10 Best Spice Rack 2021 – Expert Reviews & Guide

No doubts that while cooking something, you need many spices, herbs, and other ingredients at one time. Right? Which means you can't just put the bottles or jars of different spices in all the corners of a kitchen. Suppose, in one dish, you need to add salt and paprika, but you have organized them like paprika in one corner of the shelf,
and the salt is elsewhere. Believe it or not, but in this way, you are indirectly making your cooking experience worse, and it might happen that it also affects the way your dish tastes. So now, if you are wondering what the solution to this problem is? It is obvious that you have to organize all the spices, herbs, and other ingredients to make them accessible. And in our opinion, the best possible thing that you can do to solve this problem is by giving a try to spice racks.

A basic spice rack or spice organizer allows you to keep all the essential ingredients, herbs, and spices in one place. However, if you have a big spice collection and you don't have a spice rack yet, so a spice rack makes your collection organized, but it would be a great way to showcase your collection. If you are a professional chef, then it should be a necessity for you to buy a spice rack because it can indirectly reduce the cooking time.

Best Bottle Spice Rack Reviewed For 2020

After all, you can access different spices at one to add in a dish. But we know that it is not that easy to choose a spice rack because dozens of options and different types of spice racks are making it more complicated for an average person. If you don’t want to deal with this extra headache, make sure to stick with this post until the end because here we are going to add a comprehensive list of ten best spice racks that you can buy right away.

#1 Kamenstein 30020 Countertop Spice Rack

Kamenstein 30020 Countertop Spice RackBuy at Amazon

The Kamenstein 30020 Countertop Spice Rack is the first option of this list, and this is the one that can surprise you with its functionalities and other features. First thing first, this is a quite popular countertop type of spice rack, that’s why it got higher ratings on online stores from more than two thousand people. Before going down to the feature section, we want to let you know that you can buy this overall countertop type of spice rack in less than 50 bucks, the price may vary when you check. This countertop type of rack comes with a whole plastic built body and with the tower-like design.

The base of this countertop spice rack is a bit wider, that’s why it seems very stable. However, the Kamenstein Manufacturers are offering a total of 20 glass jars with this rack. Each of the jars has the labeling on them, so it will become straightforward for you to identify any specific spice, herb, or ingredient. Are you waiting for the best part about this spice rack? The best thing that we like the most about this product is that it comes with prefilled glass spice jars with twenty different spices. In our opinion, this rack is offering more value to you than the price.


  • No need to worry about any chemical compound uses because these jars are completely free from chemical uses. 
  • Pre Filled jars with spices are making this spice rack more useful and value for money type of product for each consumer.
  • The build quality is fantastic, and it can last several years without causing any issues.


  • None so far

#2. CAXXA Countertop Spice Rack

 CAXXA Countertop Spice Rack

Buy at Amazon

If you are wondering whether to buy an option that must have a low price point but offer more features or functionalities like the premium ones, you should give a shot. On the second spot of this list, we have added the CAXXA Countertop Spice Rack. The price of this rack is way less than the previous spot of the spice rack, but you can do multiple things with it. Here we are talking about organizing the jelly and other jars other than the spice bottles only. Yes, you got it right, you can arrange the big jars inside this spice rack.

The best thing that we liked the most about this spice rack is that it is a countertop rack, and you can use it by mounting on the wall or the door of the cabinet/shelf. There are a total of four tiers present. And there is no such difference present between each tier of this spice rack, so you can use them to organize the bottles or jars accordingly. The sturdy metal construction is making it more value for money type of product.


  • If you don’t have enough budget to spend on a premium segment of the spice rack, then this budget-friendly option can serve dramatically well.
  • The full-metal body of this spice rack is the biggest reason behind the long term durability; therefore, it can last for years.
  • A total of four tiers will allow you to organize a high number of jars or bottles; this is how you can solve the space problem.


  • None so far

#3. GONGSHI Expandable Cabinet Spice Rack

GONGSHI Expandable Cabinet Spice RackBuy at Amazon

Next, we have a spice rack that can expand your cabinet’s space to put extra bottles or jars inside. Actually, on the third spot of this list, we have added the GONGSHI Expandable Cabinet Spice Rack. First thing first, it is an expandable cabinet rack with three tiers of design. The design looks like three steps of stairs, its because this type of design can allow you to put extra items or jars/bottles at a congested place without having too many problems. Talking about the price point of this spice rack, this one is also pretty similar to the previous one, and the price point is also identical.

