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Fishing is an expensive hobby because of the initial cost of fishing rods. Many people leave their fishing rods on in their garage, and they let them rot away. The problem with leaving the fishing rods in the corner is that they are going to attract dust, and they are going to get tangled. If that happens, you will have to buy a new fishing rod, or you will have to get the old one repaired. Do you realize that you will end up spending a lot of money this way? Some simple care can help you in avoiding such a situation. No, we are not going to talk about the maintenance and taking care of the fishing rod. We are going to talk about something more straightforward. Correctly storing the fishing rods ensures that the rods do not gather dust and are always ready to use them. You can go ahead and invest in a sturdy fishing rod rack, and this will help you keep the fishing rods safe. The good thing is that you will find many different kinds of rods available in the market. You will find the ones that can be mounted on the wall of your garage, and you will also find the fishing rods that can be installed on your boat. You must research thoroughly before buying the fishing rods storage rack, as this is more like a one-time investment.

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You can move on to the next section to check out the fishing rods racks that will help you properly store the rods and reels. They are also going to make your garage a little more attractive. With so many models available in the market, the choice can be confusing. Let us do away with the confusion and look at the best models that you can buy in the market. In this section of the page, you will find the top 10 best fishing rod storage racks available in 2021. Go through the review, pros, and cons associated with these storage racks and choose the one that is best for your need. If you need more guidance while choosing the storage racks, you can refer to the buying guide we share on this page. So, without waiting any longer, let us check out the list.

#1. Berkley Fishing Rod Storage Rack


Berkley Fishing Rod Rack


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Vertical stands are prevalent in the market, but many people look for horizontal racks as well. The horizontal stands can help you in utilizing the space in a better way. At number 1, we would like to present you with the fishing rod racks from Berkley. Berkley is a highly reliable brand. You can choose between the horizontal 4-rod design, horizontal 6-rod design, and vertical 6-rod design. This way, you will have enough space to store your fishing rods. The rack is corrosion-proof, so do not worry about storing the wet rods either. The grip pads have foam on it, which ensures that the rods stay protected. The overall design of the rack is quite durable, but at the same time, the brand has ensured that the weight remains low. The stand is available in black color, and it certainly looks modern. You get all the screws required for mounting the rack, and it also comes at a very affordable price.


  • The material of the rack is corrosion resistant, and it is available in multiple designs.
  • The upper support has high-density foam so that it protects the rods.
  • The fishing rod storage rack comes with all the screws required to mount it.


  • The screws provided in the pack are not good enough for plasterboard walls.

#2. KastKing Patented Fishing Rod Storage Rack


KastKing Patented V15 Vertical Fishing Rod Holder


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Are you looking for a fishing rod holder with enormous capacity? Well, here is a model that can hold 15 rods at once. It has a vertical design, and the design has V grooves on it. The groves are made of tacky thermoplastic polymer, and they can store the rods without causing any damage. The material used in manufacturing the stand is a type of polymer, and that is the reason why the holder is resistant to rusting. The space taken by this rack is less than 18 inches. This feature makes it one of the most compact designs for a large number of fishing rods. To store the rods, you just need to push the fishing pole in the groves, and the material grips the rod properly. To use the rod, you just need to pull it out of the rack. The material is resistant to corrosion, but it is resistant to heat and chemicals. In the package, you get the screws, and the brand also provides the drywall anchors.


