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Whether you are a professional racer or a frequent biker, usage of a helmet ensures complete protection, preventing brain injury in the event of an accident. Being one of the essential riding gears, you must pick it up. Before the invention of helmets, people died instantly in road accidents but today it has survived to some extent. But, when it comes to storing or hanging a helmet, the majority of the population has a similar issue. No matter how big your closet is, there are chances of the helmet falling off, but it will prevent by installing a helmet rack. 

Buy Best Helmet Rack Reviewed 2022

And, if you are planning to buy a perfect helmet rack that will be convenient for you and take minimum space after installation. This helmet rack/holder guide is for you. The correct way to buy a helmet rack/holder would be to go online and scroll through their features. These include the number of rings, versatility, wall-mounting, brand, price, function, etc. To make your selection easier, we have come up with the top five best helmet rack/holders that will be a perfect space saver.

#1. ILM Helmet Rack Wall Mounted Black


ILM Helmet Rack Wall Mounted Black


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ILM is a leading brand for producing and manufacturing bike accessories for more than 10 years. The helmet rack from ILM offers additional space for storing helmets, garments, or any other item. The well-mounted design of the rack has the benefit of decorating your garage or living room to keep it organized & neat. This will not cause obstruction or take extra space, allowing freely moving & hanging all essentials. It is designed in such a way so you’re able to hang it almost everywhere, from closet rods to mount on doors, walls, anywhere.

As it is made of sturdy metal, you can safely hang any type of bike helmets, dirt bike helmets, baseball helmets, cowboy hats, coats, football helmets, jackets, etc. It has thickened base with toughened loading capacity that will be able to hold heavier to smaller items with ease. When it comes to durability, it ensures long-lasting use as the material is anti-corrosion & rust-proof. From hanging to display, everything is done using just the ILM Helmet Holder Rack. 


  • The rack is made of durable and sturdy steel.
  • It can fit almost everywhere.


  • The top ring doesn’t feature a cushion or foam padding.

#2. US2U Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Helmet Rack


US2U Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Helmet Rack 


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US2U brings a safe and simple solution by creating space in the kitchen, entryway, office, living room for keeping headgear. This wall-mounted coat hangers cum hat rack is made of strong powder-coated Steel. USA-built hat/helmet rack will allow you to a handy motorcycle helmet, snowmobile jacket, heavy coats, and even heaviest helmets without falling off.  It is perfect for the office, home, barn, cottage or garage. Since it comes with an installation hook; you can easily place it on your living room, office, entryway, or kitchen wall. This lightweight, elegant and sturdy rack is adding class to any room and is handy whenever you come from outside. Now say goodbye to the mess around you and arrange all your items from umbrella to hat, or helmet. 


  • This product is affordable, durable, and very convenient.
  • Made of alloy steel which is free from rust & corrosion.


  • Not found.

#3. CHCYCLE Helmet Rack/Holder Pack Of Two


CHCYCLE Helmet Rack pack of 2

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This Ring design helmet holder by CHCYCLE offers space for storing football helmets, football helmets, and a motorcycle helmet with ease. In addition, it provides additional space for keeping textiles or clothes, thus ensuring no mess around you. With this helmet holder, you can hang your jacket, cap, or other riding safety gear. Be it your closet, door, or wall, the helmet can be mounted without causing an obstruction. For well positioning, the product comes along with hanging hooks. This medium size helmet holder is made of sturdy steel, making the rack durable, anti-corrosion, and rustproof. Another major quality of the rack is its thickened base and toughened load-bearing capacity which will allow you to hold heavy items like a winter coat, helmets, jackets, so on. CHCYCLE helmet rack, on this list, is suitable for hanging and displaying your favorite helmets, wings, balls, and textiles. 


  • The set of two helmet rings provides extra storage space.
  • It is suitable for full-face, motorcycle helmets.


  • It is a bit hard to install the rack.

