Over The Door Shoe Rack 2022 – Hanging Shoes Organizers Review & Buying Guide

Top 3 Picks

#1. Simple Houseware

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How many times have you thought about a shoe rack at your home? Numerous times, right? The lack of a shoe rack may hit us whenever we enter our homes. Shoe racks help us organize our footwear collection in the best possible way. Apart from that, they also let us make the most of the limited space present in our houses. Many individuals usually overlook the importance of a shoe rack. Have you ever noticed there is always a shoe rack present at the entrance of hospitals and clinics? The reason behind this is not unknown to us. As we all know, the footwears bring a lot of mud and bacteria along with them, using a shoe rack will ensure the dust and harmful disease-causing bacteria do not enter our homes. Therefore, it would be fair to say that a shoe rack allows us to maintain proper hygiene. Do you live in a city apartment with limited space? If yes, then you might be aware of the difficulties that people face while storing their footwear collection.

Best Door Shoe Rack  Hanging Organizers

The problem even gets worse if you are a shopaholic who ends up purchasing a pair of shoes every time you visit the mall. Whether you are obsessed with sandals or a sneaker-head, a shoe rack is a must. However, if that is not the case with you, you still need a good shoe rack to keep your home well organized and tidy. These days, the market is filled with a wide range of shoe racks. We are aware of the fact that selecting a single shoe rack from dozens of options is quite a tedious task. For the same reason, we have written this article for you. We have included some of the best over-the-door shoe racks that are available in the market. For ease, we have also included the pros and cons of each product. Other than that, there is a buying guide attached at the bottom of this article, which will help you select the best over-the-door shoe rack for your home. Go ahead and read the article thoroughly.

#1. Simple Houseware Over The Door Shoe Rack


Simple Houseware Crystal Clear Over the Door Hanging Shoe Organizer

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The Simple Houseware Crystal Clear over the Door Hanging Shoe Organizer has secured the top position on our list of best over the door shoe racks. It is one of the most used shoe racks in the United States of America. It is a kind of hanging shoe organizer that will keep your footwear well organized. You would love to know that this shoe rack comprises of 24 individual pockets which are sufficient enough to carry your entire shoe collection. This shoe rack is available in two different color options to choose from (that is brown and grey). You can choose whichever color you like the most. 

You can hang this shoe organizer on your closet rod or any standard door. We would also like to inform you that you do not need extra hardware for hanging the Simple Houseware shoe organizer. Apart from that, you would be happy to know that this shoe organizer cannot only be used for organizing the footwears but also for other stuff like beauty accessories, toys, cell phones, spoons, socks, and whatnot. At the cost of around $9, it is a pretty affordable option as far as the shoe organizer goes, and the ease of setup, as well as the presence of numerous pockets, justifies the price.  


  • Twenty-four individual pockets are present in the shoe organizer.
  • It can be used to store other stuff too, such as cell phones, toys, accessories, etc.   
  • The sturdiness of the product is appreciable.
  • The pricing is reasonable.


  • According to a few customers, the pockets are not deep enough, and some shoes do not fit inside the pockets.

#2. AmazonBasics 24Pocket Over The Door Shoe Rack


AmazonBasics 24-Pocket Over-the-Door Hanging Medium-Size Shoe Organizer 

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The AmazonBasics over-the-door hanging shoe organizer secured the runner-up position in our list of best over-the-door shoe racks. If you do not want to spend more than 10 dollars on a shoe rack, then do not forget to give this shoe organizer a thought. We truly believe this is one of the best shoe racks on our list. This shoe rack can store around 24 pairs of sandals without even taking up much space. It is a perfect solution to the storage issues in your cramped apartment. One of the notable things about this shoe rack is that the pockets are made up of mesh fabric. The mesh fabric allows the air to pass, and footwears can breathe; this prevents the problem of stinking. Apart from that, the shoe organizer comes along with three metal hooks, which can be used to hang the organizer over the doors. With this shoe organizer, you will not require any special assembly process. This makes the setup easy and quick. 