But the best part that we like the most about this spice rack is that you can slide out the second part of this rack to expand overall space. This feature allows you to store this spice rack in less space, but you can double the number of jars or bottles at once on this spice rack. The whole body is build-up with metal material to provide the maximum possible durability to the consumers. And because the design of each tier is like one over one tier, that’s why it is making too easy for you to access all the spice or other ingredients of jars or bottles without any problem. 


  • You can expand it by sliding out the bottom part of the rack; thus, you can use it to put or organize more spice bottles.
  • The overall design is very lightweight as well, which makes it easy to shift from one place to another in your kitchen.
  • At this price point, you are getting a well-constructed metallic body for maximum possible durability or longevity. 


  • Some users say that they find it hard to access the back row’s spice jars or bottles.

#4. Stow-n-Spin Turntable Spice Rack

Stow-n-Spin Turntable Spice RackBuy at Amazon

Do the countless little bottles of different spices are present all over the kitchen, and you want to organize them properly? If yes is your answer, make sure to check out this Stow-n-Spin’s Turntable spice rack. You can easily install this turntable type of rack in any upper cabin shelf of your kitchen. First of all, let’s talk about the unique approach design that manufacturers have offered here. So, this particular option of our list comes with a D shape design, that allows you to access and see all the spice bottles after arranging them properly.

We are damn sure that you are going to fall in love with its spinning ability, yeah you got it right, this spice rack can turn on its axis. But do you know what the other best part of this spice rack is? It’s that there is a secondary unit present inside that also can rotate to make it more accessible for you. The overall build quality of this spice rack is quite reputable, and you can expect a decent life span from it. It’s because you are getting the polymer plastic material, which allows it to handle more than 25 lbs of weight.


  • The spinning ability of this spice rack will make your cooking experience more fun, and we are sure that you will enjoy it.
  • Durable construction is another reason we recommend this spice rack to all the readers of this post.
  • The overall rack is providing a considerably huge space to organize dozens of spice bottles and other jars. 


  • It seems a bit hard to access the large-sized bottles when it is present on the bottom spinning unit, and the large bottle also makes it difficult to turn.

#5. Spice Rack By Ultimate Hostess

Spice Rack By Ultimate Hostess

Buy at Amazon

If you are looking for a spice rack option with multiple parts and you can install each of them according to your kitchen space, and as per your preferences, in this case, you should take a look at this one. On the fifth spot of this list, we have added the Spice Rack By Ultimate Hostess. The unique thing about this spice rack option is that it comes with four different racks out of the box. It means you can mount them as a four-tier rack or even mount all of them at different places; it completely depends upon you.

For better clarification, we want to let you know that each of the racks of this pack can hold a total of six big jars without any issue. In simple words, this whole set’s overall capacity is to handle around 24 big-sized jars. You can mount it on the walls, or cabinet doors, no mattress where you want to mount them, but to help you in the mounting process, then manufacturers have provided all the essential screws and other accessories. However, the Ultimate Hostess manufacturers are also providing the three-year extended warranty, and in our opinion, this seems a fantastic thing at this price point.


  • The separated racks allow you to mount them as per your needs, so it is another point of ease.
  • Sturdy metal construction is another excellent reason behind the fantastic durability that it is offering.
  • All the screws and other mourning accessories come out of the box; you just need some tools to install it.


  • Some people complained that the rack falls off when they put full-filled jars on them. 

#6. Spice Rack Organizer By Junyuan

Spice Rack Organizer By Junyuan

Buy at Amazon

If you want to buy a very stable type of spice rack with better accessibility to the spice jars or bottles, try this one. On the sixth spot of this list, we have decided to put the Spice Rack Organizer By Junyuan in front of all the readers of this post. The first and foremost thing that we liked the most about this rack is that it doesn’t have a complicated design. The manufacturers have tried to keep it as simple as possible because they know what their targeted customers want. There are a total of two tiers present in this rack; the bottom ones have more surface area than the upper ones.

The outer metallic frame is build-up with strong and thick metallic pipes, this type of design makes it more stable, and ultimately it is enhancing the ability of the whole rack to hold more weight. However, the internal design is made up of thin wiring, but you can easily expect a decent weight holding experience. By the side of this rack,there is another structure present, in which you can organize all the essential spoons and kitchen tools.  


