Top 5 Best Modern Luggage Racks – Review & Buying Guide

For wholesome packing and unpacking experience, you need a modern luggage rack. No matter, whether you choose metal or wooden racks, the point is that you have invested for your guest ease. This timeless piece of furniture helps your guests easily access their luggage by adding a modern rack to their room.  Choosing a modern luggage rack means there’s no longer a need for the mess, grime, and hauling over a trolley or suitcase. This will help you to create a perfect space for keeping bags, handbags, and suitcases; hence making your & guests packing and unpacking tasks easy. Keep your bags organized after you travel with the super strong and durable Modern Luggage Rack.

Best Modern Luggage Racks Reviewed 2022

Due to the high demand for racks, they come in a variety of colour options, racks with small or large heights and different dimensions according to the household space. However, you can choose any of one as per your preference and room space. An important quality of having modern luggage racks is that they serve the best of purposes at dollar prices. For many people, investing in the best luggage rack is completely useless but are you ready to risk damaging your expensive bedding? Probably not, so here’s what we suggest checking out the top five picks. All five modern luggage rack options here are made to suit your budget and expectations.

#1. Winsome Wood Scarlett Luggage Rack


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Winsome Wood Scarlett luggage Rack secured the first position on this list due to its heavy built quality. The luggage rack is ideal for keeping heavy and light suitcases. However, solid or composite wood is used to produce this luggage rack. It has thick canvas straps and sturdy legs, making it supportive and stable. Its curved four legs and wooden finish make it a worthy addition to anyone’s bedroom, living room or guest room.  It is one of the attractive luggage racks that any homeowner looking for. It makes your guest packing and unpacking tasks easier. Welcome your home guests and give them ease of holding their bags on the rack instead of bending over it. 

Wooden rack clear may not exactly match the product colour but the wooden finish is perfectly suited to any room décor. Whether you have minimal space or large space in the room, you can securely leave it in the corner of the room. It is lightweight, durable & user-friendly at the same time. The dimension of the rack is 18.7″D x 26.5″W x 20″H, best for both small and large room space. The measures will be different when unfolded. The rectangular shape rack with nylon strap is already assembled, so don’t need to put effort into assembling.


  • It is a mix of durability, sturdiness and movability.
  • Come to the reviews & ratings, it got maximum star ratings and customer reviews. 
  • The luggage rack has a foldable feature, making it convenient for compact storage and saving space. 


  • It is only perfect for large suitcases not for tiny handbags.

#2. Lipper International Folding Luggage Rack


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On this list, another popular and ideal option is the Lipper International Folding Luggage rack. It is a two-in-one luggage rack, serves multiple purposes. It is used to hold heavy suitcases, small backpacks, or other essential items. If you’re looking for the right height luggage rack, this is going to be the right option. From now say well bye-bye to pack or unpack over bending to the luggage after having this rack.  It provides additional space in the bedroom, closet, living room and guest room. It has an upper shelf that serves as a convenient shoe rack, handbag rack. However, it doesn’t require a set of screws for assembling. The bottom shelf of the rack offers enough space for your large suitcases. Due to its beauty and functionality, the rack is popular among users. Each rack from Lipper is crafted from the finest quality material which is pine wood.

The combination of white colour and black strips make this rack elegant and stylish. Every room interior can easily match this combination. The dimension of the product is 13.75″D x 22.9″W x 27.5″H; this lightweight and portable rack can be folded up after every use. At the same time, it is an affordable product that doesn’t require extra care & maintenance. If you’re considering a luggage rack, you can pick this modern rack for your home space.


  • Brazilian wood is used to craft this beautiful white rack.
  • The lightweight model in the rack is budget-friendly.
  • No assembly is required.


  • The rack is a little flimsy.