  • This fishing rod holder has a capacity of 15 rods, and hence you can store it easily.
  • The rod holder is highly resistant to most of the elements so that it won’t get damaged with time.
  • The rack is easy to install the brand provides the anchors along with the screws.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

#3. Rush Creek Creations Round Fishing Rod Rack


Rush Creek Creations Round 16 Fishing Rod Storage Rack


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Do you have a small garage, and are you finding it challenging to manage your fishing rods? Here is a circular storage rack that can store up to 16 fishing rods at once. It is available in a camo design and a wood grain design. Apart from this, the top part has soft rod clips that can be easily adjusted. The diameter of the centerpiece is 30 mm, and it gives structural integrity to the storage rack. The handle guides are waterproof, so you would not have to worry about dripping water damaging the stand. Another fantastic thing about this storage rack is the leveling support at the base. The design doesn’t need any assembly tool, and you can move it just by lifting it. The rack doesn’t tumble as it is very stable. The padded top grip ensures that the fishing rod doesn’t get damaged while storing or taking out your storage racks. A lot of people prefer this type of fishing rod storage rack because of the design proposition. The only problem associated with this rack is that it can’t store very heavy fishing rods.


  • This rack has 16 rods, and it is available in three finishes: Baron Wood, Camouflage, and Original Wood Version.
  • There is no need of assembling the rod rack as it can stand on the floor.
  • Another good thing about the rack is that it comes with a leveling base.


  • The screw on the top sections loosens, and you would need to tighten it regularly.

#4. Old Cedar Ceiling Rack For Fishing Rod


Old Cedar Outfitters Solid Pine Horizontal Ceiling Rack for Fishing Rod



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Wooden fishing rod storage racks are some of the best designs that you can buy. Here is one such design from Old Cedar outfitters. This fishing rod storage design has a solid pine construction, and it can easily be screwed into the wall. The total holding capacity of the rack is up to 9 rods, and it helps you in utilizing the space in a very efficient way. The full length of the shelf is 22.5 inches. It should be noted that this model is a horizontal mount. You can mount it on the wall or the ceiling and utilize the space as you want. The design is very sturdy, and the wood doesn’t spoil because of moisture. The rack is made of solid wood, and it has an oak finish. Overall, it is a reliable ceiling rack that you can buy to store your fishing rods. With a capacity of 9 rods, it is undoubtedly a favorite choice for many people. Go ahead and choose this storage rack from Old Cedar outfitters.


  • This rack is made of solid food, and it is very sturdy.
  • You can mount it on the ceiling, which helps you efficiently utilize the space in your garage.
  • The racks have an excellent design, and they look gorgeous. 


  • The finish of this fishing rod rack is slightly rough, and there is no foam on the loops.

#5. Booms Fishing Rod Storage Rack


Booms Fishing WV1 Vertical 6-Rod Rack


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At number 5, we have a vertical fishing rod rack from Booms Fishing. This rack can accommodate 6 rods at once, and it can help you correctly organize your fishing rods. If you have children at home, then you might not want to install it vertically. The same stand can then be installed horizontally. The best part about this rack is that the grips are made of Eva foam. It is a high-density foam that will protect your fishing rods from scratches and other kinds of damage. You can mount this stand on any type of wall as you get the fasteners and the screws in the pack. The rack also has an interlocking design so you can expand the capacity by purchasing additional modules. The stand also has a base seat that protects your rod and the blank. The overall length of the wall socket is 16 inches. In the pack, you also get replaceable foams that can help you store the fishing net or the thick rods. The material used in making this rod rack is ABS, and we are sure that you are aware of the durability factor associated with ABS.


  • The interlocking design of the drying rack ensures that you can expand the capacity quickly.
  • It can be installed in a horizontal manner or even in a vertical fashion.
  • The rack is made of ABS, and it is very durable.


  • Some people didn’t like the quality of the foam that comes with the rack.

#6. YYST Horizontal Fishing Rod Storage Rack


YYST Horizontal Fishing Rod Storage Rack


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Here is another horizontal design available on our list. These storage racks are available in a four-piece design with non-closure hooks. It stores the fishing rods like a cue stick storage rack, and hence it is much safer than the other options available in the market. The total storage capacity of this fishing rod storage rack is up to 8 rods. It should be noted that this storage rack can only be mounted in the horizontal position, and it can’t be used in a vertical position. The pack includes the screws that are required to attach the storage rack. They can help you in saving a lot of space, and the rack is also very lightweight. Overall, this can be an excellent purchase for people who are looking for affordable storage racks. Using it is easy, and the lightweight design compliments the storage. We love this product, and it is worth having a look at the design of this fishing rod storage rack.


