Top 10 Best Roof Rack For Subaru Crosstrek – Review & Buying Guide

Subaru Crosstrek is indeed a capable SUV that will give you a pleasurable ride on long highway drives. In addition, if you purchase a Subaru Crosstrek, you will benefit from a roomy cabin. Furthermore, the user-friendly technology of this vehicle will assist you in operating the vehicle without difficulty. Once you have purchased this vehicle, we recommend that you purchase one roof rack for the same. Installing a roof rack would provide a plethora of advantages. You can, for example, transport large loads such as bicycles or yachts. Furthermore, it will give your Subaru Crosstrek the much-needed balance that it requires. The best roof racks for Subaru Crosstrek are listed below, in no particular order.

Check Best Roof Rack For Subaru Crosstrek 

A Subaru Crosstrek Roof Rack is a fantastic accessory that allows you to get the most from your Subaru Crosstrek. They have storage space and are simple to set up, making them ideal for any outdoor activity. Now that summer has arrived, it’s time to load up your car camping gear and head out on the open road, knowing that the Subaru will be around when you need it. The most important characteristic of a roof rack is that it gives a significant amount of additional storage space, allowing you to transport a large amount of merchandise. Furthermore, the majority of roof boxes are compatible with a large number of different vehicle designs. Most of them are simple to put together and constructed of long-lasting materials. Some roof boxes are also equipped with a waterproofing system. Here are the top 10 best roof racks that you can buy for your Subaru Crosstrek. Check out its pros & cons below:

#1. Auxko Car Roof Rack For Subaru Crosstrek

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It’s a heavy-duty roof rack, to be sure. The bars were created by the makers using high-quality aluminum. In addition, the bars’ bases are made of high-quality plastic to prevent rusting. The product’s heavy-duty clamping design ensures the safety of the components that are important to you and your business. Aluminum is a much lighter metal when compared to steel. As a result, the fuel usage will be decreased. This roof rack has a significant amount of carrying capacity for its size. It is capable of withstanding weights of upwards to 150 lbs. As a result, you can see that it is suitable for a variety of items such as kayaks, canoes, ladders, sporting goods, baggage, bike carriers, and a variety of other items. You must, however, ensure that the weights are distributed equally throughout the structure. This roof rack has been designed aerodynamically. The result is that there would be no problems with wind noise. Assembling the roof rack is a straightforward process. You will be provided with both front and back installation instructions to ensure that it is installed correctly. It will just take a few minutes to set up this product on your computer.

The carrying capacity of this roof rack is really large.Some bolts are coming out of the sockets incorrectly.
You won’t have to be concerned about fuel waste anymore. 
There’ll be no wind noise to be heard at any time.

You can put it together in a matter of minutes.

It is constructed of heavy-duty materials. 

#2. Monoking Cross Bars Roof Rack 

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This roof rack is suitable with Subaru Foresters manufactured between 2014 and 2021 that include original roof side rails. It is made of an aluminum alloy of high quality with anti-rust & anti-corrosion properties. Load bars with a high load capacity of 155lbs when distributed evenly when subjected to vertical load, crash testing, wear and tear simulations, and durable type internal structure It comes with OEM parts in the areas of safety, strength, and style, among others. It has an aerodynamic design, which better diffuses airflow, reduces wind noise, and improves fuel economy are all advantages. Roof rails are sealed with soft rubber gaskets to prevent paint damage. Extra security & versatility are provided by the use of robust ABS tough plastic and also no installation. You can carry your life on the road with you if you have a roof rack. Your bicycles, skis, canoes, or kayaks, as well as your surfboards & fishing poles, are all welcome. For specific goods, there are also extra-secure roof bins and roomy carrying baskets to accommodate them. A pair of crossbars, an Allen wrench, and an instruction manual are included in the package. Customers are covered by a one-year guarantee as well as lifetime professional technical assistance.