The AmazonBasics over-the-door hanging shoe organizer has a rating of 4.6 on Amazon with more than 4,000 ratings, which, according to us, goes a long way in convincing the readers to invest.


  • Mesh fabric prevents the problem of stinking. 
  • The presence of 3 metal hooks increases the ease of setup.
  • The shoe organizer is very easy to install.
  • Storage capacity is appreciable.


  • Many customers complained that the hooks scratches and tears-up the wooden doors. 

#3. MISSLO Over The Door Shoe Rack 24 Pockets


MISSLO Over The Door Organizer 24 Large Mesh Shoe Storage Pockets

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Next up, we have the MISSLO over-the-door shoe organizer in our list. This shoe rack has 24 large-sized storage pockets. Each one of them has a 7.8’’ height and a 5.4’’ width. And hence it can store even the large-sized shoes/sandals. The pockets are made up of breathable mesh, which reduces the chances of odor. Also, the back is made up of non-woven fabric (2 layers), which is free from AOZ. The MISSLO over-the-door shoe rack consists of four different metal hooks. You can use the hooks to hang the shoe organizer wherever you want.  Apart from that, the organizer is travel-friendly. You can fold the organizer and carry it along with yourself during the travel. The organizer is quite easy to assemble. 

You would also like to know that the MISSLO over-the-door shoe organizer is available in 3 color variants – Pink, Black, and White. This product has received a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon, with more than 5000 people reviewing it, which we think goes a long way in convincing the readers to buy the product. 


  • The storage capacity of the shoe rack is large enough.
  • The durability of the product is appreciated by many existing-customers.
  • The shoe rack possesses the utmost quality.


  • According to a few customers, the shoe rack does not allow the door to close as soon as it is installed. 

#4. Whitmor 24 Pair Over The Door Shoe Rack 

Whitmor 24 Pair Over The Door Shoe Rack 

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In the fourth position, we have the Whitmor 24 pair over-the-door shoe rack for our readers. If you have been looking forward to purchasing a high-end over-the-door shoe rack, this could be the best choice for you. Unlike the mesh fabric shoe racks, the Whitmor shoe rack has a resin construction. This shoe rack does not only solves the problem of shoe storage but also adds a touch of elegance to your beautiful door. One of the notable features of this product is that it is highly durable yet elegant at the same time. The Whitmor over-the-door shoe rack can be shipped anywhere in the United States of America as well as some other countries like India. The product does not require any extra tools for assembly. 

The overall height of the shoe rack is 48.75 inches, which makes it easily accessible to any normal-heightened individual. With a price tag of about $28, it does not come cheap, but the quality craftsmanship associated with the brand, as well as the ease of assembly, justifies the cost. 


  • It is a high-end shoe rack. 
  • The construction of the product is sturdy and appreciable.
  • The quality of the shoe rack is fine and long-lasting.
  • It can be used to store numerous shoes and other footwear.


  • According to some customers, the Whitmor shoe rack does not fit all sizes of doors.
  • The pricing of the product is expensive.

#5. KUO 10-Tier Over The Door Shoe Rack


KUO 10-Tier Over The Door Shoe Organizer Hanging Shoe Storage


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Next up, we have added the KUO 10-Tier over-the-door shoe organizer in our list. Talking about the special things about this rack, let us focus on the design. The KUO manufacturers have tried to give it a beautiful look by adding round tubes around its sides. These round tubes are resistant to water and hence rust-proof. Apart from that, the tubes are strong and attractive at the same time. These tubes enhance the overall look of the shoe rack and turn it into an eye-catching product. Apart from that, the KUO over-the-door shoe organizer also consists of a fixed iron piece that supports the rack and hold it firmly. You would also like to know that the shoe organizer has a breathable mesh construction which keeps allows the footwear to breathe. Its translucent design makes the product even more attractive. Due to which you can easily find your pair of shoes and other stuff.