#3. Winsome Dora Storage

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The unique piece on this list is Winsome Dora Storage that comes with a removable fabric basket. It is an ideal option for guests to unpack and store clothes in the fabric basket. The basket is made of premium polyester installed bottom of the rack. It is a great way to keep all laundry clothes, and it makes your guest clothing separation task easier. This foldable, lightweight and compact rack is constructed of solid and composite wood, making it durable and portable. The basket size is 22.83-Inch W x 12.99-Inch D x 13.78-Inch H and the overall rack size is 26.52″W x 18.66″D x 20″H. The wood with espresso finish makes the rack elegant and stylish, perfect for modern & traditional interiors. 

China-based winsome rack is best suited for the guest room, bedroom, and living room. The thing you’ll like the most about this rack is the wooden finish that makes it perfect. The upper space is enough for a large suitcase as well small handbags & small suitcase. Even, the basket has in it is used for anything. If you’re considering a luggage rack, get this one for your guest room. When not in use or want to clean it thoroughly, remove the basket. Swipe off with a clean and damp cloth. Fold and securely placed in the corner of the room or under the bedroom when not in use. The rack is slightly better than other options in terms of quality, finish and looks. 


  • It is a nice-looking and sturdy wooden rack.
  • It is an affordable rack with better durability.


  • You may feel an unpleasant smell from this wooden type.

#4. Gate House Luggage Rack


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USA- based GateHouse luggage rack is popular for its built quality, making it the first preference of users. It has been producing and manufacturing a wide range of pieces of furniture for home and hotel rooms. The rack supports up to 200 pounds, making it suitable for moving from one place to another. The luggage rack with contoured legs has a white wood finish and three heavyweight white Nylon Straps. These straps ensure that your bags will be stable on the bottom space. It prevents repetitive bending over the bags.  This hotel quality, modern, and styling with signature construction complement your room décor. GateHouse Luggage rack can be used in a vacation home, guest room, bedroom, or living room. The dimension of a rack is 23 by 13 by 20-Inch, making it lightweight, durable and portable at the same time. If you’re looking for a high-quality luggage rack, you can consider a rack from GateHouse.

You can paint its strap to match with your sofa fabric or bedroom’s wall colour. It is neither stable nor so flimsy, but the best example of sturdiness. Once you hold the luggage in its top space, it will be finely stable; once folded, it is ready for storage. The only drawback is its size which is smaller as compared to others. It is suitable for smaller suitcases, and a good value for the price. There is no assembly required for this rack.


  • It is an ideal option for your guest and vacation rooms.
  • It is equipped with three heavy-duty nylon straps for better stability.
  • The rack can hold up to maximum weight.


  • The rack is a bit overpriced.

#5. Wholesale Metal Luggage Rack


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Wholesale Metal is a leading brand in this industry. Instead of wooden racks, there is a metal luggage rack on this list offered by the Wholesale brand. The brand is offering a wide range of premium-quality furniture for hotels and homes. This metal luggage rack is perfect for residential, condominiums, or hotel uses. It has a durable powder coat finish that can complement any home décor. It measures 25″W x 20.5″H x 16.5″ D, features black straps to hold large and small suitcases without any slipping off. The rack dimension is easy for quick and easy storage due to the folding feature. When not in use, fold it for storing. The metal rack is comparatively durable than the wooden rack. It is a little heavier but can use in long term. On the other hand, wooden racks can get dull or damaged when getting into touch with water but there is no issue with this metal luggage rack.

The very affordable rack option is offered by a very popular and trustworthy brand Wholesale. Numbers of customers are connected to the brand due to the best customer services and top-notch quality products. They even got maximum positive reviews and star ratings through their users worldwide. Elastic straps and metal combination is a good example of the perfect rack for regular use. Furthermore, you can contact the customer service centre if any manufacturing defect is found. 


  • The high-quality premium metal is used to construct this rack.
  • The rack can be used for a long period, as metal is sturdy.
  • It is a wallet-friendly product.


  • As compared to the wooden rack, it has slightly heavier.

What Things Should Be Considered When Buying a Modern Luggage Rack?

