racks. First of all, fill the bathtub with hot water and add a very small amount of Borax to the bathtub. Now soak the racks in the hot water with Borax. Leave them overnight and scrub them in the morning. You can use a small brush for scrubbing the racks. Once you are done, you can clean the rack with soapy water and allow them to dry completely. 

Baking Soda

Baking Soda is also a good cleaning agent and it will also act as a natural deodorizer as well. It can easily remove stains, grease, and oil from the pans and other cookware. So, without any doubt, it can even help in cleaning your food dehydrator racks as well. Just like the remaining ways, here also you need to fill the sink or bathtub with hot water. Add some baking soda and dish soap to the hot water. You need to soak them and brush them with help of a soft bristle brush. That will help in removing any food residue on the racks. You can clean them in normal water and allow them to dry. 

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There are many benefits of cleaning the dehydrator racks like it reduces the time for drying, it removes the bad odor from the dehydrator, and adds perfect taste to the food. Follow any of the above-mentioned methods and you will be happy with the results of the process. It is always good to clean them after every single use so that the effort that you need to put into cleaning will get reduced. You will be able to do it in just a few minutes, which can take hours if there is a lot of dirt on the racks. So, start cleaning them from today. 

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