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#1. O2COOL



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Many people go to the pool during their leisure time. Additionally, many people enjoy pool time so much that they visit public pools on their weekends. And for some people, it is even better as they have pools right at their homes. For whatever reason you go to the pool, you might have the problem of having a place to keep your towels and robes in one place. After all, you cannot just fold them and put them back because they will be wet. What you got to have is a place where you can spread them. One of the best solutions for such problems would be to invest in an outdoor pool towel rack. These racks have long rods and hangers where you can spread your towels and keep them in one place. They generally come in a disassembled form and require assembly.

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And did you know? You can also store your slippers and shoes beneath them if they have a shelf at the base. Therefore, today, we had an idea of coming up with the best pool towel racks for all our readers. Whatever we have picked is high in quality. We are going to discuss everything below in a list form. So you are going to read a short description of the product and then its pros and cons. Once you go through all the ten pool towel racks, you will be able to make a great comparison and pick the one best brand pool towel rack that you like the most 

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#1. O2cool Spa and Pool Valet Pool Towel Racks



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First off, we have the adjustable Patio and Pool towel holder by O2COOL. It has a dark brown design and a round base. With this, you will be able to have fresh, dry, and clean towels every time. The head of this towel rack also acts as a base for stuff. Hence you can use it to keep some of your stuff such as lotions and sunscreens when you are around the pool. Its entire design is incredibly sturdy, and you can use it to hang two big or small towels at a time. Its whole structure remains balanced no matter where you use it. However, you have to make sure that you use it on a flat base; otherwise, the round bottom of the rack won’t make the rack stand without tilting or falling. Besides being a poolside rack for towels, you can also use it as a coat hanger when you throw a party. The bars that the product has for holding the spread towels are 24 inches long. This is the reason why you can hang and lay most of the towels in the market. The ends of the bars also have a wind clip. Hence, even when it is windy, your towels are still not going to fall off.


  • The head of the product can be used as a swivel tray for lotions and sunscreens. 
  • The bars are long enough to spread the widest towels quickly.
  • These same rods also have a wind clip on their edge so that the towels don’t fall. 
  • The height of this rack can be adjusted as per your requirements.


  • We haven’t found any cons of the O2COOL Pool Towel Rack till now.

#2. Jamlyn Spa and Pool Towel Rack

Outdoor Spa and Pool Towel Rack


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On number two, let us come to the pool towel rack by the company Jamlyn. The basic structure and design of this rack are like the ones mentioned above. However, it differs in the way that it is made using PVC pipes. Additionally, since it has an overall white body, it looks extraordinarily minimalist and can be used to hang two towels and three bathrobes. For doing this, you have to hang the towels on the longer end of the rods and the robes on the smaller ends of the rods. The overall height of this product is 57 inches, which is enough to keep those towels away from the dirt on the ground. Furthermore, the company claims that all the rods are thick. Hence they won’t droop even when the sun is out and hot. Besides being resistant to rust, the rack also remains immune from UV light of the sun. The cross base in the design is there so that the rack remains stable even when the weather is windy. You are going to love using it near your pool once you buy it.


  • The white design of this rack is something that we do not witness a lot. 
  • Its cross base keeps the body of the rack stable at all times. 
  • Other than towels, you can also use it to hang robes.


  • We have not found any cons of the Jamlyn Pool Towel Rack till now.

#3. WOW Sports Mega Beach Pool Towel Rack


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With this fantastic WOW pool towel rack, you can spread a maximum of 5 towels. However, the first rod is quite lower towards the ground; hence you are supposed to use it for small towels. Otherwise, the regular towel will simply touch the ground and get dirty. Since the rack has a collapsible design, you can also carry it when you are going on a beach trip with your family. This way, all of your towels will remain in one place and dry effectively under the sun after you have used them. The assembly of this towel rack is so easy that even beginners can do it quickly. It also weighs less, so it is easier to move from wherever you have placed it. And even after that, it remains balanced. It is constructed using PVC pipes that are of the best quality. Additionally, with this rack, you will get a mesh bag that you can hang in the lowest pipe. In this mesh bag, you can keep all your essentials in one place and away from water. The pipes are attached in a slanted way so that all the towels get the same amount of sun and wind. 


  • This rack is very light in weight and easy to assemble. 
  • Its PVC construction is the reason why it is easy to carry and yet durable. 
  • The mesh bag that comes with the product is of very nice quality. 
  • The square base holds the overall structure of the rack very well.