  • Simple, elegant, but useful design is the biggest highlight of this spice rack organizer, according to us.
  • An additional structure present by the side of this rack is making it more useful to hold other essential tools.
  • Because of the broader base, the stability of this rack goes on to the next level.


  • None so far

#7. SWOMMOLY Spice Rack


Buy at Amazon

The SWOMMOLY spice rack is the best option if you are looking for the one that can offer both countertop use and the wall mount feature in one product. If you are looking for this type of spice rack, then the SWOMMOLY spice rack can serve better than any other option. There are a total of three angled tiers present in this spice rack organizer. It will allow you to organize the spice bottles or glass jars with a better and easy access type. However, we want to let you know abouT the best thing about this spice rack, which is that it comes with a total of 18 glass jars.  

The manufacturers have also provided the labels/stickers out of the box that you can paste to the jars to identify different spices better. If you don’t want to use it as a countertop rack, you can simply mount it on the wall or cabinet door. The good thing is that SWOMMOLY Manufacturers have already offered the mounting hardware out of the box. The overall size of this rack is also not that bulky, which means it won’t disrupt the beauty of your kitchen. 


  • Eighteen good build quality glass jars have already included in the box to offer more value to the customers than the price point.
  • The metallic constructed body of this rack provides exceptional durability to it, and it can easily last for many years.
  • The 56 spice labels and mounting hardware are some other features of this spice rack that making it very easy to use for you.


  • None so far

#8. Acrylic Spice Rack By Pretty Display

Acrylic Spice Rack By Pretty Display

Buy at Amazon

Well, not everyone wants extra space for their spice collection, some people also want to give a highly attractive look to their spice collection, or you can say that they want to give an attractive look to their kitchen. Therefore, if you also want a very stylish looking spice rack, then give a shot to this one. On the eighth spot of this list, we have added the Acrylic Spice Rack By Pretty Display. This particular rack option of this list comes with the transparent or invisible shelves. In our opinion, if you have a smart kitchen or modern kitchen, then this type of racks will be a perfect fit for you.

It is the pack that has included a total of two transparent acrylic built shelves, and if you want a bit more shelves in a box, then give a try to other variants that the manufacturers have listed online. Each shelf has a length of 15 inches, which allows you to arrange or organize a total of six standard jars easily. We know that in terms of looks, this pack is just amazing, but it is also a very durable spice rack option because of acrylic material.


  • The open-end design of each shelf allows you to attach it with another shelf or rack without having any issue.
  • Acrylic is not only providing a look towards this spice rack but also the major reason behind its durability.


  • The only downside that we found related to this option is that you can’t use it to organize big-sized jars; otherwise, it breaks.

#9. 2-Tier Standing Rack EZOWare

2-Tier Standing Rack EZOWare

Buy at Amazon

The Standing Rack EZOware is another two-tier of the spice rack, but it is very affordable. If you are dealing with a strict budget problem, this can be the right choice for you. And because of the affordable price point of this rack, many people prefer to buy this one instead of any other premium type of rack. In our opinion, this is the main reason behind the higher ratings of this spice rack that it got on online stores. There is nothing special in this rack like angled tears, stylish transparent design, or anything else, that’s why it becomes the simple but elegant type of rack.

Talking about this organizer’s dimensions, it comes with 11.8 inches long and 10.2 inches wide plus 5.7 inches overall width. It simply indicates that you can use it for normal spice organization tasks only. However, you can put the big jars on this rack because it can handle more weight.


  • This countertop type of spice organizer has a total of two-tier design, which is not that bad for organizing spices. 
  • Full metallic construction at this price point is an impressive approach; therefore, you can expect a reputable life span.


  • None so far

#10. HEOMU Spice Rack Organizer

10. HEOMU Spice Rack Organizer

Buy at Amazon

Finally, we are at the last spot of this, but it doesn’t mean we forgot to offer the special option to you, again on this spot, we have another special option for you. This time we have decided to add the HEOMU spice rack organizer. Besides, this one is another excellent example of a two-tier rack organizer for spice jars and bottles. But the best part is that the size and the overall design of this organizer are quite useful but straightforward. 

And it is not necessary that you only use it in the kitchen because you can also use it for various purposes. The price point is pretty aggressive, that is a good thing for the consumers who are looking for spice racks under their budget.


  • The HEOMU manufacturers are also offering three color variants, which are a good thing at this price. 
  • Fully metal construction is the section to make it durable as well as long-lasting for several years.


  • Some people say that the build quality of this spice rack seems a bit cheap at first glance.

