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Eager to store your skateboard properly, but also want to show off the amazing artwork of skateboard! Well, many people want to do the same. That’s why you need to have a safe-efficient solution that allows organizing skateboards on the wall. A proper rack enables you to take care of your skateboard collection in a well-manner. It is not that the skateboard can’t keep in any corner of the house, but doing so will damage its wheels and wood. Thus, the life of the skateboard will be reduced. Having a skateboard rack allows you to have the safest drives on every use. 

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Have you noticed that the racks are designed in an ideal way to protect skateboard wheels from cracks & damages? If not, this is the right time to check out the amazing way to protect skateboard material and wheel. One of the significant benefits of using skateboard racks is that it enables you to arrange different types of boards such as longboards, standard skateboards, mountain boards, mini-cruiser, etc.  While some racks may be designed for similar types of skateboards, no matter which one you choose, be sure it will be the right option for your favorite skateboard collection. Here we are going to describe our selective top-10 racks that you can consider as per your preference. Let’s take a deep dive. 

#1. AHOWPD Skateboard Rack

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The first spot has been given to AHOWPD Skateboard Rack, ideally designed for large home space. The floor-standing racks can hold a maximum of five long skateboards. Skateboards like twin-tip, shortboards & downhill can be easily placed on them. The floor rack stand ensures better visibility and maximum storage. Another notable aspect of this rack is that it is made of pine solid wood which is known as one of the durable materials, hence there is no chance of scratches and cracks. The polished and smooth surface enables you to use spray paints to make it attractive and match with room aesthetic. The rack is designed in such a manner that you can mount it on the floor.

 You just need to spend five minutes assembling the whole structure of the rack. Infect, all mounting hardware has come along with it. It makes your assembling task easier. Another feature that you will like about the product, the five layers of the rack are quite sturdy and is enough to meet the skating needs. However, the rack doesn’t require any support to hold itself.  Therefore, you won’t dig your room wall; hence without damaging walls, it can be put in a single corner. But one thing you need to keep in mind is that the floor rack stand requires enough space. As per the company policy, if you have an issue regarding the product, you can easily contact customer care. 


  • The rack is best suited for both longboards & skateboards.
  • This rack stand is comparatively convenient than wall-mounted racks.
  • It can store five skateboards at a time.


  • The wood can easily get damaged when getting contact with water.

#2. StoreYourBoard Skateboard Rack

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Skateboard Rack StoreYourBoard is another finest option because the company has gained immense popularity among customers since 2009. If you’re looking for a versatile rack, this is going to be the perfect option. Whether you are fond of skateboarding or operate any playing equipment like hockey sticks, snowboards, skis, scooters; having this rack can be a great alternate to store these items in a single place.  The multipurpose rack is lightweight and can be mounted easily on the wall. The thing to know about the rack is that it is made in the USA. There is no doubt the international products are far better than national especially equipment’s.  This space-efficient solution has offered enough space to hang roller boards, helmets, boosted boards, even longboards. 

Because of all these features, no one can ignore this rack. Having less space is a major issue these days due to other essential items. But, this rack allows you to mount boards on the wall with ease. The impressive thing to know about the rack is its material. The ABS plastic has been used in it; hence expect better performance, durability, and flexibility. For easy and quick installation, the company provides hardware and mounting instruction along with it. You need to have screws and a drilling machine for mounting the rack. Please be note, the force and extra weight can damage the rack. 


  • The I-Beam construction along with ABS plastic makes it sturdy and ideal for long-lasting usage.
  • It can be used to store skateboards, hockey sticks, snowboards, scooters, skin, etc.
  • You just need to spend a few minutes to mount this wall rack.
  • The rack is made in VIRGINIA, the USA which is a plus point.


  • It is quite an expensive rack.

#3. XCSOURCE Skateboard Rack

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On the third number, we have XCSOURCE Skateboard Rack which is designed to offer an amazing organizing experience. The 5 five slots have been introduced by this rack so that you can keep things organized and clean around clean. It can easily store decks, penny, and longboard completes, fits street, etc. It is the perfect solution to cradle your skateboard without having the risk of being damaged. Talking about build quality & material, this rack is made of premium pine solid wood and equipped with iron in corners;  making it stable, compact, and sturdy. 

The rack is one of the excellent options when it comes to safety from paint, hence the paint & smooth finish of the rack is free from harmful chemicals. Additionally, it won’t be getting dull and damaged due to water and moisture. The company is willing to assure the best outcome at an affordable price. Moreover, the company provides flexibility through the appropriate capacity of the rack. This ergonomic and lightweight rack can be easily mounted in the bedroom, home, and garage or even on a small wall. Even, this rack installation will be very easy; you just need to have appropriate screws and little effort. Overall, the rack is good in terms of color, dimension, durability, and price point. 


