5 Best Luggage Rack for Guest Bedrooms 2022

Guest is god and comes with good luck!

Well, that’s what we believe here in my country. We always have space in the home for guests.  Believe me, Homes having more rooms are well equipped to welcome guests but those having a small apartment or living in flats face space crises in this situation. Arranging bed and cupboard are all set but luggage sometimes creates a mess around the bedroom. I have attempted here to help you manage your guest’s luggage, their shoes and suitcase with a modern luggage rack, designed for a guest room or bedroom with folding features which can be adjusted in the room and gives some extra space to accommodate your or guest luggage in a smart way. 

Below I have reviewed 5 luggage racks for the bedroom, out of which I already ordered 2 and used them by myself to make the review legit. 

[Review] 5 Best Selling Bedroom Luggage Rack

The bedroom luggage racks come in various sizes and designs. They are also available in multiple shapes and sizes and materials. You can select a suitable one for your purpose. Folding luggage rack with shelf for shoes or suitcase are the basic requirements you should see while purchasing. 

#1. LucaSng Luggage Rack For Bedroom with Shoe and Suitcase Self

LucaSng Luggage Rack For Bedroom with Shoe and Suitcase Self

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It is a sturdy wooden luggage rack made of high-quality materials. It comes with a heavyweight capacity. You can also place heavy-weight suitcases on the rack. The rack also comes with six fixed nylon straps. This will prevent shaking to a great extent. The rack comes with two layers of shelves. You can use it for multi-purpose uses. In most cases, people use it for keeping shoes and other things.  You can fold it when not required. This will help in storing the space. You can also use it for packing and unpacking the luggage. It will help in keeping the products. It is convenient for your bedroom. You can keep it in one corner of the bedroom. Most flight crews also prefer to use these luggage racks.


  • Made of high-quality woods.
  • Can withstand the heavyweight of the suitcase.
  • Comes with six nylon straps.
  • Have two shelves which you can use for keeping shoes.
  • Ideal for flight crews.


  • It would have been better if the design of the rack was made a little better and attractive.

#2. Unbrands Folding Luggage Rack For Bedroom With Shelf

Unbrands Luggage Rack For Bedroom With Shelf

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If you want to buy a luggage rack made of bamboo material, you can go with this one. It is the best one on the list. The foldable nature of the luggage rack will stop you from keeping the luggage on the bed or the floor. It will also prevent you from bending or sitting while packing or unpacking the luggage. It is much compact, and you can place it in any corner of the room. The attractive look of the luggage rack is another exciting part of the product. It has two layers that you can use for keeping shoes or other items apart from luggage. It also comes with a good weight capacity. You can even place the heaviest suitcase on the luggage rack. It has a good demand among the buyers.


  • Made of bamboo material.
  • Easy folding features.
  • Ideal for packing and unpacking the luggage.
  • Protect yourself from sitting or bending while handling the suitcase.


  • It would have been better if the luggage rack had an easy installation process.

#3. Goflame Compact & Folding Luggage Rack For Bedroom

Goflame Folding Luggage Rack For Bedroom

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Are you worried about where to keep the luggage after returning from office trips? No need to worry anymore. It will help if you buy a luggage rack. It is a valuable tool for keeping luggage organized. You can fold it when not required. This will save your space in the room. It is a multi-purpose luggage rack that you can use for multipurpose uses. You must have seen that most hotels and other places prefer to keep it. You can also use it for drying the towels on the shelves. The luggage rack is sturdy, and you can lift it to any place. The simple design of the luggage rack has drawn the attention of buyers because of its simplicity. It will also help in adding a modern feeling to your bedroom or other rooms. It takes less time to assemble the whole rack.


  • It can be used for multi-purpose uses.
  • Ideal to be used in the hotels.’
  • The rack is sturdy and durable.
  • Comes with a simple and modern design and is ideal for modern houses.


  • It would have been better if the luggage rack had good weight capacity.