Its system is aerodynamically designed for saving fuelsDoesn’t fit properly within large gaps
It can withstand a maximum load of 155 LBS 
Its weather-resistant roof rack 
Made of sturdy aluminum alloy 

#3. Brightlines Aero Roof Rack For Subaru Crosstrek

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Brightlines Aero Crossbar Roof Rack is the first item on the list of available products. It is a reliable product that will give you the services you require in the future. Among the most impressive aspects of this item is how simple it is to put together. It will only take a few seconds to install and remove the roof rack from your vehicle. The device has a load capacity of 150lbs, which is a respectable amount of weight. When you purchase the roof rack, you would also receive several other items as part of the bundle. To give you an example, you will receive 4 mounting brackets, 2 crossbars, a handbook, and all of the necessary hardware. The front crossbar is slightly longer than the rear crossbar when contrasted to the rear crossbar. It does, however, accommodate the vehicle’s overall size. Furthermore, you won’t have to bother about drilling holes in your roof when you install this roof rack. You may also transport a variety of components like kayaks and canoes, baggage, camping equipment, fishing rods, bicycles, and other items as well as other people.

It is a simple item to put together.Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the presence of intrusive noises.
With this roof rack, you will get everything that you desire. 
Wind noise will be reduced as a result of aerodynamic design. 
It has the capability of transporting several components. 
It is not necessary to drill holes in your vehicle in order to install the roof rack. 


#4. WU-MINGLU Roof Rack For Subaru Crosstrek

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WU-MINGLU Roof Rack bars are composed of high-grade metal, while the feet on the roof rack are made of high-quality polyurethane. Due to the absence of corrosion and the absence of bumps, it will not cause damage to your Subaru Forester (or Crosstrek) or Subaru Impreza (or Crosstrek). Roof rack crossbars & roof rack bottom feet from WU-MINGLU free up your mind so that you may focus on the thrills ahead. Leave the tiresome installation process behind you because WU-MINGLU rack crossbars are simple to install and use fewer tools, allowing you to quickly and simply connect the rack crossbars to the Subaru Forester. Mounting the WU-MINGLU roof racks on the car’s roof is now easier and quicker than it has ever been, and requires just a few simple tools. The load-bearing capacity of roof rack crossbars is incredible. It is not difficult to tie two kayaks at the same time. It can accommodate not only canoes, but also kayaks, bags, skis, skateboards, bikes, fishing rods, and other items as needed. When it comes to transporting heavy loads, WU-MINGLU roof racks provide a high load capacity, simple installation, as well as a safe riding experience. Roof Racks with Cross Bars Compatible with the following Subaru models: 2013-2021 Subaru Crosstrek & 2012-2019 Subaru Impreza/2021 will fit Subaru forester tour models If you have any questions or concerns about the 2012-2019 Crosstrek / Impreza Rack Cross Bars, then feel free to contact experts for assistance.

Super easy to installCrossbars are designed poorly
Sturdy roof rack 
Cheaper in its price 
Offers a perfect fit 


#5. Partol Roof Rack For Subaru Crosstrek

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When searching for a good roof rack for your Subaru Crosstrek, it is important to ensure that the equipment is compatible with the vehicle in question. In this scenario, the Subaru Crosstrek of 2013 to 2017 and the Subaru Impreza of 2012 to 2016 are taken into consideration for compatibility. It should be noted that these are not suitable with Subaru Forester or another vehicle that does not have higher side rails. As a result, when it pertains to the Subaru Impreza sedan that does not have roof-side rails, there is no compatibility. The elevated side rails must be fitted on each of the constructed crossbars before they can be used. The use of aerodynamic design can make a significant difference in the amount of noise caused by wind resistance. This is precisely the feature that has been integrated into the design of these roof crossbars. Consequently, this is a fantastic alternative for transporting bikes, cargo baskets, kayaks, and other forms of gear.

