10 Best Pasta Drying Racks For Fresh Pasta – Collapsible & Made of Plastic or Wood

Pasta is one of the most celebrated foods around the world. Ask any person around the world whether or not he knows about pasta, and their answer will always be – Yes, I do! There are many different types, varieties, and shapes of pasta that one can make. However, the most well-known ones are spaghetti and fettuccini pasta. Earlier people used to buy pasta directly from the market. But thanks to television and the internet now many people know how to make this food at home, that too, right from scratch. This way, people can now prepare pasta whichever way they want to. This is a blessing for health-conscious people because now gluten-free and vegan pasta can be made and enjoyed on the plate in just a few hours.

Best Pasta Drying Rack Reviewed For 2022

Many people also like coloring their pasta, so that can be made possible too. But did you know? For making pasta at home, you will also need a drying rack. Drying racks will allow you to maintain the consistency of the pasta for a very long time. Also, if the pasta gets completely dried, it can be stored for later usage. Isn’t that wonderful? You can prepare a large batch of pasta, dry it, and store it in airtight boxes. The whole process will feel more natural to you, and the pasta will also taste amazing. And let’s not forget, it will be free from all sorts of preservatives. RackPick.com got the ten best brands of pasta drying racks for you today.  Let us discuss them all –

#1. Norpro 1048 Drying Rack for Pasta


Norpro 1048 Drying Rack for Pasta


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Let us discuss this pasta drying rack by the company Norpro before considering anything else. This rack is 16.5 inches tall so that your spaghetti pasta won’t touch the surface when they are being dried on this rack. It has a wooden design, which is terrific because wood is an eco-friendly material and does not cause harm to the environment. Even when it is disposed of in water or land, it gets decomposed by microbes very quickly and does not cause any pollution. In total, there are eight arms in this product. People generally use the rack to dry spaghetti and fettuccine pasta. No matter how wet the pasta is, it will still not slip from the arms courtesy of its unfurnished finish. For better storage, without the use of too much space in the kitchen, you can also try dissembling the product. Additionally, its cleaning is effortless. But you should stick to washing the rack in the sink and not the dishwater. Such practice will increase the lifespan of the product by many more years. 


  • This is a fantastic pasta drying rack for preparing homemade pasta. 
  • Since the rack is tall, the pasta will never touch the countertop at any second.
  • You can store it easily by dissembling it into easy-to-store pieces.


  • For the long life of the rack, you must try not to wash it in the dishwasher.

#2. GOZIHA Pasta Drying Rack


GOZIHA Pasta Drying Rack


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The GOZIHA Pasta Drying rack is one of the most famous pasta-making products in the country. No wonder it has many buyers not only in America but in the whole world. For using it to dry the pasta, you make you have to hang the pasta onto its arms. These arms are ten in number so you can imagine the enormous batch of pasta you can create in just a single time usage of the rack. Its design is fascinating, and it is colored green. This green color used in the rack is bright, making the product easy to identify.

However, you can also go through two other color options of the product, which include the more primary colors. The many kinds of pasta you can hang on this rack are – vermicelli, linguine, fettuccine, spaghetti, and tagliatelle. What more can a pasta lover ask for in a pasta drying rack? We call this a truly fantastic deal, by the way. It will just take a few hours to dry the pasta effectively. However, many people also stick to drying the pasta that they have just made for more than eight hours. For that, you can continue the drying process overnight and leave the rack as it is.  


  • The design of this pasta drying rack is straightforward yet highly functional.
  • The ten arms of the rack allow you to dry a large batch of pasta at a time. 
  • The height of the rack is enough for long pasta.


  • We did not find any cons to the GOZIHA pasta drying rack till now.

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3. Eppicotispai Pasta Drying Rack



Eppicotispai Pasta Drying Rack


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The Eppicotispai pasta drying rack has a collapsible design, and you can store it well even when you do not have enough storage space in your kitchen. It is made using Natural Beachwood, which is why many people love it and regularly use it to dry tasty homemade pasta. The overall design of the product is very simple. The rows are arranged in a straight row-like fashion and are eight in number. If you love eating long pasta, then this pasta drying rack is just for you.  

Another main thing that we love about this pasta drying rack is that its surface is furnished well. This is the reason why it will never hurt your fingers in any way. Instead, you will love using it, again and again, to create and make your favorite pasta in your kitchen. The pasta space in it is more than 10 square feet. Can you believe that? Additionally, it is made in Italy, so you know the number of intricate details that the Italians would have added to a product that helps create one of their most well-loved dishes.