How To Choose The Best Spice Rack

There is no surprise for us if some of you are still wondering about the best spice rack. We know how hard it is to choose the right type of product from dozens of options present in the market. However, if you are feeling very confused while looking for the best spice rack organizer, then this in-detailed buying guide is only for you. Here we are going to discuss some highly important points that you shouldn’t ignore while making the final purchase decision.

Different Types

There are many types of spice racks present in the market; some come with different design approaches, where some other comes with the spinning feature. And yeah, some have only the multiple-tier design, and these multiple options are enough to confuse you. Let’s talk about which one you should choose from all the present designs and types of spice racks. If you want only a rack for organizing different spices, but you don’t want anything special, it would be the right choice for you if you go with the multiple tier design of simple racks.

In case, if you want to build a smart or modern kitchen and you want to make it more accessible plus beautiful looking, then you should consider the other premium spice rack options. You can go with that, D or U shaped rotating rack, and if your primary focus is to give a better look to your spice collection, then you should choose the transparent type of spice rack instead of any other.

Storage Space

Before making the final purchase decision, make sure to check out what dimensions your desired rack organizer has and whether it handles all your spice bottles or jars or not. At least choose a rack that offering you to organize more than 20 small bottles and some big jars on it. If your desired rack is not fulfilling these criteria, it would be great to skip that option and select any other option.  

Additional Accessories

If you are reading this post from the beginning, you may know that many manufacturers are offering different accessories. RIght? Some options come with the jars or small spice bottles, where some others are also offering the prefilled spices in their jars. If you have decided to buy a spice rack with mounting features, then do make sure that it has included the mounting hardware.  


Obviously, if you don’t have enough budget to spend on a premium segment of the spice rack, you can’t afford it to buy, and spending more than your budget would be a stupid mistake. Thankfully, if you are a reader of this post, you don’t need to worry about the budget problem. We are saying this because we have included ten best spice rack options on this list, but the surprising thing is that most of them are budget-friendly options. So, if you are dealing with a strict budget problem to buy the rack organizer for your spice collection, go through each option of this post that we have listed, and you will automatically find the best one as per your needs and budget.

Spice Rack Frequently Asked Questions

You can go through the FAQs that many people have below –

What kind of body of a spice rack lasts longer than the other?

We suggest people never go with plastic racks, and when it comes to spice racks, we endorse that thinking even more. Plastic is a highly polluting material even when it is recycled. Other than that, there are many chemicals such as BPA and phthalates in most plastic material. Because of that, a spice rack made out of metals, mainly stainless steel, will work well. It will not only be more durable than the local plastic spice racks, but it will also look chic in your kitchen.

Should I get a standing or a hanging spice rack?

It all depends on how much of space you have on your kitchen countertop. People who have an empty countertop can go with the standing versions. However, there are also people who want to keep their countertops empty all the time. For them, a hanging spice rack will work better. Then there are also consumers who do not have enough space; a hanging spice rack will work for them as well. It will never eat your working space from the countertop and still make the spices more accessible.

How good are turntable spice racks?

If you are a consumer who focuses on little organization areas around your house, a turntable spice rack will help you achieve the heights of the optimum organization. However, one must know that such spice racks will not be able to accommodate a lot of spice jars. Hence, you will need to get multiple sets of them in order to keep all the spices that you have. This will not be possible for someone who is on a budget and would not want to invest in costly spice racks.

How many tiers should a spice rack have?

If you have a lot of spices in your house, you should go for a spice rack with an extra level or tier. In that way, you will have access to all your spices right in one place. This will make your cooking faster as you won’t have to open this and that drawer again and again to get that one spice. However, for someone who does not use a lot of spice in his/her cooking, a spice rack without an additional tier will also work well without causing any hassle.

How big should be the spice rack’s base?

Honestly, spice racks are not that huge. However, if you have big spice jars at your home, you might wish to consider buying the ones that come with a comparatively large base. With that, one can accommodate even the bigger spice jars easily. It will make your countertop look crowded, though. Hence, look for the ones that can be easily kept at a corner even when there are kitchen compartments above. You will find such spice racks in the picks that we chose for you in our work here.


Are you feeling bored after spending hours on finding out the best spice rack organizer options for your kitchen use? If yes is your answer, we want to let you know that this whole in-detailed post about spice racks was only for you. We have performed groundbreaking research to find the ten best spice rack options to list them here.

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