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Swimming pool area cleaning and organization is one of the challenging tasks. There should be a towel rack so that you can dry your towel collection in natural sunlight and air. Towel racks for the pool area come in varying sizes, shapes, and models such as free-standing, wall-mounted, and over-the-door.  This versatile and convenient tool helps to keep the pool area neat and mess-free. From wet towels to bathrobes everything is placed in one place. It can also serve as tie holders, belt holders, and cloth holders. From now, maximizing the limited space is very with a mounted pool towel rack model. 

Wall Mounted Pool Towel Rack Reviewed 2022

If you’re planning to renovate your pool or bath area so definitely invest in this type of rack. If you already have one but another model then replace it with it. Here we’ve listed our personal favorite top-five picks that ensure high quality, durability, aesthetic appeal, versatility, and an affordable price. 

#1. Lonffery Wall Mounted Pool Towel Rack



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The layered Towel Rack presented by Lonffery is very convenient and lightweight. It is easy to use and keeps away moisture from your all towels. This rotating rack is made up of high-quality aviation aluminum, making it corrosion and rust-free. It has curves and soft edges to prevent hand scratches. Due to the double hook design, you can hang a bath brush and loofah. Minimize your storage space with this top-notch quality towel rack. In addition to thickened multi-function double hook, it has a crown design at the end of the towels to prevent them from sliding off. The black aluminum multi-layered cum rotating rack complements your western-style bathroom space and open swimming pool area. Towel racks by Lonffery are ideal for bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor pool. With this rack, you can experience a mess-free bath and comfort. The thing you’ll like the most is that it has a mute damping design that does not create noise or damage. In the package, you’ll get accessories like a screw, expansion tube, and decorative cap for quick and easy installation. 


  • Premium-quality aluminum is used to construct the rack.
  • Due to rotational design, it offers flexible control.
  • Instead of matte black, you can also choose a silver finish rack.


  • It is not ideal for heavy baths or beach towels.

#2. DecoBros 2 Pack Wall Mount Rack



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Those looking for a pack of two racks at an affordable price can consider the DecBros combo pack. Display your towels or wine on a rack like this as it is completely perfect for large & small towels and wine bottles. These types of racks are commonly used in commercial areas but they can be used in the residential area too. Whether you have a small bathroom or a large bathroom, this would be a great option. However, it would hold a good amount of towels in folding style. This wall-mounted model is very easy to install anywhere with the help of the hardware that comes with the product. Another thing you’ll about the product its looks and visual appeal. It gives the bathroom a western and stylish look. In addition to creating a bathroom or swimming pool décor, DecoBros 2 towel rack will be a game-changer in your home as a wine holder to exhibit your wine bottles. This will enable you to store bulky glass bottles with ease. It can store your bath sheets, hand towels, bath towels, and washcloths systematically. 


  • It is resistant & rust proof to protect your expensive towels from any stains.
  • It helps you to display a wide range of towels.


  • Difficult to install.

#3. JSVER SUS304 Wall Mounted Towel Rack



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Swivel Towel rack by JSVER is a great solution for arranging towels in a limited space. With six durable & sturdy arms, you’ll be offered extra space for washcloths, towels, etc. you can minimize bathroom space with such type of towel rack. Thanks to rotational design as it enables you to spread out the desired layers for easy drying and spin back against the wall to save bathroom space. Talking about material, it is made up of SUS304 stainless steel and high-quality material which is completely rust-free, making it sturdy & durable. Stainless steel allows it to resist rust, scratch, and corrosion. This towel frame is lightweight, easy to clean, ergonomic, corrosion-resistant, and long-lasting. This versatile rack is best suited for bedroom, cabinet, bathroom, and kitchen space. It brings a specific purpose to your space while adding some style and warmth to your interior. For quick & easy installation, you can use mounting hardware that comes along with the product. 


  • It offers plenty of space between each arm of the rack.
  • The best thing about the rack is that it can tolerate 18Kg weight. 


  • The screws and anchors included aren’t enough for installation.

#4. Ogrmar Wall Mounted Towel Rack


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Ogrmar is the most different and unique of the first three racks shown. Its compact retractable design enables you to maximize your sufficient space. The biggest benefit of using a rack is it can easily store away into small spaces when not in use. In opening & closing position, the dimension is 25.2”L x 12.6”W x5.7”H and 17.91”L x 4.72”W x 5.7”H respectively. It is very suitable for indoor/outdoor pool area, home & apartment, mudroom, laundry room, bathroom, bedroom, etc. Being one of the best racks, it helps to keep towels neatly arranged and ideal for air-drying to avoid creases. Use of Orgrmar rack drops your electricity bill by eliminating your dryer use. Due to the usability of stainless steel, the rack is durable and sturdy enough. This material is very easy to clean and safe from rust & corrosion. Hence, it is a long-term option for drying towels for indoor and outdoor use. 


It can hold up to 22LB.

The rack is suitable for anywhere.

It features a unique mounting style.


The retractable design can harm your hand.

#5. MINCORD Wall Mounted Towel Rack 


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MINCORD is a great space to hang bathrobes, Pajamas, towels, Accessories, Jewellery, Clothing, etc. It can provide dedicated space for bathing essentials. Even, it is designed in such a way so that you can use it in your bathroom, hallways, kitchen, bedrooms, or living rooms. Make your hanging storage to any room with this good-quality towel rack. Its generous and stylish design is very beautiful & practical, suitable for any location of the home. Moreover, it adds more storage space for you. Talking about construction, it is made of premium quality iron that has a black matt surface. This will stay last for a long duration. Also, the design & matte finish complement the interior of your bathroom. The dimension of rack is 16″L x 1.25″D x 5.51″H (in inches). A rack with a delicate and perfect six hook design is the best choice for every bathroom. MINCORD itself is a reputed brand in this industry, known for its good performance and good quality. 


  • It is very easy to mount this rack.
  • It is an affordable option as compared to others.
  • Made of premium quality material.


  • Not good for large bath towels.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Wall Mounted Towel Rack?

Most have the same problem that their bathroom looks messy or there is no place to store clothes on the balcony. But one single towel rack can solve all these problems. As we have mentioned, a wall-mounted towel rack is a space saver, keeps towels neat & organized, offers dedicated space for towels, bathrobes, belts, ties, and other things. If you’re buying a towel rack for the first time, you might be in trouble because they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, installation types, prices, and more. Going through the buying guide will help you choose the right towel rack to suit your needs. 


Nowadays, the competitive market has brands from popular to least popular. All of this uses different materials to construct towel racks. Most of them prefer using stainless steel or aluminum. But some are offering plastic racks. Keep in mind, racks made of stainless steel & aluminum is considered to be the best in terms of durability and quality. Furthermore, they are corrosion & rust-free, easy to clean, sturdy and safe for use. 

Shapes & design

Wall Mounting Racks have a wide variety of designs & shapes. Some finished with four to five-arm layers in a standing position while some has a rotational design. Some used to display and organise the towels. Choose according to your preference.

Multiple Sizes

For small & limited space, it is good to go with a small rack type. Thanks to manufacturers, they offer towel racks in multiple sizes.

Installation types

Usually, wall-mounted type racks require a set of hardware for effortless installation. There are some racks models just fixed with two anchors.

Final Words:

Choosing a mounted model would be the best option as it provides plenty of space to hang towels from small to large in different sections.

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