We would also like to inform our readers that the KUO shoe organizer comes equipped with iron hooks that are adjustable. Which means you can adjust the rack on the basis of the door thickness. You can easily store more than 25 pairs of shoes on this shoe rack. Furthermore, the product is available in two colors – grey and black. By all means, this product is attractive yet functional. All the above features are enough to convince the reader to make the investment. 


  • The overall quality of the product is amazing.
  • The shoe rack has a durable coating, which gives it a shiny and glossy appearance.
  • The installation process is quite easy. 
  • The steel bars are non-slip that prevent the shoe rack from falling. 


  • Some customers complained that the product is flimsy. 

#6. Unjumbly Over The Door Shoe Organizer

Unjumbly Over the Door Shoe Organizer

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The Unjumbly Over-the-door shoe organizer has secured the sixth position in our list of best over-the-door shoe racks. If you want to keep your entire shoe collection in a single place, then this shoe rack is a big yes for you. It is one of those shoe racks that comprise of large-sized heavy-duty pockets. Unlike the other normal shoe racks, each pocket of this shoe rack is compatible with storing the shoes of up-to size 13. This Unjumbly over-the-door shoe organizer has double-stitched pockets. They are made up of oxford 600D fabric, which is a premium quality fabric. And that is the best thing about this shoe rack; it makes the product long-lasting.

Another good thing about this shoe organizer is the presence of versatile and strong metal hooks. These hooks can fit all types of doors. No matter where you hang this shoe organizer, the hooks will stay firm and keep the organizer in place. You can easily install this product without any difficulty.  


  • The shoe organizer is available in two colors – pink and black. 
  • The metal hooks are highly strong and versatile.
  • Twenty-four large-sized pockets are present in the shoe organizer.
  • The shoe organizer is perfect for small apartments.


  • Some customers did not receive the metal hooks (door hangers). 

#7. KIMBORA 2 Pack Over The Door Shoe Rack 


KIMBORA 2 Pack Over The Door Shoe Rack Organizer

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Next, up, we have the KIMBORA 2 pack over-the-door shoe rack organizer for our readers. If you want a sturdy construction, better design, and numerous pockets to store a considerable number of shoes or other stuff, in this case, you should not miss out on this shoe organizer. It has everything that will keep your footwear collection tidy and organized. This product comes in a pack of two. Each rack has 24 mesh pockets; this means you will get 48 pockets in a single buy, which is beyond amazing. All the pockets are big enough to store any type of footwear from boots, sandals, shoes, heels, to sneakers. Other than that, you can also store your sun-glasses, jewelry, baby toys, hair accessories, the list goes on. Moreover, the KIMBORA over-the-door shoe rack comes equipped with eight metal hooks (removable). All in all, this product is a must-buy for you if you are willing to purchase an efficient yet affordable over-the-door shoe rack.  


  • The shoe rack comes in a pack of two.
  • Each pack comprises of 24 pockets, so the buyer gets 48 pockets in one buy.
  • The eight metal hooks are removable.
  • It is a highly versatile product that can be used to store all kinds of handy stuff, including jewelry, toys, sunglasses, etc.


  • A few customers received defective products. 

#8. Type-A Over the Door Shoe Rack


Type-A Over the Door Shoe Rack

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On number eight, we have added the Type-A over-the-door shoe rack in our list of best over-the-door shoe racks. This shoe rack possesses a unique metal construction, which makes it a standout product. If you are facing difficulty in organizing your expensive footwear collection in your small house, then this shoe rack can help you out. All you need to do is purchase this Type-A over-the-door shoe rack and hang it on your door (or wherever you feel comfortable). And you will have ample space to store your favorite footwear. The brand also provides instructions to the customers for easy installation.