  • The lowest pipe cannot be used for long towels as they will touch the ground and get dirty.

#4. Sinyzope Pool Towel Rack Black Metal


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The Sinyzope Pool Towel Rack has a design like the one rack mentioned on number three, except it has more pipes. Hence, it allows you to hang many more items on it. The four upper pipes can hang larger towels, and the three pipes that lie near the bottom can be used for smaller items. This rack will never blow over or tip in any situation courtesy of its broad base. Suits, as well as swimwear, can also be hung on the rack very effectively. It makes the towels’ organization so easy that once you use it, you would want it again and again. The overall dimensions of this rack after assembly are – 46 X 37 X 50 inches. Since it is made using PVC, it will remain free from rust for many years without fail. The rack is made to be taken outdoors, which is why its whole structure is easy to carry. However, if you cannot fit it in your car, you will have to disassemble it and then attach the parts again once you reach your destination.


  • The number of pipes for hanging items is more in this rack. 
  • This is one of the most stable towel racks in the market. 
  • You can use it near pools, lakes, and the sea. The PVC used in making the product is of the furniture grade.


  • The assembly and disassembly of the product may feel like a bit of a tough thing to do.

#5. MyGift Freestanding White Chrome Metal Pool Towel Rack


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This 3-tier metal towel rack is by MyGift. Other than the three tiers for towels, it also has a base rack where you can keep your shoes and slippers. Many people also use it to keep their personal care products such as sunscreens and moisturizers. You can hang all types of towels on them. If your towels don’t have a large width, you can try hanging two towels in the same tier. The upper corners of the product are round, and they will never hurt you if you hit them accidentally. Here are interesting uses of the pool towel rack. After the assembly, the rack becomes exceptionally sturdy. You can keep it near a pool and enjoy its service very easily. Its price is not that high hence you can buy it very quickly without worrying about the money. Other than towels, people also use the rack for hanging washcloths. We have also seen many consumers using it to dry their baby’s clothes out in the sun. This practice saves so much energy as well as electricity. The finish of the rack parts is done with the help of a white powder coat, which does not go away ever. 


  • This rack has round corners so that you never hit your elbows too hard accidentally. 
  • The base acts as a shelf for shoes and personal care products.
  • Its dimension are – 22 X 32 X 10 inches. 
  • It is a perfect towel rack for hand towels and washcloths.


  • This rack won’t help you keep huge shoes and hang huge towels.

#6. mDesign Large Freestanding Towel Rack


mDesign Large Freestanding Towel Rack Holder


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Nothing can be better than this pool towel rack by Essentially Yours. It has five bars where you can hang all your towels without any hassle. When we look at towel racks, we only get one color option. But you will be pleased to know that this rack comes in two different colors, which are pretty and universal. These colors are white and brown. For people who love dark tones, the brown version of the rack will prove to be extremely good. It is a free-standing rack that does not need any kind of support at any time. Like many other pool towel racks, it is made using PVC, and hence it never degrades or rust. For assembly, you will not require any nuts or bolts. This comes out to be the best thing when it is about PVC racks. The quality of this rack is impressive, and it also comes with a warranty of one year. Therefore if you have any problems with it, you will be able to return it quickly within that year of your purchase. Customer support is excellent, and the people there will help you solve all problems that you might have with this rack.


  • The assembly of this PVC Pool Towel Rack is effortless.
  • You can spread a maximum of five towels on this rack. 
  • The sturdiness of the rack is rated well by many buyers.
  • It remains free from rust no matter where you use it.


  • The sturdiness of the base of this rack can still be improved a little.

#7. AquaTeak Sula Teak & Stainless Steel Pool Towel Rack


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If you wish to go for a material that is even sturdier than PVC, then you must have a look at this rack made using Stainless Steel and Teak. It is from AquaTeak and comes in a beautiful and lovely dark brown design. Other than the rods for spreading your towels, it also has a tray on the base that is thick enough to hold heavy items such as footwear and water bottles. When you place it on the sand near the beach, its four feet can dig the stand and become more stable.  The rods are also thick enough to hold wet towels. Wet towels are heavier than the ones that are not, and hence they require heavy support beneath them when they are spread for drying. The Teak used in the product is sustainably harvested, and the stainless steel parts are non-corroding. The design of this rack is so amazing that it is featured in many magazines frequently. People always keep an eye on this pool towel rack. Hence, don’t wait too long to have it near your pool.