This part was created using a mix of ABS plastic and a high-strength aluminum alloy to achieve its structural integrity. In addition to two metal crossbars and all of the necessary installation screws, 4 side’s legs are included with the purchase of this item. Instructions, on the other hand, are not included. Even though there are no instructions given, the setup process is relatively straightforward. Any necessary hardware is provided, and the individual will not be required to cut and drill into the vehicle. Each of these components will work flawlessly on any Subaru model that is compatible with them. It is also useful to point out that these roof bars are corrosion & water-resistant.

It is a great match for automobiles that are compatible with it.There are no instructions included.
Can be easily installed and takes less time. 
Having adequate functioning while travelling is important. 

#6. Mostplus Roof Rack For Subaru Crosstrek

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We found this roof rack bar suitable with Subaru models to be an additional alternative while looking for the finest roof rack for the Subaru Crosstrek. The compliance of the supplied set of parts is determined by the fact that the vehicle in question has a higher side rail from 2012 to 2019. Additionally, the Subaru Crosstrek from 2013 to 2019 and the Subaru Forester from 2014 to 2019 are taken into consideration. Not only that, but it is vital to examine just those vehicles that have a high side rail as an additional safeguard. This roof rack can’t be installed on a vehicle if this component of the automobile is not included in the design of the car.

In this instance, a framework has been included that is extremely durable and can support a variety of bags and loads weighing approximately 149.9 pounds in total. High-strength components have been employed for this purpose, including a highly durable aluminum alloy with marine-grade strength and a high-strength steel alloy. At the same time, the materials used in the construction are capable of withstanding all weather conditions encountered on any trip. Consequently, this is yet another factor that contributes to the longevity of this rack bar. As is typical of the greatest manufacturers, all of the necessary components have been integrated to allow for installation in a matter of minutes. To finish the assembly method, the individual simply requires a small set of hand tools. Because of the constructed design, the individual will not be required to drill or cut into the vehicle. In a matter of minutes, the car will be ready to receive the luggage for the next trip.

Installation is simpleIn this case, the instructions are not really specific.
The design structure is elegant 
Results that are effective 


#7. AUXPACBO Roof Rack For Subaru Crosstrek

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AUXPACBO Cross Bars are suitable with Subaru Foresters, Crosstreks, and Imprezas from 2014 to 2021, as well as 2013 to 2019 Crosstreks and 2012 to 2019 Imprezas with factory, elevated roof side rails. Please double-check the year, make, and model of your car before making a purchase. AUXPACBO Cargo Bars are constructed of high-grade metal, while the foundation feet are constructed of high-quality plastic. They are 1/3rd the weight of other cargo bars, allowing for reduced fuel consumption due to the heavy-duty clamping design. Aluminum is on average 30 percent lighter than steel, allowing for reduced fuel consumption due to the reduction in weight. When the load is equally distributed, these car roof racks can withstand Maximum Load Capacity up to 150lbs (68kg). It works wonderfully with roof bags, roof bins, bike racks, surfboards, kayaks, canoes, sporting items, ladders, luggage, and whatever else you wish to put on your vehicle. The entire weight of the item & attachments are attached, and the force placed by the wind drag is known as the load weight.

The aerodynamic shape form of AUXPACBO roof bars reduces wind sound resistance under 75mph while also allowing them to fit your car’s roof arc. Exceed OEM components in terms of safety, strength, and aesthetics, and will not interfere with normal skylight operation. Please double-check that the screws were properly tightened during the installation. Wind noise may be generated by the clearance provided by the crossbar. Roof rack bars are labeled with the words “front” and “rear.” Instructions, as well as the necessary hardware, are given. The mounting rack is simple to install & secure with only a screwdriver, and it can be attached to roof mounting without the need for drilling. Easy to construct and disassemble in minutes; however, please do read the installation documentation before proceeding!

