Jeep Roof Rack 2022 – Top 10 Best Picks By Expert & Buying Guide

When we think of going on a trip or planning a few camping nights with the family, we often face the difficulty of storage space in the jeep. As everyone likes to be ready for an apocalypse these days, they pack many things and do not wish to let go of any stuff. But the problem arises when you try to fit everything in the jeep. People often fail to do so and find it extremely hard to plan their next move. However, this problem should not bother you at all. We are saying this because there is a simple solution to the storage space problem commonly known as a Jeep Roof Rack. As its name suggests, this rack is supposed to be fixed on the roof of the jeep. There it acts like a storage basket where you can place your suitcases and camping supplies very quickly. On the sides of the rack, there are railings.

Best Buy Jeep Roof Rack Reviewed 2021

These railings secure and stabilize the luggage in place and prevent them from falling from the jeep when the vehicle experiences jerks. You can search the whole web for these types of Jeep Roof Racks. You can also have a run to the local market to look for them. However, we can safely say that the quality will not be up to the mark. Therefore, today, Rackpick brings you the best Jeep Roof Racks that are used and rated well by many people all across the United States. Almost all these racks are also tested for their quality, which will never disappoint you. No matter which Jeep Roof Rack you choose, you will never regret it. We have ten such racks for you this time. Read the description of each product thoroughly. If you have any problems with your choice, you can also read the buying that we have attached below. Let us begin the discussion now –

 #1. Mockins Jeep Roof Rack


Mockins Jeep Roof Rack


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This fantastic Jeep Roof Rack by Mockins is 39 inches wide, 64 inches long, and six inches tall. From that, you can already imagine the types of jeeps that you can fix it on. Its side rails are reliable, and the rack has an overall black design. With the tallness of six inches, it makes sure that whatever you put in it, does not fall. Thus, it acts as more of a basket for all your belongings. The best thing about this Jeep Roof Rack is that its height can be reduced to 43 inches if that will suit your requirements better.  It is coated with a rust-free material and is manufactured using heavy-duty steel as the base material. Additionally, this Jeep Roof Rack is weatherproof, which means that it can withstand heated sunlight and rain. There are 12 adjustable hooks in this product. You can use them all to fix the rack well in place so that it does not shake or slip while you are driving your jeep. You will also get a cargo net and ratchet straps in this set. With these accessories’ help, you can create extra space in the Jeep Roof Rack very easily.


  • The steel used in making the rack is heavy-duty and covered with a rust-free material.
  • The height of the Jeep Roof Rack can be adjusted according to your needs. 
  • For extra space in the rack, you can use the cargo net and ratchet straps that come in the set.


  • We did not come along any cons of this Jeep Roof Rack.

#2. Reese 1391300 Jeep Roof Rack


Reese 1391300 Jeep Roof Rack


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The weight loading capacity in this Jeep Roof Rack by Reese is equivalent to 125 pounds. Hence if you often go on short trips and safaris, you will not have to worry about your luggage. Besides baggage, you can also load the equipment and gear that you may require in your ride. The dimensions of this Jeep Roof Rack are 44 X 4.25 X 35 inches, and it is undoubtedly made to last long with you. It will accompany you in all rides and keep your belongings safe and stable on the jeep roof. What more can one want from a Jeep Roof Rack? It has a sleek structure that is aerodynamic at the same time. This means that the rack cuts through the air very well and inhibits wind resistance for better movement of the vehicle. Besides jeeps, you can also install it on the roofs of cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, etc. however, for larger vehicles, you will have to buy some U-bolts for a reliable and better hold. It is coated with black powder coating, which can withstand all kinds of harsh situations thrown on it. Hence, do not ever worry that the surface will get destroyed or chip off.


  • The fit of this Jeep Roof Rack is impressive, and once it is fixed, it does not create any creaky noise.
  • It can be installed on other vehicles apart from the jeep as well.
  • The coating on the material of the Jeep Roof Rack resists scratches as well as rust.


  • We do not have any cons of this superb Jeep Roof Rack by Reese.


#3. EAG 2/4 Jeep Roof Rack


EAG 2/4 Jeep Roof Rack


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When Jeep Roof Racks come with a cargo net and wind deflector, the deal becomes much better. That is what you will get if you buy this Jeep Roof Rack by EAG. How amazing is that? The design of this rack is very simple. There are no unwanted pieces added by the manufactures. Instead, they have incorporated straight rods to create the base and the side rails. You will receive window hinge brackets, necessary hardware, clamps, and the rear and front rack pieces in the product’s package. Do not worry about the installation, as it is elementary to achieve. Even if you have no experience with Jeep Roof Racks, you will still be able to fit it in just about an hour on your jeep. This rack is strong enough to carry a maximum weight of 300 pounds. When the rack is empty, the air deflector that comes in the package will minimize the continuous wind noises. It also helps in the improvement of aerodynamics. In the long run, this will help your jeep run unstoppably on the roads and save some money on fuel.