  • This pool towel rack comes with a warranty of five years. 
  • The wood used in it is 100% sustainably harvested. 
  • It has a superior design, which always remains balanced.
  • The functional beauty of this rack is something that attracts many buyers.


  • You have to keep it at least 6 feet away from water for it to last long.

#8. MBQQ Industrial Outdoor Free Standing Towel Rack



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This one is a metal towel rack by MBQQ. You must have already guessed its high sturdiness, which is higher than all the local materials like wood and PVC. The rods are heightened well so that the towels spread on them never touch the bottom. This way, they remain clean in all kinds of situations. Its design is black, and we have to agree that we haven’t seen too many black pool towel racks. If you are a black lover, just go with this rack, and you won’t ever be disappointed. The four feet of the rack have floor protecting covers on them. Therefore, if you move the rack without lifting it, you still won’t harm your house’s flooring. Even the rod with the shortest height in the product still feels heightened enough. You are going to save a lot of space once you go with this fantastic pool towel rack. If you are not using it near your pool, you can also use it in your closet for hanging clothes with a huge width. You can also use it to spread the clothes that you have just pressed with the cloth iron.


  • The durability of this pool towel rack is something on the next level. 
  • From towels to slippers, you can put anything on this rack.
  • It is a well-heightened product that won’t ever make your clothes or towels touch the ground and get dirty.


  • The edges and corners of the rack are not smoothed or rounded; hence they may hurt your fingers and hands.
  • The installation of this rack may feel exhausting for some buyers.

#9. Milliard Freestanding Portable Pool Towel Tree


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Next, we have a towel rack by Swimline that acts as a towel rack and an organizer for other stuff. Hence, it will be right for you to purchase it if you have a pool at your house and use it almost every weekend. Other than helping in hanging your towels, it will also allow you to place those mattresses and robes at a single place. If your child plays with pool toys, you can organize and store them in this set too. However, if you buy it in a pair, you will make this kind of organization even better. When two of these racks are placed side by side, they become capable of holding big stuff like pool mattresses. In the set, you are also going to get a mesh hamper. This is the part of the product where you can keep those pool toys no matter how small or big they are. The entire structure has an easy assembly, and you won’t need any kind of professional help to achieve it. The racks may feel bulky to some people, but that is so that they do not fall, having all such heavy stuff on them.


  • This is a product set that can be used to store and organize many other things other than a towel.
  • The two racks in the set never fall or tilt.
  • Large as well as small pool mattresses can be stored between them.


  • You have to buy these racks in a set of two for having full functionality. 
  • The racks may feel a little heavy to move around.

#10. Poolmaster Pool Towel Rack Like Tree

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Now, the design of this rack is exceptionally modern. When you first look at it, you are going to find it extremely unique. Other than the oil-rubbed bronze finish, the Kingston Brass rack is also available in two different colors, which have the finish of brushed nickel and polished chrome, respectively. Out of these three options, the rack that comes in the oil-rubbed bronze finish will cost you some extra bucks. Hence, go for it only if you have that kind of budget. The overall construction of this rack is tarnish-resistant and never gets eroded as well. You will love it near your pool as much as many of its buyers across America do. The beauty and aesthetics it will offer around the towel is just something on a very high level. Between each tier, there is a space of two feet, and there are three tiers in this rack in total. The main body of this rack is made using iron of very high life. From towels to clothes, you can hang anything on this rack without fail. 


  • The assembly of this rack is straightforward, and you are going to enjoy it.
  • The three tiers are spaced very well. 
  • It is going to last for decades at your home without causing any trouble.


  • The price of this pool towel rack is quite high. 
  • Even after such a high price, it does not have provisions like a shelf at its base.

How To Choose The Best Pool Towel Rack

Let us discuss all the factors that many experts use when they go out to pick a pool towel rack. We have mentioned everything separately. Consider everything and then buy the rack that suits and fits the best in your budget – 

Know the Base Size

Generally, a broader base of the rack ensures better balancing after putting your towels on the rods and hangers. Therefore, when you look for a pool towel rack, make sure you are looking at its base. It will also be good to know the base’s dimensions after the rack is assembled. Additionally, you can also check if the base has any protective parts for the flooring. Such bases are perfect because they never harm the tiles that you might have on the floor.