  • It requires only four screws for installation.
  • The pinewood used in this rack is 100% solid and ultra-resistant.
  • It is an effective equipment to display and store all types of skateboards.


  • The material can get damaged easily. 

#4. Koova Skateboard Rack 

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In this list, the next option we have Skateboard Rack from Koova, popular for better construction. This wall-mounted rack is thoughtfully designed to support longboards, boosted boards and skateboards, without thinking about the risk of getting damaged. The USA-based rack ensures better quality, long-lasting usage, and affordability. It has been offered with all essential hardware required to assemble.  It is made of premium quality steel and has a black finish, making it luxurious and beautiful. Not to worry about scratches because the paint is enough tough to tolerate boards on & off. If you check about the company, you will notice that it promotes innovation and improvement through its racks. 

The USA manufactured & designed this skateboard rack container with adequate space to store skateboard and hang up other equipment like travel bags, pads, helmets, etc. A good thing to know about the Koova racks, it is majorly used by professionals. People doing regular skating can consider this rack to arrange their vast collection of skateboards. Through this rack, you can store and show off-board colour & graphics at the same time. Because of powder-coated steel, the rack is going to be the first preference of various customers. As you know, steel has considered best for long usage. 


  • The rack is manufactured and built in the USA.
  • It allows you to organize different types of skateboards & accessories.
  • It offers the right amount of clearance between the rack levels.
  • The combination of the black finish and coated steel enhance the appearance of the room/ or any specific area.


  • Not found.

#5. S STRAILBOARD Skateboard Rack


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This skateboard rack is going to become ideal for you if seeking for sturdy and compact option. S STRAILBOARD is the leading brand in this industry ensures phenomenal build quality in their range of racks. The rack from this brand does not solve the same problem but also makes your space neat & clean.  You can store up to three longboards in this rack, hence suited for small spaces. Not only that, but this skateboard rack is also ideal for multiple scenarios, hence it can be also used to accommodate snowboards, scooters, caps, backpacks, umbrellas, & any personal items. Another thing to know, the ABS material used in this rack is firm, sturdy, and even light-weight which means you can expect longevity from this rack. 

Apart from that, the I-beam construction of the rack support skateboard without harming wheels and a wooden board. It is very easy to disassemble and clean the rack, hence effortless cleaning can be expected. It has a 16.5-inch length and 7-inch width, making it perfect for both large and small home space also capable to carry the weight of all skateboards. One of the key features of this rack, the horizontal shape & design has been prevented damage and slipping of skateboards. The rack is best suited for organizing freeboard, longboard, and freeboard. This versatile product also enhances your space appearance, as well as offers flexibility.


  • The ABS material used in the rack is sturdy, compact and light-weight, hence it takes less effort during installation.
  • In the box, you will get mounting accessories & a skateboard wall rack.
  • The skateboards are very to hang in it.


  • At this price point, you can find a much better option.


#6. Jupitoo Skateboard Rack

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If you’re seeking an effective rack at an affordable price, a rack by Jupiter would be a great choice. The product is manufactured from ABS plastic, and its I-beam designs provide complete support to all skateboards. In this rack, you can store a maximum of three skateboards. Additionally, you can arrange your various skating accessories like roller skates, helmets, etc. With just a few bolts you can easily install this rack. Thus, you don’t put a lot of effort to install it. This rack is specially designed for mounting on the wall so that it enhances the beauty and interior of your home/workspace. There is enough space in this rack to assemble all types of the board even large boards. 

The significant feature of this rack is that it takes less space and can be easily fit even in a small space. Although, the user manual instruction helps you understand how to install the rack safely. Even, you can DIY without the help of an expert. Jupiter skateboard has been ideal for assembling longboards, electric skateboards and skin, also you can store this rack anywhere. Another notable aspect of this aspect is that it comes with a 1-year quality guarantee. Even, the company assures you to provide a refund in case of damage or crack. In addition, the pack has essential installation equipment’s to mount the rack.


  • You can mount the rack without any expert guidance. 
  • The width of the rack is pretty enough to hold large boards.
  • The build quality ensures durability and sturdiness.


  • The pieces and parts of racks are difficult to install.

#7. Folytiy Skateboard Rack Wall Hanger

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This rack is different from all the Racks you’ve seen before. Wall hanger by fodlytiy doesn’t require a lot of space, hence offering flexibility with less space. The specialty of this rack is that it is designed to hold longboards. It is made of pliable & adjustable metal that allows you to adjust the shape of the board. Apart from that, it can also hold water skis, swords, hats, longboards, and skateboards through its two flexible branches. The thing to be notable, it has a rubber hook for preventing scratches. The small and size and ideal shape of the wall hanger enable you to install more than one hanger, as it provides enough space even in small spaces. 