Those who purchased and reviewed this product appreciated the metal construction of the shoe rack, which makes the product durable. People found the metal shoe rack better than the fabric ones. They also felt that the shoe rack is quite spacious. They found that the metal shoe rack can easily be hanged off the floor. After considering all the features, this product is a must buy. This product can be shipped anywhere in the USA. Once you buy this product, you will never turn back to any other shoe rack. 


  • The sturdiness of the metal shoe rack is beyond amazing.
  • It is a very spacious product.
  • Anyone can easily install this shoe rack anywhere. 


  • The shoe rack is quite large and is not suitable to fit small-sized doors. 

#9. DSA Trade Shop Over-The-Door Shoe Rack


DSA Trade Shop Over-The-Door Shoe Rack

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The DSA Trade Shop over-the-door shoe rack has secured the ninth position on our list. This shoe rack can hold around 36 pairs of footwear. And that is the most attractive feature of this product. It has a distinctive combination of iron tubes and plastic that adds functionality and durability to the product. With this shoe rack in your home, you will save a lot of space and time. Apart from that, you would also love to know that this shoe rack comes along with scratch-free pads. Therefore, unlike other shoe racks, this product will never scratch your beautiful wooden doors. Talking about the design, it has a classy white color that looks very charming at first glance. For the same reason, most of the buyers get attracted to this DSA Trade Shope over-the-door shoe rack. This shoe rack has the capability to add style to your room. Moreover, the product is so easy to install that even your 16-year-old child can install it without any difficulty. The shoe rack does not need any additional tools to complete the process of assembly. 


  • The shoe rack can hold 36 pairs of footwear, which are appreciable.
  • The assembly is very easy and quick.
  • The brand provides step-by-step instructions for installation. 


  • A few customers did not like the quality of the product.

#10. Honey-Can-Do 18 Pair Over The Door Shoe Rack 

Honey-Can-Do 18 Pair Over The Door Shoe Rack 

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Lastly, we have the Honey-Can-Do over-the-door shoe rack for our readers. Here, you will get a strong steel frame for your footwear. You would love to know that the steel frame has a beautiful white-colored coating. Apart from that, this shoe rack is resistant to rusting and hence is safe to be hanged over any standard-sized door. It can store around 18 pairs of footwear. One of the notable features of this shoe rack is its wire shoe design that holds the shape of the footwear whilst also being flexible for different sizes and styles. You can easily attach this shoe rack anywhere you prefer. Moreover, the brand offers a replacement warranty on the manufacturing defects. 

This product has received amazing reviews from the existing customers. Some of them felt it is a value for money product. While others appreciated the construction and ease of setup, people found that the Honey-Can-do over-the-door shoe rack is a space-saving product. With a reasonable price tag, this shoe rack is a solid choice for those looking for a shoe rack option on a budget. 


  • The pricing of the product is worth its quality.
  • It has a steel frame construction that is resistant to rusting.
  • The brand offers a warranty on manufacturing defects.


  • According to a few customers, the shoe rack does not stay firmly in place.

How To Choose The Best Door Shoe Rack

The presence of a huge range of products in the market makes the selection process difficult. Just like most of the products, over-the-door shoe racks are available in various designs, colors, and materials. All of them have their specifications and pricing. If you are facing difficulties while choosing the best over-the-door shoe rack for yourself, then you should read the in-detailed buyer’s guide given below. We have mentioned some of the essential pointers that are needed to be kept in mind while making the purchase of a shoe rack. Make sure to consider all the below pointers so that you can select an efficient product to fulfill your requirements. 

Consider The Space Available At Your Home

One of the most important things to consider while purchasing any product is the space available at home. Generally, over-the-door shoe racks do not consume a lot of space. Usually, they have a compact design. But that does not mean you should not consider the available space of your home. You can also measure the space using a measuring tape. Always prefer purchasing a compact shoe rack.

Consider The Design

Considering the aesthetics of a home is as much important as considering the space. Aesthetics play a vital role in maintaining good mental health. There are immense designs available in the market. You can match your room décor and buy it accordingly.

