7 Tips to Organize Your Spice Rack

Did you anytime come across a situation in your kitchen where you just keep searching for specific items? It is very common with spices in the kitchen, isn’t it? We always have a messed-up spice rack in the kitchen. It is not just you who is in this kind of situation, and there are many people who always keep complaining about themselves for being unable to clear the mess in their spice rack. 

Do you know why it is always a mess? Basically, there are three reasons for it. The first reason is the containers that you pick for storing the spices, and second is that you never use certain spices and the last reason is you never keep stock of spices that you need the most. 

How to Organize Your Spice Rack

Best Tips to Organize Your Spice Rack

If you want to keep your spice rack organized, there are certain things that you need to do. So, let us get started with organizing your spice rack…

Choose the Right Spice Rack

It is essential to make sure that you are choosing the right spice rack based on the number of spices you wish to store. It is very important that the spice containers that you place inside the rack are clearly visible to you. Along with that, you will be able to pick the spice container without disturbing the other boxes on the shelf. There are different styles and models of spice racks available in the market. Just make sure that the rack fits perfectly in the space you picked for your spice rack. A long stand that comes with shelves so that you can easily pick the spice you want or a rotating rack which allows to your rotate to the right container can be a good choice. 

Spices That You Don’t Need

There are spices in many kitchens that they don’t need or don’t actually use them. If you also have any such spices in your kitchen, then you should first discard them. If you feel that you will need those spices but have not used for years, then get rid of the old stock and buy new spices from the market. This way, at least you will have all fresh and only useful spices in your kitchen. You should not keep any spice for more than five years in your home. 

Find The Right Place

You cannot just store the spices anywhere in the kitchen. You should make sure that they are not exposed to too much heat or sunlight as that can affect the flavor and aroma of the spices. You will have to store them inside one of the kitchen cabinets so that they stay cool and fresh as well. Make sure that you have enough space in the cabinet for placing the spice rack. 

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Choose The Right Containers

Depending on the spice rack shelves, you will have to pick the boxes for your spices. You can select all of the same size and shape. But if you wish to differentiate them based on use, then you can choose a different size or shape for the spices that you use daily and a different one for the spices that you use very rarely. This makes it very easy for you to pick a spice of your choice. With containers, it is essential to make sure that the lids of the containers are tight so that the aroma of the spices is sealed well. 

Start Labelling Them

Another important step that is part of organizing the spice rack is labeling them. You should label each spice, and that makes it easy for you to pick. You will be able to easily differentiate between ajwain and cumin in a straightforward way, and you will have to put something else in place of some spice. When you are in a hurry, you will not get time to check the spices well, so labels can be very useful. 

Arrange In Order

It will be very helpful if you arrange the spices in order. It can be in any order of your choice like the ones that you use the most and the ones that you will need very rarely. But it is a good idea if you can arrange them in alphabetical order. It may sometimes happen that other family members also use the kitchen when you are away or when you are not well. In such a situation, it will be easy for others to pick the spices as alphabetical order is very common to everyone. 

Very Common Spices

Just like we already discussed, we will be using certain spices in almost every dish that you make like Salt, Chilli powder, Garam masala and a few others. You cannot always reach the storage space or the spice rack to get them. You can keep such essential spices handy near your stovetop. Store them in small quantities in small containers and keep them handy. This way, you need not have to disturb the entire spice rack for picking the regular spices. 

Along with arranging the spice on the rack in the right order, it is also essential to clean the rack from time to time. It is good if you can clean the spice rack at least once in a month. This way, you will be able to keep track of which spices are not in stock and what you need to stock up. You can also throw away the spices that you are not using for a long time. 

It is not very difficult to organize the spice rack if you get the right spice rack home. Just make sure that you know what you will need more and what you will need less, and above all, what spices you don’t need at all. This way, you will not just save some money, but also will be able to save some space on the spice rack for other spices. Always pick a size bigger than you may need because that leaves for you to add new spices whenever you wish to. 

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