  • The wind deflector that comes in the set is very useful when the Jeep Roof Rack is empty. 
  • The fixtures of the product are powerful and help the rack to carry up to 300 pounds of weight.
  • The whole installation process of the Jeep Roof Rack is straightforward.


  • There are no cons of this Jeep Roof Rack by EAG.

#4. Leader Accessories Jeep Roof Rack


Leader Accessories Jeep Roof Rack


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If you are searching for a Jeep Roof Rack with the most secure and robust railings on the side, you must choose this fabulous Jeep Roof Rack by Leader Accessories. Like many other Jeep Roof Rack, this product has an overall black design, and it can be installed on many different types of jeeps with varying sizes of roof. Its side railings are so secure that they will never let your stuff fall even when you drive at high speed when you hit the roads. For people who do not like to move at a slow pace, this Jeep Roof Rack will work very well. Many people also install it on their SUVs, and it works just fine there as well. Its dimensions are rated at 64 X 39 X 6 inches, and it can hold 150 pounds of weight with the utmost ease. There are four U-bolts in this rack, which are universal and well-fitting. All the bars used in making the rack have a proper diameter so that they never bend or develop any sorts of dents. You will like this Jeep Roof Rack more than any other roof rack that you ever purchased. So, we urge you to give it a try as you will not regret it at all.


  • The thickness of the bars in this Jeep Roof Rack is just perfect. 
  • The bar distance is also suitable so that no luggage ever slips or falls. 
  • The weight capacity is enough for short trips to the safari or the beach.


  • The design of the wind fairing that comes with the Jeep Roof Rack can be improved.

#5. Thule Force XT Jeep Roof Rack


Thule Force XT Jeep Roof Rack


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With the advent of modern designing techniques, the design of Jeep Roof Racks has also evolved. And that is what you will see when you first see the images of this fantastic Jeep Roof Rack by Thule. It has everything attractive and will surely set your jeep apart from everyone else on the roads. It opens like a suitcase and then closes well, securing your luggage and other stuff from the weather. Therefore, if you are a resident of an area that encounters massive weather changes and often gets rainfall, you will love this Jeep Roof Rack than anything else. The space of the Jeep Roof Rack is enough to keep all the belongings of a small family. However, if you wish to have a larger size, then you can choose that too. Since it opens from both sides, it will be easier to open from whichever side of the car you hop on to. Its mounting is so easy and quick. You won’t have to spend hours fixing it on your jeep like other Jeep Roof Racks. It also has the LockKnob System, which prevents all kinds of damages that one may experience if he/she owns a Jeep Roof Rack.


  • The design of this Jeep Roof Rack is exceptionally modern and stylish.
  • This Jeep Roof Rack offers whether protection to your luggage. 
  • It opens from both sides and is very easy to access.
  • You can choose the size of the rack as per the space requirements by your luggage.


  • Opening and closing the Jeep Roof Rack may feel like a bit of a hassle to some people.

#6. ARKSEN Wide Jeep Roof Rack


ARKSEN Wide Jeep Roof Rack


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This Jeep Roof Rack has a full-size capacity and can hold up to 150 pounds of luggage and equipment weight quickly. You can fix it on SUVs, jeeps, and other big cars as well. All of its bars on the base are set and spaced very well. The railing on the side is also heightened. Its dimensions are 30 X 50 X 6 inches, so you can fit the luggage and belongings of two to three people on it very easily. It will help you increase the room in your car. Additionally, the material used in the rack is galvanized. Hence, there are no chances of development of rust on it. It has a coating that also protects it from harsh weather and maintains its sturdiness. Whether your trip is long or short, you will love using this fabulous Jeep Roof Rack. If you want, you can let it be in your car so that you don’t have to fix it again and again. You can load many camping supplies on it, such as fishing gear, firewood, tent, etc. however, you are not supposed to carry stuff wider than the Jeep Roof Rack. This is mentioned so that all the chances of the railing getting bend or damaged can be avoided.


  • This Jeep Roof Rack has a very cost-effective rate.
  • Its railings are safe, secure, and heightened to 6 inches.
  • Its tubular steel construction will impress you a lot.


  • If you load wider objects on the Jeep Roof Rack, its railings will get weaker over time.