Consider The Shoe Height

Another important thing to consider while purchasing an over-the-door shoe rack is the height of the footwear. Different types of shoes possess different heights. Checking the compatibility of the shoe with the shoe rack is an essential thing to do. Otherwise, the shoe rack will be of no use. 

Consider The Price

Another important factor to consider while buying a shoe rack is none other than the price. The market is filled with a wide range of shoe racks; each one of them has its pricing. If your budget is tight, you can look for canvas or plastic over-the-door shoe racks. Otherwise, you can opt for the high-end chrome-plated or the wooden ones. Always keep in mind, expensive products are always not the best ones. Therefore, do not always fall for high-end products.

Consider The Storage Capacity Of The Shoe Rack

Before buying the shoe rack, do not forget to count the number of shoes that you have. It would always be better to purchase the shoe rack after counting the total number of shoes. A calculative purchase goes a long way in making a better decision. 

Consider The Accessibility

A shoe rack must be placed at a highly accessible place. For example, according to us, the perfect place to keep a shoe rack is in a corner or near the entrance of the room. Accessibility is another important phenomenon to consider while purchasing the shoe rack.

Over-The-Door Shoe Rack Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that organizing shoes or footwear in an over-the-door shoe rack are different from a floor-mounted shoe rack?

I think you meant that if it is okay to organize footwear or shoes in an over-the-door shoe rack in the same way as other shoe racks? No, it is different. Most commonly, over-the-door shoe racks would be placed on a bedroom or an attached bathroom door. However, while this is how the shoe rack is designed, you should not organize a shoe or footwear on such a shoe rack without cleaning it first, if you simply leave the shoe or footwear on the shoe rack without cleaning it, the germs, bacteria, or microorganisms on the footwear or shoe would give you health issues in the future.

Over-the-door shoe racks, I am a bachelor and I am staying in a bachelors room, are they any good?

Over-the-door shoe racks are designed and marketed commonly for bachelors and customers with space limits where they live. If you have no space to place a floor-mounted shoe rack, then an over-the-door shoe rack is the best option for you. However, if you are mounting it on a door near your bed or in your bedroom, then clean the footwear or shoes before placing it in the shoe rack.

Is it okay to mount an over-the-door shoe rack on a bathroom in such a way that the footwear would be hanging inside the bathroom and not outside?

No, you should not do it. Mounting an over-the-door shoe rack on the bathroom door is alright, but it should not be facing the inside of the bathroom. It should be outside the bathroom. Remember, frequent exposure to humidity could boost the mold build-up and also destroy the footwear or shoes in the long run.

Shall I mount my over-the-door shoe rack on the cupboard door? Is it okay to do so?

Over-the-door shoe racks are designed to be mounted on any door, however, if you find space it best to mount it on the door of your cupboard then go ahead and do it. However, it should be facing the outside of the cupboard and not inside. There should be airflow to keep away pungent odour. Remember, if there is no adequate airflow then your footwear might smell bad.

Which is a better option a wall-mounted or an over-the-door shoe rack? I am planning to purchase an over-the-door shoe rack, is it better than wall mounted shoe rack?

As far as we know, both types of shoe racks are good and they have merit and demerits. However, it should be selected based on your requirement. If you do not have space to spare for mounting a wall shoe rack, then an over-the-door shoe rack is the best. On the other hand, if you could spare some space on your room wall, then a wall shoe rack is the best. Now, if you are a person who needs no disruption to your room aesthetics, a wall mount shoe rack will not be a good addition to your room.


Like any other product in the market, a shoe rack is available in a wide range of colors, materials, and designs. Hence, choosing a single efficient product becomes challenging. For the same reason, we have written this article for you. If you read the article carefully, you will be able to select a good shoe rack for yourself. An ideal shoe rack will help you organize your entire footwear collection beautifully in your cramped apartment. We suggest our readers go through the customer reviews and ratings before purchasing any product. We hope you select the best shoe rack. Happy shopping!

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