#4. WELLFOR Folding Luggage Rack With Suitcase Shelves

WELLFOR Luggage Rack With Shelves

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The company manufactures the luggage rack with high-quality iron materials. This makes the product much hardy for the users. It comes with four heavy-duty straps on both shelves. This will help in firmly holding the luggage on the rack. The straps will also prevent the luggage racks from shaking. It is divided into two shelves. You can use the second shelf for storing shoes and other items. The simple yet modern design of the luggage rack will allow you to place it in the bedroom or your living space. With its accessible folding features, you can fold and wrap the luggage rack when not required. The space-saving design is another unique feature of this luggage rack. You can place it under the sofa when not in use.  The company focuses on the quality of the product. It has designed the rack after proper analysis and research work.


  • Made of high-quality iron material.
  • Comes with four heavy-duty iron straps. 
  • Ideal for using the second shelf for keeping the shoes and other items.
  • Comes with easy folding features.


  • It would have been better if the company reduced the price of the product for the convenience of the buyers.

#5. MISC White Hotel Luggage Rack

MISC White Hotel Luggage Rack

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The white luggage rack has some unique attractions for buyers. I bought this 4 months back and using it for my guest bedroom. Most people love to use and keep it in their room. The lower shelf of the stand will allow you to keep the shoes and other essential products. It also has a solid wooden construction. The best thing about this product is it does not require any assembling process. You need just to buy and place it in your room. The elevated height of the luggage rack will help you in easy packing. The sturdy construction of the luggage rack will allow you to use the product for an extended period. You will feel satisfied while using the product.


  • Comes in a white and decent look.
  • Ideal for storing shoes and other essentials.
  • Does not require any assembling process.
  • Comes with an elevated height for easy packing and unpacking process.


  • It would have been helpful for the buyers if the company had provided a good warranty period for the product.

 Buying Guide For Luggage Rack For Bedroom

In this part, you will come across some of the primary buying guides for buying a luggage rack for a bedroom. If you are in a chance to buy a luggage rack, you must check some essential points. The merely purchase of a luggage rack is not enough, but it needs to serve your purpose. It is the primary thing. You must read the buying guides while attempting to buy a luggage rack. Let us now proceed to the primary part of our subject.

Where do you put your luggage in the bedroom?

The best place to put your luggage in the bedroom is near the door or close to the bed. Here the use case is the frequency of need for your bags. In an ideal situation, you should put the luggage on the luggage rack near your bed right or left side or near the bathroom so you have easy access to your things. why I empathize with the luggage rack is because it has a handy height that will help you to avoid unnecessary bending and the suitcase self will have almost all your luggage on one rack. 

Standers Size of Bedroom Luggage Racks

Well, after reviewing the 5 racks above and using one for myself, I can say the standard size of a bedroom luggage rack is 31″ x 22″x 83″. Though you should pay great attention to size if you have a small room and are looking for a folding luggage rack. 

What are the Uses of Luggage Rack? 

As the name suggests, the luggage racks are mostly used to arrange luggage in the bedroom or guest room. But as I have noticed, people are using the luggage rack for the below use case.

  1. Elevating your suitcase off the floor
  2. Arranging Shoes on self to avoid dust spreading access bedroom 
  3. Putting Ironed Cloth

Features Should have in Luggage Rack for Bedroom

  • Should have strong upper self 
  • Should be folding
  • Follow standard size
  • Should have lover self for shoes

What Should be the Weight Capacity of Bedroom Luggage rack

The ideal weight capacity of the Upper self of the rack should be around 7o to 100 pounds. 


At present most of us have space issues. It is a challenging job to accommodate a product if you have a small area. This is why you need to have a good idea about the whole space of the room in which you are planning to place the luggage rack. However, most luggage racks are foldable. You can fold it when not required. But a brief idea about the space is essential. This will help in making a good buy of the product. Space problem is a major one in modern time. So, correct knowledge of space is essential. 