They are light in weightThese roof  racks are not that fancy
It produces less noise 
They can be easily removed and can be installed without any hassle 

#8. JDMON Roof Rack  For Subaru Crosstrek

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They are the lightweight luggage roof rack Please double-check the year, make, and model of your car before making a purchase. The crossbars of the JDMON roof rack are constructed of durable aluminum with anti-rust & anti-corrosion properties, while the base feet are made of sturdy plastic. Aluminum is an estimated 30 percent lighter than steel, according to industry standards. These roof rack crossbars may withstand more strains than the finest all-steel roof rack while weighing only one-third the weight of a steel roof rack. Our crossbars can safely handle a cargo weight of up to 150LBS/68KG without bending or warping the structural stability of the roof racks, which is an industry first. The crossbars will give you plenty of things to do on your trip and will assist you in transporting your roof bag, roof box, bike trailers, surfboards, canoes, kayak, sporting goods, ladders, baggage, and anything else you might need while on the road.

Assembly and disassembly take only a few minutes. There is no requirement for cutting or drilling. Soft rubber gaskets are installed on both the base foot and the crossbar of the roof rack bars to prevent the car roof from scratches and to provide anti-skid properties. Aerodynamic design helps to reduce wind noise & wind resistance when driving, which helps to reduce fuel consumption significantly.

Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, this product is anti-aging, anti-rust, and anti-corrosion, as well as lightweight and durable.Can be noisy at times
With the Adjustable Length feature, you may add up to 4 cm (1.575 inches) between your two roof rails. 
When the load is equally distributed, the load capacity is 150 lbs. 
Soft rubber padding on the bottom help to keep the paint on your car from becoming scratched. 
The special T-bolts hole design helps to secure your stuff while also lowering the air resistance and reducing noise levels. 
It takes only 15 minutes to assemble and disassemble. There will be no alteration or drilling. 
Suitable for roof boxes, luggage, and cycle carriers installed on the roof. 

#9. Genuine Subaru Roof Rack For Subaru Crosstrek

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If you’re searching for just a roof rack that’s expressly designed for transporting bicycles, this is the best option available. This product was developed using only the highest-quality components, according to the producers. The quality is excellent, and you will not be disappointed with this purchase. Aside from its high quality, the product’s effectiveness is also remarkable. There are numerous advantages to using it on your vehicle, and it will function wonderfully on your vehicle. It will, first and foremost, insulate your car from unpleasant noises while also providing some stability to the vehicle. You may put your trust in this rack with no reservations. There’ll be no concerns with the product’s compatibility because it is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Additionally, this product can fit universally, which is a plus.

Compliant with all of the original equipment manufacturers’ standards.Some clients are finding it difficult to get their systems to work together.
The product’s high quality is ensured by the manufacturer. 
You can put your trust in this product with no reservations.

It is an excellent option to use your roof rack as a storage solution.

The rack will shield your vehicle from unwanted noise and vibration. 

#10. Roof Racks Crossbars For Subaru Crosstrek

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This roof rack is made of strong and long-lasting material. To create this product, the producers employed high-quality aluminum. As a result, it is a product that is both lightweight and sturdy. Aside from that, it has an anti-theft lock that will keep the roof rack safe. This rack has a maximum load capacity of 150 pounds and can support a variety of different loads. Furthermore, because of its lightweight design, it will help to cut fuel consumption.

It has the capability of transporting kayaks, surfboards, carriers, skateboards, roof boxes, roof baskets, and a variety of other items. The product’s aerodynamic design will ensure that it will generate no noise while in operation. Apart from that, there would be no vibration when driving. It can withstand winds of up to 75 miles per hour, to be precise. Putting together and disassembling the item will take little time and effort, and it will only take a few minutes to install your roof rack.

It is a high-quality product that is both lightweight and durable.Some users have complained that this roof rack is fragile and unreliable.
It has the ability to minimize wind noise with ease. 
By having this roof rack by your side, you’ll be able to transport a variety of items. 
The installation procedure is straightforward. 
Corrosion resistance is provided by the rack. 

Buying Guide For Roof Rack For Your Subaru Crosstrek

If you are able to follow a certain way before purchasing a roof rack, the outcome will be well worth your effort. Consider the experts suggested buying guide before making a final purchase.