#7. FleryRed Jeep Roof Rack


FleryRed Jeep Roof Rack


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On number seven, the FleryRed Jeep Roof Rack secured the place. Many Jeep Roof Racks do not come with a warranty. However, that is not the case with this amazing rack by Fleryred. It comes with a warranty of 1 year, which is very easy to claim. You can haul all kinds of luggage on it without worrying about its structure getting bent. Other than jeeps, it can also be installed on a car and SUV. Therefore if you have those types of vehicles, you can go for this Jeep Roof Rack. Its basic design has no unwanted bits and pieces. You will also love how easy it is to fit this Jeep Roof Rack on the vehicle’s roof. If you do not have any experience with Jeep Roof Racks, you should start with this rack and then move to the advanced versions. Its railings are five inches high to help you keep your belongings stable while the vehicle is moving. The whole product has heavy-duty strength, and it will last any year with you. If you wish, you can also use it in extreme weather conditions, and the rack will still not have any adverse effects on it.


  • The dimensions of this Jeep Roof Rack are perfect for the luggage of a small family.
  • Almost all types of luggage can be hauled on this rack. 
  • Its railings are very strong and sturdy.


  • The space between the rods must be decreased a little bit.

#8. YAKIMA Jeep Roof Rack


YAKIMA Jeep Roof Rack


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Many campers go with this medium-sized Jeep Roof Rack by YAKIMA. It acts as a cargo basket for all your stuff and has a very clean finish that is a treat to the eyes. Its coating will never fade or chip away, and that is a huge plus point for people who want to use it for years. With its adjustable design, you will be able to accommodate small and large-sized luggage bags. People also like placing their suitcases on this superb Jeep Roof Rack. For a reduction in drag and noise, the rack is equipped with a fairing. It also reduces wind resistance at the same time and helps your jeep in moving smoothly. This fairing is removable, so if you do not want to use it, you can keep that out of the rack securely. Even if you use this steel Jeep Roof Rack ruggedly, it will still not give up. Many people in America vouch for the quality of this roof rack. Therefore before judging its durability and life, give it a fair try. This way, you will be able to decide things for yourself.  


  • You will get an extension with this Jeep Roof Rack, which will provide you with 40% additional space.
  • If you do not want the rack’s medium size, you can also opt for the large size.
  • It only weighs 40 pounds, and its dimensions are perfect.


  • There are not many attachment points in this Jeep Roof Rack, making it less stable than other racks.

#9. Stark USA Jeep Roof Rack


Stark USA Jeep Roof Rack


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Stark USA is known for years for making only the best Jeep Roof Rack. Today, we are here with their 64-inch cargo rack that you can fix on jeeps and SUVs. Even if its price may feel high to some people, we will say it is okay because this rack’s life is very long. No matter what gets thrown on it, its rods will remain intact and in shape. You can put cargo bags, suitcases, and other small bags easily on it. It has room for everything. There are also many points on the rods for a tie-down. This way, all of your bags and other belongings will remain in place throughout the ride. And don’t worry about the thickness of the rods. They are thick enough to withstand the enormous weight and still never develop any dent on their design and fixture points. For enhancing the corrosion resistance of the rack, the rods are coated with powder paint. This paint never chips off and still offers the most advanced coating protection to the rack. Buy this superb Jeep Roof Rack now!


  • The weight capacity of this Jeep Roof Rack by Stark USA is rated at 150 pounds. 
  • The company is known throughout America to only offer the best quality Jeep Roof Racks. 
  • The assembly and installation of this roof rack are very easy to understand.


  • This rack will not fit convertibles, so make sure you only buy it for SUVs or jeeps.

#10. Tyger Auto Jeep Roof Rack


Tyger Auto Jeep Roof Rack


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When we say that this is the sturdiest and the strongest Jeep Roof Rack we have ever come across, we mean it. From its rod strength to its attachments, everything is top quality and robust. This super-duty roof rack by Tyger Auto is going to leave no stones unturned to impress you. It remains in huge demand throughout the year in the USA. So, grab this Jeep Roof Rack as soon as possible; otherwise, someone else will take it. It has a rectangular design, and its dimensions are – 52 X 41 X 8.3 inches.  If you have noticed the dimensions of other Jeep Roof Racks mentioned above, you would have noticed that the railing height of this Jeep Roof Rack is quite high. This is why it is known to be the most secure Jeep Roof Rack in the country. Even after its installation, it will never scratch your car’s roof’s paint and take its beauty away. The powder used in coating the product’s rods is highly glossy and dark black. The manufacturers have also put on a unique coat on these rods known as the E-coat, which helps them have a better life.


  • The aerodynamics quotient of the car is never altered when you use this Jeep Roof Rack. 
  • It looks great as it has a super quality powder coating on it. 
  • The ends of the rods are pegged for added stability and strength,


  • There are not many customer reviews and testimonials of this Jeep Roof Rack on the internet.