#4. BESTUNT Helmet Shelf Rack Fixation – White


BESTUNT Helmet Shelf Rack Fixation - White

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If you’re looking for a helmet rack that is unique and stylish as well, this would be the perfect option. The smart, clean & sleek design or rack makes your helmet a piece of interior, thus it is a great part of decorating and displaying various items. These items include a helmet, hat, or any other riding gear. Metal is used to make this helmet, making it strong, sleek, ergonomic, and durable. As compared to others, the helmet display size is bigger hence ensuring extra space. This wall mounting tool is lightweight enough to be fixed on any type of door or wall. It can easily hold any type of helmet, be it installed at home, office, or garage. The powder-coated finish protects its surface from scratches and doesn’t leave fingerprints. However, it is a combination of modernity, elegance, durability, and sturdiness.


  • Very easy to set up relative to the others on this list.
  • It weighs 1.43 pounds, hence very lightweight.


  • You’ll not able to store more than 1 helmet on it.

#5. Magicfour Helmet Rack/Holder With 2 Hooks

Magicfour Helmet Rack With 2 Hooks

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Here we have another helmet holder with a unique design, on this list, by Magicfour. The special feature about that is it can be rotated 180 degrees so you can adjust their position as per your need. Another notable feature is that its bracket can be parallel to the wall when not in use, which means you can save wall space. It features a double hook that will allow you to hang sportswear and coats. This practical yet convenient helmet holder is made of premium quality aluminum, which has a strong load-bearing capacity, durability, stability, and portability. Even though, it is not easy to deform or damage. With this helmet holder, you will be able to store baseball helmets, football hats, motorcycle helmets, hands, etc. Moreover, it is suitable for mounting in the exhibition room, home, office, or any place where you want to be hung. 


  • It has thickened double hook for hanging multiple items.
  • It comes with a 180-degree horizontal rotation holder.


  • Bit expensive.

What Are Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Helmet Rack/Holder

As we mentioned earlier, a helmet rack not only provides dedicated space for helmet storage, but also for maximizing space in your home, trailer, or garage and organizing your clothing, jackets, or any other riding items, and provides additional space to display anything. This dedicated area will help maintain the finish & shine of your collection of helmets, prevents scratches, dust, and debris, keeping as new for long-lasting use. No matter, whether you buy a helmet holder from an online or offline store, make sure it suits your needs. In addition, it should be a space saver and economical. For being sure of that, you should go through some aspects like several rings, material, mounting style, brand, cost, and design & style. Keep reading for having a brief look at these aspects.

  • Number of Rings

The first important aspect that should be taken into consideration is the number of rings. The number of rings will ensure that you can store more than 1 helmet of every size and style. The more rings, the more you can hang helmets made for every sport or motorcycle. In addition to rings, you’ll be able to hang other safety gear like a jacket, coat, knee pad, etc. If you want, you can hang any of your essential items that are small in appearance on the hooks. This way you won’t have to go through the stress of losing your belongings or keys.

  • Material

The most common material used to make helmet racks is steel. It is highly durable, strong, sturdy, very easy to clean, and ideal for long-lasting use. In addition, they are free from rust and corrosion. But, these days some models of iron and wood are becoming available. The biggest disadvantage of choosing these two materials is that they can damage even faster than steel.

  • Style and Design

The designs currently available are even more modern and elegant, which means practical with functional. It can be used as a decorative piece or enhancing space for storing helmets or any other items. Some models only have rings on the top; some have rotating balls to save wall space, while some have a hanger design. Depending on how many items you’ll want to hang on it, you can choose any one of them.

  • Mounting Style

Mounting is similar in every model; the only difference is the number of hooks and hardware. The number of hooks and hardware there should depend on the weight of the rack.

Final Words:

Hence, the usage of Helmet Rack Holder provides dedicated space in your office, living room or garage. It can be used for many purposes to save space, from hanging helmets to storing other items like hats, coats, or any other garment. 

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