Earlier, we have mentioned that a modern luggage rack will ensure a tidy & organized space. This small piece of furniture requires minimal space in a guest room, bedroom, living room or leisure room. Though, you will have a lot of options in the market which makes your selection task easy. But, sometimes this method of selection can confuse you.  There are several considerations like size, colour, height, dimension, weight and budget that should keep in mind while looking for the right modern luggage rack. For easier selection, ensure the width & length of your guest room. Although, depending on your need & frequent use, you can choose one or more than one rack for your home space. Knowing essential aspects of the luggage rack will help to make the right decision. Let us talk about them:

Rack for Guest Room or Bedroom?

Whether you choose a rack for guest use or personal use, make sure it will be suitable for both, large suitcases or small suitcases. Some people pick expensive racks to impress their guests but they forget to ensure about its quality. It is highly recommended instead of price value, take a quality check then keep it in your guest room or bedroom. 

Check the Sturdy Construction 

Another important consideration to keep in mind is the construction of the rack. The rack should be sturdy, lightweight and durable that you are going to choose. Most modern racks are constructed of sturdy metal and premium wood, as they are long-lasting. A rack with nylon straps is also a perfect option for guests. It will allow your guests without bedding to complete their storing, packing and unpacking. So, it is an essential part of a rack that should be equipped well. Rack purpose is incomplete without nylon straps; so it is good to go with something that can uplift the weight of heavier bags. Some manufacturer produces modern racks without straps, using nylon or fabric sheet. They might be flimsy or less strong. These models are only ideal for placing small items like handbags, small trollies or other small items.


Using a heavier rack doesn’t make sense, as they are less convenient. Luggage racks made of wood or plastic are foldable and can be easily carried away from one place to another. On the other hand, metal racks are extremely heavier and can’t be moved to another location since they require extra effort. Once it is folded, it can’t be easy even sliding or pulling off. Some foldable designs are not foldable but the light at the same time. Such models offer high portability or movability. 

Other Features

There are two types of racks, single or double. The single luggage rack is only ideal for keeping luggage while the double luggage rack serves as a luggage rack or a shoe rack. A luggage rack with wider space enables put all essentials, including hand towels, shoes, clothing, etc. These are such items that would be properly placed on the nylon straps. For more tiny items, you can even use bottom space. Some luggage rack options come with a fabric bag. That will be an excellent storage option for extra items that cannot be put on the nylon strap. 

Reviews & Ratings

Reviews and rating is the best way to ensure the quality and durability of the luggage rack. Various customers have been shared their product experience by giving star ratings and reviews on online shopping websites like amazon. Before you go to choose a rack that is your favourite option, it is going to check the actual ratings and previous reviews. 

Care & Maintenance

Some modern luggage racks like wooden require proper care & maintenance because such racks can rust on coming in contact with water, which can reduce its life span. But there is no better option than metal racks since they are highly durable. On the other hand, wooden racks can last up to four to five years if maintained well. Moreover, it upon on you whether you choose a metal or wooden luggage rack. Nowadays, luggage racks are designed with high-quality along with a 1-year warranty. If you’ll find a manufacturing defect in it, you can immediately contact your customer support centre.

Know Your Budget

Among all, this is one of the most important aspects which offer you ease in buying. But that doesn’t make sense you can buy a cheap quality product. In our opinion, you should consider a product that is a great value for money and quality as well. Hence, the rack will be neither expensive nor so cheaper. 

Colour Option

Racks often come in white colour or black options, but some brands are offering a brown finish with a bit of contrast. In our opinion, it is good with a rack that complements the room interior.

Final Words

Your guests sometimes make you irritable if they damage your bed, wooden floor, sheets with suitcase wheels. When you come from outside, along with the bags comes the cleanliness and the mess. There is only one solution in such a case, a modern luggage rack. It allows your guest to keep their luggage, bags, or trollies organized, maintain the cleanliness around them, and prevent scratching & damage. So, what are you waiting for? Bring one for your bedroom and one for your guest room.

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