How To Choose The Best Jeep Roof Rack

Know the Dimensions

The rack’s dimensions will let you know the number of bags or luggage that you can fit in it. If its dimensions are lesser than 30 X 50, you will probably be able to fit the extra baggage to two to three people. However, if it’s lesser than that, you should only choose it if the product’s requirement is for one or two extra people. The size of the Jeep Roof Rack can be easily checked with the dimensions that are often mentioned in its details and specifications.

Know the Railing Height

The railing Height of a Jeep Roof Rack is a very important factor. If this height is less, your belongings are likely to fall if your jeep experiences a jerk on the road. Nobody wants that. Hence, choose a Jeep Roof Rack with the railing height sufficient to keep your luggage in place. This detail can also be easily known from the description of the rack. Make sure you do not miss it. We have seen many people regret their shopping decision just because they missed checking out this aspect of the Jeep Roof Rack.

Know the Material

Please make sure that you only pick Jeep Roof Racks that are made from weatherproof material. Such materials can withstand heat as well as cold. They also perform well and do not get destroyed when the sun is out or when it is raining heavily. If the material of the rack is galvanized, then that is even better. Also, try going with Jeep Roof Racks, which have their rods made from steel. Steel is a very strong material and can hence hold a lot of weight on it very easily without distortion in its shape and structure.

Know the Weight Limit

Like any other carriage, Jeep Roof Racks also have a certain amount of weight that they can hold. If you exceed that limit, the rack will be prone to breakage and dilapidation. To avoid such things, do not forget to check the weight capacity of the product. Generally, we have noticed that Jeep Roof Rack often has a maximum capacity of 150 pounds. However, you will also come along with many heavy-duty Jeep Roof Racks that can easily withstand much more weight than the average amount.

Know the Cost and Extra Features

Always stick to buying that one Jeep Roof Rack that fits perfectly in your budget. Many Jeep Roof Rack these days are priced too high for no reason. Identify such racks well and choose only the one that you find to have a reasonable rate. We would also mention here that with design advancements, manufacturers of these racks have started adding many unique features. If you find such features amazing and well-serving, you can watch out for them too while you are on your quest.

Jeep Roof Rack Frequently Asked Questions

A roof rack could damage my Jeep?

No, as far as we know, most of the top-rated roof racks do not harm the Jeep in any way. However, a roof rack is installed in the wrong way, and abused with overweight and overwhelming force could damage your Jeep in the long run. Most commonly, roof racks damage the vehicle only if they are damaged, left loose, or abused.

Is it okay if I take the roof rack on and off frequently?

Taking off the roof rack just one of two times in a month is okay, most top-rated racks could withstand such trends. However, if you plan on taking on and off the roof rack once or twice a week, it might damage the rack and also the vehicle. Most of the roof racks are designed for permanent mounting and not for regular attaching and detaching. If you need such a rack then consider purchasing roof racks designed for such purpose. Yes, some brands offer roof racks that could be taken on or off regularly.

Crossbars are required for installing roof racks on a jeep with side rails on the roof?

Yes, of course, if your jeep has side rails on the roof, you will need a foot pack and crossbars to install the roof rack. Some of the aftermarket roof racks come with features that do not require crossbars.

Is it okay to drive fast with a roof rack?

Driving fast with a roof rack attached is not an issue, however, if your roof rack has some load on it, the speed should be limited to a maximum of 90 mph. Any speed higher than this could be dangerous, it could put a lot of stress on the roof rack and this, in turn, could reduce the lifespan and performance of the rack.

Roof racks are expensive when compared to other accessories, why?

The reason is simple, each vehicle has a specific exterior design that plays an important role in increasing the overall performance of the vehicle. When it comes to a jeep, they too have an exterior design that increases the performance. While installing an add-on this exterior design should not be altered. This is why roof racks have to be designed carefully in such a way that it does not disrupt the aerodynamics of the vehicle. It is not just the aerodynamics, the roof rack material should be lightweight, but durable at the same time. This is why roof racks are expensive.

Is it okay if I install a roof rack on my Jeep?

Yes, of course, you could install a roof rack on your Jeep. However, we would recommend that you get expert help to do install it. If you do not install the roof rack in the right way, it could destroy the paint job and the roof at the same time. A paint job is expensive when it comes to Jeep, so, why take the risk. An expert help would be the best decision.

Bottom Line

Searching and having the best Jeep Roof Rack can be tough for some people. This job becomes even tougher when you have zero experience when it comes to roof racks of cars. Therefore, we tried to research and make such jobs easier for you. Please go through each Jeep Roof Rack that we have mentioned before you pick anything. Also, do not forget to read the information that we have provided in our buying guide. We hope that you find a good Jeep Roof Rack.

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