Even, you need to put a lot of effort into installation, as the rack comes with two R rings and two screws which are designed according to the rack. However, it ensures safety & proper stability to your skateboard. Another best thing to be notable, it can hold up to 10 pounds boards. With a hanging rack, you can show off your board graphic designs. With this wall hanger, you need to worry about the slippage of skateboards. If you’re looking for an affordable option, this is going to be an excellent option. Overall, the rack is good in terms of sturdiness, quality, and price point. The brand has good popularity among customers; you can check the star rating and reviews regarding this wall hanger. 


  • The evergreen color black enhances the room looks décor and makes your board safe.
  • It is a versatile product that offers flexibility to users.
  • It is a budget-friendly product.


  • A wall hanger can hold only two skateboards at a time. 

#8. Newnout Skateboard Wall Mount

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Those willing to enhance home décor and want to show off skateboard graphics & look should buy this wall mount rack. The first thing of this holder that makes it different from others is its transparent structure. This allows you to add a luxurious touch to your space and the transparent looks make it suited with your interior style. It offers enough space for all types of boards & accessories include longboards, water skis, electric skateboards, snowboards, skateboards, and penny boards. The board is classy and effective at the same time. This wall-mounted holder is practically designed to assemble all sizes of a board with ease. It is an affordable product and can be purchased by customers. 

People having limited storage space can consider this wall mount hanger, as it provides convenient space on your walls. Thus, it is best suited for small spaces, homes, and garages. It helps you to maintain neatness around you with minimal effort. Beginners who are an enthusiast of skateboards must try this rack for the better safety of skateboards. Not to worry about mounting efforts because it only takes 5 minutes. You need to mount the hole using drilling machines and fix all screws, now it is ready to use. At $ 17.99 point, you will get an outstanding wall hanger for your large and small space. It is a perfect and thoughtful gift for friends who love skating. It enhances the aesthetic appearance of your space and easily matches room décor.


  • It is ideal for a small space.
  • The transparent looks easily match every décor.
  • It allows you to assemble all types of skateboards.


  • It doesn’t have sturdiness. 

#9. FHXZH Floor Skateboard Rack


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In our list, our next option is the FXHZH floor skateboard rack, which keeps your skateboard safe and secure. The coffee grey color of the rack can match your room décor; also enhance your aesthetic appearance. It can store up to 5 skateboards; hence it protects your boards from damages and cracks. The thing you will like about this rack is material, as it is manufactured from 100% solid wood which makes it sturdy and best for long-lasting usage. The shiny coating doesn’t get fade as it has shellac protection on it. This material can easily prevent the board from being damaged and scratched. 

The floor rack is designed for people and users with vast collectors, who have displayed skateboards to sell at the best price. The rack with high capacity has a moisture-free fee on its surface, thus there is no chance of contact between the wooden and the surface. Hence, it ensures long-lasting performance. The set is super easy as you all need six screws to assemble it. You don’t need to put a lot of effort into their installation. This rack is made for floor use, so don’t try to wall-mount it. The vertical pattern of the rack allows you to show off the design and graphics of the boards. This rack is super easy and convenient to assemble and disassemble the boards. 


  • The rack measures 31 x 12.1 x 3.1 inches.
  • The product serves the best purpose.
  • It has moisture-free feet on the surface of the rack.


  • The wood can get damaged when coming in contact with moisture and water. 

#10. ASMSW Skateboard Rack Wall Mount


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ASMSW offers a wall mount display rack, ideal for various types of skateboards. It is made of half-thick acrylic sheet which is comparatively better than plastic. The material is safe for long-lasting use. This wall-mounted rack is very quick and easy to install. It offers high transparency, thus you can see the vibrant color and designs of skateboards. This skateboard rack is best suited for those who don’t have less space to store boards. Another notable thing about this rack is that it has four holders to contain longboards. Even, it can maintain the good looks of the room because of transparency material. It can easily match every room style. It is 7.1 long, 23.6 tall, and 2.8 wide, hence requiring less space. 

If you’re worried about affordability, then check this rack as it is very budget-friendly. Talking about installation, it just requires a few screws and little effort, that’s it. Plus, it enables you to show off the complete design and looks of boards. It can be an effective solution for people with minimal space. Hence, the product is a good combination of elegancy and effectiveness. 


  • For assembling, you need to put in minimal effort.
  • The combination of material and transparency looks provides a luxurious feel.
  • It can easily match every décor.


  • As compared to wooden, acrylic offers less durability. 

