Best Hanging Towel Rack – Top 3 Picks Of 2022

Most of us have problems with how to manage wet and dry towels? In such a case, you need a dedicated space where you will hang your towels and prevent them from falling on the wet floor. Otherwise, those traditional wall hooks aren’t able to handle the weight of heavy wet towels and have a huge impact on your hygiene. That’s why you need a hanging towel rack that is lightweight, at the same time capable of holding and storing a dozen of towels at the same time. A hanging towel rack is a versatile item used to keep your favorites, towels, blankets, scarves, and other clothing organized and away from wet odors. 

Buy Best Hanging Towel Rack Reviewed Of 2022

Usually, a hanging towel rack is lightweight, sturdy, and provides further space to store the towels without clutter. Indeed, they are best for regular bathroom use, even used to display decorative items, a bunch of keys, or too many household items. Keep reading to know the top three hanging towel racks.

#1. Dahey Blanket Ladder Bath Towel Rack


Dahey Blanket Ladder Bath Towel Rack


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Those looking for a rack that will act as both a display frame and a towel rack should consider this option. The wooden design ladder rack will allow you to show off your scarves, clothing items, or any blankets. Plus, it adds a touch of rustic in your bathroom, living area, or bedroom. In terms of versatility, this is going to be one of the best options since it is perfect for both storing and displaying. It can hold up to 22 Ibs. This towel rack is a simple wall decorative item that can easily match your home interior. More than functionality, its deep & warm color enhances the looks of your house. You can gift it to your friends or family member. Moreover, the installation of this rack is super easy and convenient.


  • It features four steps to hang multiple clothing items at a time.
  • The ladder design enhances the room’s appearance.


  • That’s a bit delicate.

#2. X-crack Basket Towel Rack


X-crack Basket Towel Rack


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Being one of the sturdiest options on this list, the X-crack towel rack is good to have for long-lasting use. The set of three towel racks is ideal for those requiring additional space for their towels, condiment bottles, keys, toiletries, or any other items. The wall design of the rack is perfect for any home space since it requires little space. This storage rack is easy to install on the flat walls, widely preferred for the industrial retro decorating style. With a Basket towel rack, you’ll be able to save more space. Talking about construction, it is made of premium quality metal; each of them can hold 30 pounds of weight. It has thick powder and strong rustproof coated that will not rust quickly as a general metal wire basket. 


  • It is very easy to clean.
  • This complete set provides more storing space relatively others. 


  • Not found.

#3. MyGift Wall Mounted Bathroom Towel Rack


MyGift Wall Mounted Bathroom Towel Rack


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MyGift towel rack, on this list, is a classy piece that can add a touch of special & rustic charm to your bathroom. It has unique look due to its torched wood finish. It is best suited for colorful décor and complements it. This wood frame with cutout letters has an imaginative and stylish touch. Moreover, it features a dual-hook with a wall-mounted design that can hold numerous towels or other clothing items at a time.  In addition, it keeps them dry in a good condition and allows towels away from water and moisture. Along with adding decorative to your bathroom, it keeps your every bath dry & easy accessibility to the towel rack. The installation of the rack is very easy but it should be mounted on the flat wall surface. For installation, you need essential mounting hardware or screws. It is convenient for you to get and use towels while washing your hands or after taking shower. 


  • The rack is elegant and lightweight.
  • It is equipped with four double hooks, one for dual towels.


  • The built quality is cheap than others.

How to Pick the Best Hanging Towel Rack?

Towel racks are a common thing these days, so you should at least choose one for your bathroom, bedroom or living space. Like other products, a towel rack is being offered in various types, designs, sizes, and shapes. If you are also going to choose a rack for your bathroom, then consider some factors. These factors include rack type, price, brand, wall measurement, so on. Let’s talk deep about these aspects.


The first aspect that you should keep in mind is the material of the rack. There are majorly two materials used in producing towel racks. These include aluminum and mild steel. Each material has its characteristics. The mild steel rack retains heat well and very affordable option, while the aluminum-based rack tends to be expensive. Another rack material is wood, which isn’t popular as aluminum and steel. If you think to go for wood, teak will be a great option as it is highly moisture & rust-resistant.

Rack type

In the category of hanging towel rack, the most common rack type includes ladder, wall-mounted, and basket. If you plan to buy one that suits your preference, look for a different type. The first type of rack is ladder style which is in trend these days, especially for kitchen and bathroom décor. However, they are usually found in rustic interiors, but some models come in carved contemporary wood. They are also available in materials like stainless steel or aluminum. If you like full coverage rack type with wall-mounted, there is no better option than a basket.


The rack’s capacity depends on the number of hooks and lying space. The basket design offers better space for storing and keeping multiple towels than hanging hooks. 

Final Words:

As the name suggests, a hanging towel rack is a great way to organize and dry your towels and other clothing items after bathing. With a hanging towel rack, you’ll also be able to display your favorite textile and hang it to maintain its fabric finish. 

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