The weight of your roof rack is an important consideration that you should consider before making your purchase. Having a hefty roof rack does not necessarily imply that it is a robust roof rack. All of the goods we’ve described are made of light waste, but they’re still quite durable. The majority of them are made from high-quality aluminum alloy. As a result, there will be greater strength without compromising weight.


Selecting a modular roof rack would prove to be the finest option you can make. With it, putting together the racks will be simple and quick. As a result, you won’t have to deal with numerous difficulties. Furthermore, choosing modular racks will be a good decision because they can be reconfigured to meet your specific requirements.


The durability of any roof rack is a crucial feature to consider. If you take a look at the above-mentioned products, you will notice that they are all made from the highest-quality materials available. It would be a fruitful decision if you select any one of the goods that have been described above in this article.

Product Support

Not all of the products are created equal. As a result, you may encounter some issues with quality from time to time. Product support is absolutely critical at these times. As a result, look for a brand that offers excellent product support.

It will be of assistance to you at different times. If you do have any questions or concerns about the product, the sales and support team should be able to provide you with an answer.

All Metal

It should have a body made entirely of metal. Metals are usually preferable to plastic when it comes to durability. Using a plastic rack may enhance the likelihood of a failed attempt. As a result, always opt for all-metal models. You can also choose from any of the products on our list because they are all made of metal. The majority of them are made of aluminum alloy.

Style and design

It is among the most important aspects that you will have to take into account. The appearance of the car will substantially improve after you have installed a roof rack. As a result, take your time while selecting the style & design of the rack.


Following that, you must consider the item’s overall size. Check to see that the roof rack’s size and design are compatible with the vehicle you’re driving. It’s important to recognize that roof racks come in a variety of sizes. It is made in a variety of sizes by the manufacturers. Choosing larger roof racks is an option if you have a large vehicle. Smaller automobiles will also have smaller roof racks, and vice versa.


The importance of strength cannot be overstated. In the event that you invest in inexpensive products, there is a chance that those products will not be robust enough. In order to avoid disappointment, make sure to check the sturdiness of the roof rack prior to placing your order. Otherwise, you may be forced to see some unwelcome situations as well as poor quality problems.


Before purchasing your product, make a list of all of the attachments that you want to use with it. The range of available attachments is pretty extensive. The attachments you may need to transport include roof baskets, kayak carriers, bicycle carriers, and a variety of other items. So, take a look at the accessories that you’ll be carrying and make your decision.


You can either purchase a permanent or a trial one. Roof racks that are removable are included in the list which we have provided. It will be beneficial if you are bothered about the appearance of your automobile.

The following are the things that you must examine:

  • Don’t forget to use the racks that have been recommended. This might not fit your car if you do not do so. We recommend that you read through the fitting guide properly to prevent ending up in this position. Never forget to double-check that the present fit guide is still in effect before installation.
  • Always make sure you are not exceeding the load capacity limit. The act of exceeding the limit must be avoided at all costs. It has the potential to cause damage to your roof or car, as well as cause some accidents.
  • Maintain full access to your vehicle’s interior by leaving the doors of the vehicle open while installing the roof rack. There are no missing or damaged accessories, such as knobs or screws. All of the bolts & straps are in position. It is necessary to inspect it regularly to detect signs of corrosion and wear.
  • If you aren’t utilizing a roof rack, we recommend that you remove it completely. In addition, you must remove the rack before taking your automobile to the car wash.
  • You must maintain the condition of your locks to ensure a seamless operation. Periodically, you must check to see if the locks have been moved. Graphite or another dry lubricant can be used to improve the motion of the locks, if necessary.
  • You must secure the loads with the assistance of the straps that have been given.

Bottom Line

Every roof box in this list is one-of-a-kind and has its own set of characteristics. Every roof rack is well suited for a specific sort of application. You must consider all of your options before making a decision. Keep in mind why you’re purchasing this roof box or which characteristics are very necessary for you. Check out which roof racks can meet your needs and then purchase the ideal roof box for the next big adventure trip.

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