How to Choose A Perfect Skateboard Rack – Buying Guide

As we have mentioned earlier, the rack is an effective solution that not only preserves the performance of the skateboard but also allows you to keep a house organized. Depending on how much space you’ve in your garage or home for installing the rack, you’ll be selective after knowing the appropriate length and width of the wall. However, there are various aspects to keep in mind when buying a skateboard rack. Racks are available worldwide in a variety of sizes, capacities, and materials. It fully depends on you to choose the rack for your skateboard collection. In our opinion, it is good to have neither a large nor too small rack. Also, make sure you have enough space in your home to securely mount or place the rack. If your beginner does not know how to buy a skateboard rack can check the below-mentioned aspects:

Make Sure Whether The Rack Can Be Hung or Placed on the Floor

Racks are either wall-mounted or kept on the surface, but it depends on the build type. Someone requires a rack of a specific type. Some racks are used for storing one skateboard, while often are designed in such a manner to hold more than 1 skateboard. There is no doubt that skateboard players will have a vast collection of boards, so their wall-mounted should be selected. The benefit of using mounted racks is that it saves home space and give ease in storing something. 

While floor rack makes you think about how to keep the room empty. It also requires a lot of surface space. People living in the small compartments must think twice about choosing floor-mounted racks. So before buying a rack, think about the home or garage space. You must have noticed that skateboard racks are being installed in schools, garages, and super shops as per the space requirement. You must follow the same space criteria. 

Be Selective For Material

The second and the most important aspect that you should be considered is built quality. Ensure the material you choose is perfect for your regular use. Some material is lightweight but less sturdy. However, different types of materials sever different purposes. The combination of size and material will be an ideal option. The material like ABS plastic is very sturdy and durable at the same time. Even, it is slightly cheap and best for long-term usage. Talking about the wooden rack, they ensure safety, durability and also enhance the beauty of the space. A Rack made of wood is stronger and comparatively cheaper than aluminum and plastic racks.

Choose a Reputed Brand

Choose such racks which have high demand in the market,  it ensures better-quality, offers budget-friendly products and top-notch deals. One advantage of buying a branded rack is that, whenever you sell it, you will get a good amount in return.  Note that many brands claim to be of good quality but in reality, this is not the same. Thus, you should pay attention when buying racks. 

Checking Warranty and Replacement Policy

You should choose racks that ensure at least a 1 or 2-year warranty and a 1-month replacement policy. In case, you have any damage or crack problem with a product, having a warranty card would be a great solution. Additionally, it keeps you safe from money loss and damages. 

Check Out the Feedback

Feedbacks and reviews will make sure the product you will think to buy is ideal or not. This is one of the best ways to know about the quality of the product. Various online sites are available that help you to figure out the user ratings and reviews. Another best way to consider is star ratings, which also get to know, do product in demand or not?

Decide You’re Budget

The price of racks can vary in size and material. No doubt, expensive products ensure extra performance and sturdiness. But sometimes, even a cheap product can work till last. A wooden rack is an affordable option, while aluminum and the plastic rack is slightly expensive but ideal in term of quality.

Portable and Lightweight

Plastic and Wooden material is the finest option when it comes to portability. They are lightweight, and easy to carry from one place to another. On the other hand, a rack made of aluminum is very difficult to move. Once you installed it, it can be difficult to adjust. 

Check Dimension 

One of the major key aspects is the dimension or capacity of the rack. A rack with a huge capacity enables you to store several skateboards. If you’re expecting that a floor-mounted rack will work the same then forget it.  It is suitable for your one skateboard and has less space. But the floor rack feature wheel offers flexibility to store in different areas. 

Colour Theme

A skateboard rack that offers an excellent color scheme will enhance the looks. If you want to store skateboards and want to make them look good the whole way or your room, then choosing a contrast color will be adequate. Wooden finishes offer a genuine look whereas you can find colored options that suit the appearance. The colors are most preferred by professionals because it helps highlight the artwork of skateboards.

Easy to Assemble

Most companies offer skateboard racks that you have to build yourself. A rack that is easy to build functionality provides higher convenience.  A quality rack offers you the functionality of assembling and disassembling within minutes. At the same time, you should ensure that the wooden rack must have moisture-proof foot nails. I hope the buying guide helps you choose the right kind of skateboard rack for your vast collection. 

Final Verdict:

A skateboard rack is an equipment that helps you to mount skateboards symmetrically. Even, it also solves the issue of less space. The rack is an effective way to hold the durability of a skateboard, as it keeps the skateboard safe from damages and cracks. All you need to do is invest in the right one. No matter how expert you are in buying, going through to buying guide is a must. The right buying guide and selection option not only reduces your time but also saves money. After reading the mentioned aspect and product list, you will be aware of regarding rack’s quality, material, and type. Wish you luck for safe drives with skateboards

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