You must also check the material of the luggage rack. You will get various of quality luggage racks. Some are made of wooden materials, while others are made of iron or other ones. Thus, it is essential to check the material of the rack. In many cases, it is found that the wooden and iron racks can give you service for an extended period. The wooden luggage racks are rust- proof. They require less maintenance. Apart from this, they will provide a vintage look to your room. It will help if you tried the wooden luggage racks. Sometimes, you can also get luggage racks made of plastic materials. They may not be durable.

 The number of shelves

Most luggage racks come with two shelves. This is convenient for the users as they can store or keep shoes and other essential products. In some cases, you may get racks with one shelf. It is better to avoid those. They are of no use because you can keep only luggage and nothing more than that. So, you must check the number of shelves with their quality. It should be sturdy and have the ability to withstand good weight capacity. In many cases, you can also get racks with three shelves. It will provide much convenience to the users to use it.

Assembling process

Many times, you may get confused about the assembling process of the luggage racks. It becomes a tough job. This is why it is suggested to go with the one that comes with an easy assembling process. This will consume less time and effort. You may get a manual that can help you in this process. You should proceed with the one that you can easily install.

Check the base

It is also essential to check the base of the luggage rack. It should be strong, so it can withstand the weight of the luggage. You must have seen that many luggage racks come with straight legs. This is not suitable for the product. They may not have the capacity to withstand the heavy weight of the luggage. It is best if you buy the one that has tilted legs. It will support the bags, and there will be less chance of slipping. But if you do not get the one with tipped legs, you must check that the legs have protective coverings. It must be present at the end of each rack.


The design of the luggage rack matters to a great extent. Most people prefer to buy a stylish product or has a trendy look. It will contribute to enhancing the beauty of the space. Keeping this in mind, most companies are manufacturing luggage racks with stunning designs. In addition to this, you will get other advantages of using the luggage racks. You can get a wide variety of luggage racks that comes with unique designs. It will touch your eyes. You will try to place it in your room. 

Load ability

You must also check the load capacity of the luggage rack. It is another point to remember while buying the product. it would help if you kept in mind that a luggage rack is meant to hold the heavy luggage. This is why it should have a good load capacity. You must enquire about the load capacity from various sources as much as possible. You can also check the manual that will provide accurate information. It must be sturdy and robust. A load capacity of 75 lbs is enough for the luggage rack. It would help if did not buy a luggage rack below this weight capacity. The load capacity must match your need or requirement. 


It is okay if you check the price of the product from various places. In modern times it is suitable to get the work done. You can rely upon various sites that deal with the price issues of the product. They can furnish you with the correct price of the product. You must be cautious while checking the costs of the product. Many fake sites are available that will give the wrong price of the product. This will make you confused, and you may not make the right decision. The price may vary from site to site. 


It is essential to check the reviews before buying any product. You must include it within your buying guide. The reviews can help you get correct information about the product. The reviews are derived from the customers who have already used it. Thus they will furnish with the correct reviews and information. It will be great to go through the reviews. It is always advised to the users to provide the right news about the product. It will help other buyers to get a good one.

Warranty time

You must have heard about the warranty period. It is applicable for all products. However, each item has a specific warranty period. It varies from product to product. It is found that a minimum warranty period must be given to all the products. It may extend as per the instructions of the company. It is wrong to buy a product without any warranty period. You will make a significant mistake by purchasing a product without any warranty period. Any issues within the warranty period will allow you to exchange the product. The company is compelled to change it immediately. 

Bottom Line:

 The luggage rack has now turned to be an essential tool for every house and commercial place. You might have also observed that many big hotels have luggage racks for the convenience of the buyers. If you have prior knowledge about the luggage rack and its selection tips, you can get the best one. You can also impress your guests by keeping this rack in one corner of the guest room. You never know that this small piece of furniture can add an antique look to your beautiful room. It can make your room look much better and decent.

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