  • The eight arms of the rack are arranged in a row and dry pasta uniformly. 
  • You can make ten square feet of paste with the use of this fantastic pasta drying rack.
  • It is a fantastic rack when it comes to drying spaghetti and linguini pasta.


  • The finish of the edges of the rack can be improved a little.

#4. Fox Run Pasta Drying Rack


Fox Run Pasta Drying Rack


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Trust us; we have never witnessed a more amazing design in pasta drying racks than the design of this product by Fox Run. The other best part is that it is 18.5 inches tall. Since there are 16 rods in it, you can dry up to 4 pounds of pasta using them. The material used in creating the product is polycarbonate and stainless steel. Both of these materials are very robust, and from that, you can already guess the sturdiness of this rack very easily. Like many other pasta drying racks, this rack’s design is also collapsible and hence easy to store.

For wiping it clean, you can use a dry cloth. You can also try washing it time after time for better sanitation and hygiene in the pasta you make. All 16 rods are 8 inches long, so they can accommodate a massive amount of pasta. You can rotate them to create a spiral design so that all the pasta you dry on them dry uniformly. Other than fettuccini and spaghetti, you can also use the rack to dry Angel hair pasta. For rods closer to the ground, try hanging the pasta that isn’t too long; otherwise, they might touch the countertop.


  • All 16 rods can be arranged by rotation to create a spiral design for better pasta drying. 
  • The bottom of the rack pushes the central rod upwards so that the height is increased even more. 
  • All 16 rods are very sturdy and can withstand 4 pounds of pasta weight very quickly.


  • This pasta drying rack’s price lies a bit on the high end.

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#5. iPstyle Drying Rack for Pasta


iPstyle Drying Rack for Pasta


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The design of this rack is similar to the design of the rack mentioned in number two. For storage, you can collapse its design and use your kitchen racks, shelves, or drawers. And don’t worry about making it stand again once you collapse it as the process is very easy, and even beginners and amateurs can understand it. Many people like having homemade pasta because they taste good and are also free from different preservatives. Preservatives are good, but they are harmful to our bodies, especially our digestive systems, in the longer run.  

When you keep the rack on your countertop, you will realize that it does not take much space because of its small base. And, even then, you can dry a load of pasta using its long arms. It never slips even when you hit is slightly courtesy its anti-skidding design. It is made using hard ABS plastic and has a height of 28 cm, equivalent to 11 inches. Additionally, even when the product is made using plastic, it is still environmentally safe. Besides the pasta, you can also use it as a drying noodle and enjoy all your favorite noodle recipes. 


  • The rack’s design is collapsible and lies flat and does not take too much storage space.
  • You can also use the product to dry noodles other than pasta. 
  • Its arms are sturdy and would never bend unless you start overloading.


  • You cannot dry the product in direct sunlight as it would reduce its material strength.

#6. Weston Pasta Drying Rack


Weston Pasta Drying Rack

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Have you ever heard of this amazing Pasta Drying Rack by Weston? We are quite sure you would have. After all, this rack is quite famous in the American states. It also has a high rating on all the popular e-commercial websites in the country. What we like the most about this rack is its economical price. Many pasta drying racks are rated very high for no reason, so people choose not to buy them. Some of them forget how fabulous these racks can be as they help preserve all the homemade pasta’s flavors.

Furthermore, when you make pasta at your home, you can also experiment with the flavors. Many people also like adding their personal touch while doing so. There are just too many reasons to own a pasta drying rack. This rack for the pasta drying purpose is made using beechwood, so it is safe to hang food items on its ten arms. Its height is 16 inches while its width is 14 inches. Also, did you know? The surface of this rack is non-sticky. Many people find it a bit of a hassle while deal with pasta drying racks that get pasta stuck on their surface. That troublesome thing is not going to happen with this rack.


  • This pasta drying rack is easy to assemble and also affordable. 
  • It is created using wood, which is why it is safe for food and also the environment.
  • This is one of the few pasta drying racks that come with a warranty for one whole year from the date you buy it.


  • The base of the rack won’t balance the structure if you overload the product with pasta.

#7. KitchenAid Pasta Drying Rack


KitchenAid Pasta Drying Rack

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Any product that KitchenAid makes is just the best. Thus, we always try to plug their products into our lists whenever possible because we truly trust their products’ quality and genuineness. This Pasta Drying Rack by them has a silver design, which gives a luxurious overall look to it. Many professionals worldwide use it to dry the pasta that they have freshly made in the kitchen. Once you give this rack a try, you will never have to invest in other Pasta Drying Racks that are easy to afford but won’t last even a full year in the kitchen.