Know the Pipe/Rod quality

The pipes/rods of the pool towel rack must be sturdy enough to hold wet towels. When towels are wet, they acquire the water’s weight and become heavier than their original weight. Using racks that do not have strong pipes/rods will only bend over time, and it can also lead to their breakage. Generally, going with these structures if they are made from either metal or PVC is a very good thing to do. Additionally, if these structures are not hollow, they are surely going to last longer.

Know the Material

In our experience, we have come along many pool towel racks. But if you ask us – we will say that the best ones are made out of metal, wood or PVC. Going with any other material than these three will only make your jeopardize and adjust with the quality and longevity of the rack. This is why we have included only those pool towel racks, which are made out of the three material options mentioned here. Therefore, you do not have to doubt anything. The racks here are going to last long. We are pretty sure about that.

Know the Height

This is one of the most crucial factors when it is all about the pool towel racks. This is because if the rack is not heightened enough, your towels will touch the ground. And this is undoubtedly not a hygienic practice. If the rack you are thinking of buying has leveled rods/pipes, it will be best to put small towels on the rod that lies closest to the ground. Apart from height, also check other dimensions which are namely the width and length of the rack. Otherwise, you will have a pool towel rack that is either too small or big for you.

Know the Additional Accessories and Features

These days many companies have started selling extra accessories like a mesh bag or a mesh basket. Such items always make organization easy, especially if you take a lot of stuff to your pool. You have everything in one place, and hence you do not have to waste a lot of your time. When it comes to features, you must try looking at the shelf that is sometimes provided at the base. Using such shelves, you will be capable of keeping your slippers and shoes in one place. 

Pool Towel Rack Frequently Asked Questions

Which Towel Rack on This List Is the Best to Use?

All pool towel racks in this article are of high quality and best to use. Further, they are available in different designs so that you can pick the right product for your use. It can be hard to say which pool towel rack is the best on this list. So, it depends on your needs which towel rack will be the best for you.

Why Is It Important to Use A Pool Towel Rack?

When you go to a swimming pool, towels are essential to use. They provide the required comfort and let you feel better after coming out of the pool. After using the towel, the next thing is to dry them. That’s where pool towel racks come into use. They are convenient to use and allow you to keep your towel efficiently after using it. Moreover, some towel racks come with shelves and long bars to enable you to keep the towels effectively dry.

Which Is the Best Material for Pool Towel Racks?

Since pool towel racks come in contact with water every day, they should be sturdy. Moreover, they need to be capable of holding wet towels to dry. Therefore, you can opt for towel racks that are made of PVC or metal material to ensure better usability. Wood towel racks are also a good option to opt for. These towel racks offer better performance and are efficient to use. By choosing the pool towel racks made of these materials, you can use them efficiently for a long time.

How Many Bars Are Efficient in A Towel Rack?

You can select the number of bars in a tower rack according to your needs. Usually, pool towel racks come with three bars to keep the towels. Also, some models include four bars to provide more space for you. Therefore, you can select the right pool towel rack from the market by deciding the required number of bars you need.

Can I Use A Pool Towel Rack for Other Purposes?

Yes, pool towel racks can be used for storing towels. Once the towels have dried, you can fold them and store them in the towel rack efficiently. Further, you can keep some clothing on the towel rack for use.So, by buying a pool towel rack, you can use it for different purposes.

Do Pool Towel Racks Come with Any Warranty?

Yes, these towel racks come with a warranty period to allow you to use the product effectively. Also, it is good to use a towel rack that comes with a warranty period for ease of use. Usually, pool towel racks come with a warranty period of one year.

Is It Good to Use A Compact Pool Towel Rack?

Yes, if you have a small space to keep a pool towel rack, then you can opt for a compact towel rack for better results. Since these towel racks come with a convenient shelf at the bottom, you can keep other needed items on it.
Bottom Line

We have tried to discuss every little feature of each of the ten pool towel racks listed above. No matter what your likings and preferences are, you are going to like at least one of them. And even if you don’t, you will at least get an idea of the racks and their designs. We would also urge you to refer to our 5 things to know before buying a pool towel rack as it will help you in immense ways while you pick your pool towel rack. Do not forget to keep the quality of the rack over everything. This way, the product will last longer than you expect it to.

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