Top 5 Best PVC Towel Rack For Pool – Review & Buying Guide

There is nothing more frustrating than a smelly wet towel, swim caps, beach towels, and swim gears on the floor. The best way to neatly organize bath essentials is with a sturdy PVC material towel rack. The perfect and durable pool towel rack helps you to store, de-clutter, and organize your pool, children’s playrooms, backyards, and more. An outdoor towel and accessories organizer can also serve as a clothespin to hang used clothes or clothes that you’re going to wear after showering. This enables you to keep the wet towels in a dedicated area so that they can be easily dried with the help of sunlight. Instead of an electric dryer, place towels in the sun to keep bad odors out of clothes and maintain their shine and fluffiness.

Best PVC Towel Rack For Pool Reviewed 2022

You can also store your towels in a towel rack indoors, though it doesn’t dry nearly as fast and can result in odor & bacterial issues. The majority is that a towel rack for outside than an indoor towel rack is a great addition to accommodate several towels, bathroom slippers, goggles, bathrobes, hand towels, etc. Before purchasing, look for multiple options to ensure that you’re going to make the right decision. To make your selection task easier, we have listed the top five best PVC towel racks that fit your choice:

#1. Wassers Vertical Towel Rack for Pool

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Wasser’s towel rack, on this list, is considered one of the best options. Unlike other towel racks with five bars available in the market, this towel rack has eight organizer bars. This will offer more dedicated space to store paddles, slippers, and floats along with swimming towels. In addition, it also has four more small clips to organize more stuff. This rack comes with connectors for every joint to ensure no falling off and vibrations. For that, it has three extra bars that can keep the entire frame stable anyhow. Talking about the overall structure, it equipped 24 adapters and 34 pipes, made of premium quality PVC material which makes it stable, solid, and sturdy. PVC material also ensures a long service life. This smart tool for the poolside area is very easy to assemble and disassemble when taken into use or not in use. Due to actual installation instructions, you can quickly assemble this towel rack which makes your installation easier. The best thing about Wasser’s towel rack, it comes with a lifetime warranty and replacement service.


  • Due to its large design, it is ideal for many peoples.
  • It suits for kinds of environments.


  • Difficult to assemble.

#2. 7 Bar Curved PVC Towel Rack


7 Bar Curved PVC Towel Rack

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7 Bar Curved Towel rack by Essentially Yours is perfect for hanging wet and dry towels, storing pool noodles, paddles, floats or anything that will fit between the bars. It is a sturdy and durable rack stand just because made from high-quality PVC doesn’t rust or degrade, and is easy to clean. However, it is one of the large racks which don’t require sand or weights for sturdy support and stability. The best thing about 7 bar, it doesn’t require nuts, bolts, screws, or brackets for installation. Instead of hardware, you need only a hammer or rubber mallet for easy assembly. All detailed instructions come along with the rack in the packing. The brand is itself very popular just because they ensure quality; provide the best customer service and satisfaction. Apart from brand qualities, the product is also very perfect and complements your pool space. It is highly portable, lightweight, and easy to clean. The structure is also very unique which makes it differ from others. 


  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • It is a sturdy and stylish towel rack.


  • The rack isn’t recommended for a large family.

#3. Poolmaster 52505 Poolside Towel Tree

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Poolmaster has been a leading manufacturer of spa and pool products with a solid promise to service, quality, and reliability. It offers six different products; the poolside towel tree is one of these. You can neatly organize your beach towels, swim gear, bathing suits, and accessories on the patio with Poolmaster’s Towel Rack. When it comes to excellent portability, this poolside towel tree comes in handy. It is best suited for dry towels, wet towels, swim caps, goggles, or anything you want to hang nearby the pool. 

This outdoor towel organizer and accessories feature a weighted base that can be filled with sand or water for the best stability. It is a portable and waterproof towel tree that measures 49-inches tall. Additionally, it features 24-inch bars to hold swimsuits, dry towels, wet towels, and other gear. Talking about construction, the rack is made up of non-corrosive and weather-resistant material, making it durable and strong enough. This small size towel stand is lightweight and easy to carry. The rack dimension is 28 x 16 x 7 inches. 


  • It is considered to be a portable and convenient towel rack.
  •  For better stability, you can fill the base of the rack.


  • Slightly expensive.

#4. Outdoor Lamp 3 Bar Towel Tree 


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White Towel Holder by Outdoor Lamp, on this list, is one of the five best towel stands. Made in the USA, the White towel holder is constructed from furniture-grade, PVC, and UV stabilized material which means no fear of rusting, pealing, and padding in the outdoor weather. It can easily accommodate short and long items just because it is 50 inches tall. In addition, it features three 24 inches crossbars that can be shifted to create whatever length of bar you require. More than that, it provides better stability due to a 13-inch strong base which can be weighted with sand or water.

The portability of this towel tree enables you to take it on vacation to set on the marina, bring it inside in weather alteration, and put it inside the backyard to hang wet towels, bathrobes, and other bath stuff. In fact, it is very easy to assemble and disassemble when not in use.


  • It is made in the USA.
  • This lightweight and portable towel rack can be easily moved anywhere, for any purpose to any place. 


  • Not found

#5. Essentially Yours Outdoor Pool Towel Rack

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Outdoor Towel rack by Essentially Yours works great for storing pool floats tubes paddles noodles and drying towels. It is made from high-quality PVC constructed to with the rust or degrades. The material is also very easy to clean, and durable enough. It is designed in such a way that it does not require sand or weights. This large rack is ideal for sturdy support. It need not require screws, nuts, brackets, or bolts which makes it ideal for easy and quick installation. Furthermore, it features a rubber mallet for easier assembly without the help of an expert. For further use, you can move it from outdoor to indoor bathroom space just because it is portable and lightweight. 

Furthermore, the brand is very popular among users for pool essentials, tools, and towel racks. This rack is affordable, durable, and stable for long-lasting use. You can accommodate plenty of wet or dry towels in one place with ease. 


  • It is ideal for organizing many towels.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • It is a bit heavy than the others.

What Should Be Considered When Buying  PVC Towel Rack?

As we have mentioned, it becomes tricky to organize dozens of towels neatly. Taking off the towel rack and using it to hang towels and other essentials is one of the best moves for seamless benefits. Nowadays, towel racks for indoor and outdoor use separately are manufactured by several brands in the market. Each rack has different features and benefits. So, you need to keep several aspects in mind while purchasing a towel rack. Let’s discuss them:


From large to small sizes are available when it comes to towel racks. You can consider an 18-inch towel rack if you want to safe bathroom or pool space. A towel rack with a length of 24-inch is ideal for large spaces. If you have plenty of pool or bathroom space, look for a towel rack with a length of 30-inch.


Towel racks come with either minimal storage space or maximal storage space which can be considered through several hooks and bars and shelves. The higher number of hooks, arms or bars will allow you to hang plenty of towels and robes.

Easy to Clean

The towel rack you’re going to buy should be very easy to clean. Some racks are cleaned using a soft cotton cloth or damped cloth. It removes moisture and dust, ensuring its durability. 

Final Words:

After a lot of discussions and research, we have a collection of racks. All of these towel racks come with hooks, bars, and shelves. The rack’s shelf is used to store bathing accessories and toiletries for easy access whereas bars and hooks allow you to neatly organize or hand your bathrobes, clothes, and towels. It also enables you to separate your dry and wet towels and keep your pool area clean & tidy. 

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