It needs to be assembled, but you won’t need any extra tools for that. Also, since the assembly is easy to do, we would request you not to back off from buying it only because you are unsure how you will fix the parts. The limited warranty that comes with this rack is one year long, and you can claim it if you witness any defects in the product. There are 16 rods in this rack, which are all made using polycarbonate. You will also get a rod with this product, which you can use for transferring the pasta that you have just cut. All in all, this is a fabulous deal.


  • The rod that comes with the product for transferring pasta is of outstanding quality.
  • This is one of the most Pasta Drying Racks in the country. 
  • The warranty on the rack can be claimed very easily.


  • This rack’s price is the only con we have found, as it is quite high compared to other Pasta Drying Racks.

#8. Ourokhome Pasta Drying Rack


Ourokhome Pasta Drying Rack

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The standard design of this Pasta Drying Rack has attracted many people towards buying it and having it in their kitchens. Like many regular Pasta Drying Racks, this rack also has ten arms/rods in its design. Make sure you put appropriate amounts of pasta on it; otherwise, the rack will simply lose its balance. Also, try putting equal amounts of pasta on the opposite rod so that the rack does not get bent and start slipping the pasta onto the countertop. Apart from standard pasta types, try drying pasta like lasagne and linguine pasta. You would love it!

The rack has four feet in total, and they all have rubber in their material. This is why the rack won’t slip even when your kitchen countertop is wet or slippery. For the assembly of the rack, you will never need any type of tool or screws. Honestly, even a small child can assemble this Pasta Drying Rack; that is how simple it is. When the product is not in use, you can easily collapse and slip it under a large appliance. You should also try to clean it before and after each use to ensure the utmost level of sanitation in the pasta you make.


  • The folded size of this Pasta Drying Rack is just 8 inches in height. 
  • It is an extremely convenient rack, and yet it is priced low.  
  • The rack will never make the pasta clump after the drying is completed.


  • The product is available in only bright colors, which are yellow and green.

#9. Anni Pasta Drying Rack

Anni Pasta Drying Rack

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Many Pasta Drying Racks do not come with a scraper, but this rack by Anni does. And honestly, it simply makes the process of pasta drying extremely easy. Everything will become so easy that you will stick to making pasta occasionally in your kitchen. If your friends enjoy your homemade pasta, you can also host a feast, and this rack will help in such situations tremendously. That is because it can be used to prepare a huge amount of pasta that you can keep for later usage. There are 16 rods in this product. You can imagine the amount of pasta that you will end up with. 

Also, try hanging different types of pasta on each rod. Experimenting never hurts anyone. You can also try adding some food color to the pasta dough to make your pasta look lovelier than it already is. The weight that this Pasta Drying Rack can hold is equal to 4.5 pounds. After going through many racks that help dry pasta, we have come to know that this weight carrying capacity is quite high. All 16 rods are anti-slip, and you can arrange them all spirally to take the maximum advantages of the product.


  • The base of this Pasta Drying Rack is stable and always offers the best balance.
  • The 16 rods are lengthy and robust at the same time.
  • The transparent design of this product is exceptionally eye-catchy.


  • On the rods that lie low, you will have to hang pasta with a smaller length.

#10. Southern Homewares Pasta Drying Racks

Southern Homewares Pasta Drying Racks

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Wooden pasta drying racks are just out of this world, and hence we are finishing this list with a fabulous wooden pasta drying rack by Southern Homewares. It is a light brown rack that has eight rods, which are also known as arms. Since the entire product is made from wood, you can realize that it is entirely food safe. The whole rack balances very well on a flat surface and lets you prepare a batch of pasta that is enough to be eaten as a family meal. Its square frame does not allow the rack and rods to bend forward unwantedly.

When you go with pasta drying racks that are available in the market, you will inevitably end up with a wooden rack. But it is close to impossible when comes to find a wooden rack that is also collapsible. This is why you should go with this rack rather than the ones you see in the local market. Its overall build is extraordinarily robust, and you can use it for many years in the kitchen to prepare and store many types of pasta very easily.  Before Buying a pasta drying rack do read Do You Really Need A Pasta Drying Rack?


  • This pasta drying rack does not take too much space for its storage. 
  • It is a perfect rack for drying fettuccine and linguine pasta. 
  • The wood’s finish is unfinished, and it is safe for drying pasta as well as noodles.


  • The alignment process of the parts of this pasta drying rack may feel a little tricky.

How To Choose The Best Pasta Drying Rack

Below we have mentioned some of the factors you must be aware of before you buy your pasta drying rack. Let us discuss them –

Know the Number of Rods

It is crucial to consider the number of rods in a pasta drying rack, especially if you are buying it for running a commercial business where you are required to prepare large batches of pasta. You should also consider this factor if you live in a family with more than 3to four family members. A smaller number of the rods or arms in the drying rack will only make you end up with a small amount of pasta. In such cases, you will need to prepare and dry pasta repeatedly to reach the required quantity of the food.

Know the Material

Generally, wooden pasta drying racks are considered to be the best. This is because they are incredibly safe for food and are also eco-friendly at the same time. However, these days, these racks’ market is saturated with options where the racks are made of polycarbonate and stainless steel. Such racks last longer than a decade if you take proper care of them. However, they are quite costly. There are also some plastic material options, but you should only buy them if no rack fits your budget.

Know the Height

Pasta should never touch the surface of the table, countertop, or anything beneath the drying rack. We say that often because this is a very unhygienic process. Often it can also contaminate your pasta if the surface is not clean enough. Many diseases can be caught if you carelessly place your pasta in the rack that lets the food touch the surface beneath. Therefore, always look for the pasta drying rack’s height before you even think of buying it. More extended height will also help you make longer pasta. 

Know the Gaps between the Rods

When the rods and arms of the pasta drying rack are not well spaced, your pasta will not dry effectively. Additionally, this may also lead to clumping between the pasta of two rods adjacent to each other. There are many drying racks for pasta in the market whose rods can be spaced in a spiral fashion. You can decide the space in such racks so that the whole batch of pasta that you are drying dries uniformly. Even when this kind of space personalization is not available, try looking for driers that have spaced arms at least one inch away.

Know the Price

If you are worried about the price of these racks, we have to let you know that you will come along with cheaper and more expensive options. Hence, always stick to buying the one pasta drying rack whose price lies closest to your budget. With such a wide price range in a product, people can now afford a pasta drying rack irrespective of their economic background. Also, buying costly pasta drying racks is pointless if you are only buying them to dry pasta in your kitchen. However, if you are purchasing the rack for your café or restaurant, stick to the quality more than anything.

Pasta Drying Racks Frequently Asked Questions

Is it imperative to use a pasta drying rack to dry pasta?

No, there are other ways to dry the pasta as soon as it comes out of the machine. You could simply put them on a dry floured towel to dry. On the other hand, if you have a lot of pasta to dry and very less space to put them in, then a pasta drying rack could come in handy. Pasta drying racks are commonly compact and they allow the user to dry a large quantity of pasta without consuming too much floor or counter space.

How long would it take for the pasta to dry on a pasta drying rack?

The time taken could vary based on the dough and the room condition. If the room is hot and has less humidity, then it could take around 2 or 3 hours maximum. On the other hand, if the room is cold it could take around 5 to 7 hours. No matter what kind of pasta drying rack you purchase, the drying time would remain the same.

Is it easy to make a pasta drying rack at home?

Easy? Do you mean to ask if it is possible to make a pasta drying rack at home? Yes, a pasta drying rack could be made at home, however, you need some expertise in using a drilling machine and other carpenter tools. If you are experienced in handling these tools, then making a pasta drying rack at home is easy.

Is there any specific way to hand pasta on a pasta drying rack?

No, there is no specific way to hang the pasta on a pasta drying rack. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Most commonly, pasta tends to be sticky, if your pasta is sticky, it is best recommended that you maintain a distance between each strand of pasta while hanging. Do not try to congest all the pasta on the rack.

How to prevent the pasta from getting sticky? A pasta drying rack could be used to solve this issue?

Most commonly, the sticky nature of pasta could be a result of the recipe and not the rack. This is why you must follow these instructions to prevent it from getting sticky, add olive oil to the water as it starts boiling, the olive oil will prevent the fresh pasta from getting sticky. On the other hand, if your pasta is sticky, a pasta drying rack cannot solve it, but instead, it could prevent the pasta from sticky and becoming messy while drying.

Is it okay to store pasta from a pasta drying rack?

Yes, once the pasta is dry, you could consider storing it in an airtight container. As far as we know, some of the recipes could stay useful for at least 6 months if stored properly. However, based on your recipe the storing process could vary, search Google with your recipe to know more about how to store the pasta.

Bottom Line

For pasta lovers, a pasta drying rack can be a fantastic product to own. But when you cannot find a rack of this sort in the local market around you, you can always come online and purchase. All the ten options of the pasta drying racks, as given above, are extremely functional. We have added racks that have high, low as well as mediocre prices. You should check them individually to make a better comparison for a better choice. We hope you get your pasta drying rack soon.

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