  • This rack is effortless to use, and it is also effortless to install it.
  • This fishing rod storage rack can hold a total of 8 rods.
  • It is available at an affordable price.


  • You must store the fishing rods in opposite directions.

#7. Dr.Fish Fishing Rod Storage Rack Holder


Dr.Fish Fishing Rod Racks Holder


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If you are not sure where you would like to mount the fishing rod rack holder, you must go ahead and buy a versatile model. Here is one such option available from Dr. Fish, and it is one of the most flexible designs available in the market. The rack can be installed horizontally or vertically. Moreover, the rack can be installed on the walls as well as the ceiling. The rack can hold six fishing rods, but the interlocking system can help you expand the storage capacity. The primary material used for making the rod is ABS, and it is resistant to corrosion, heat, and chemicals. The central panel has thick padding to ensure that the fishing rod doesn’t get scratched. The foam also holds the fishing rod in place. You can buy a single rack if you have up to 6 rods or buy two products if you have up to 12 rods. Overall, this fishing rack from Dr. Fish has one of the best designs in the market, and you can consider it for yourself.


  • The body is made of ABS, and it is very durable.
  • The design of this rack is unique, and it can easily be expanded to increase capacity.
  • The high-density EVA foam is very durable, and it protects the fishing rod from scratches.


  • This product is slightly more expensive than other options available in the list.

#8. Camping  Wall Fishing Rod Storage Rack


Camping and Kayaking Overhead or Wall Fishing Rod Rack


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Many people do not like the hard design material because they fear that the hard plastic may damage their delicate fishing rods. For such people, we have a fishing rod rack from camping and kayaking. This fishing rod rack has soft webbing that stores your fishing rods and protects them from scratches and unwanted force. There are two models available in this design. One of them is 46 inches, and the second one is 72 inches. The first model is capable of holding six fishing rods, and the second model is capable of holding nine fishing rods. The flexible design enables you to mount the rack on an edge and offers better space utilization. You can install it horizontally on the wall, or you can mount it on the ceiling. You can even mount it on the edge of the ceiling. The non-abrasive polypropylene webbing is not only reliable, but it is also very durable. The rod rack is available in a red & black design, and it looks attractive.


  • The rack has loops of flexible polypropylene, which are very durable and non-abrasive at the same time.
  • It is available in 4 feet model and a 6 feet model.
  • The rack can easily be installed at the edge of the ceiling and the wall.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

#9. Old Cedar Wall Rack For Fishing Rod Storage


Old Cedar Outfitters Modular Wall Rack for Fishing Rod Storage


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At number 9, we have yet another option from Old Cedar Outfitters. You need to check out the design of this rod storage, and we assure you that you are going to love it. It is a vertical mount design, and the top portion is crafted in the shape of a fish. The three color options available are Distressed, Oak, and Pine. The black oak design is truly a masterpiece. Assembling the fishing rod storage rack is easy, and the wooden design makes it even better. This rack is perfect for a Yacht, and it can also be installed in beach cabins. This storage rack comes with replacement rod clips that improve the design’s design and longevity. There is also space available for additional clips so you can install them when needed. Overall, the design is food. The quality could have been better, and you need to check this one problem before buying the rack.


  • The design of the fishing rod storage unit is excellent, and it is one of the best that you will find in the market.
  • It is available at a mid-price point, so people feel comfortable buying it.
  • The rack has inlaid rubber diamond plates and replaceable rod clips.


  • There is the use of cheap plastic in this design.

#10. Croch 16 Fishing Rod Holder Storage Rack


Croch 16 Fishing Rod Holder Storage Rack


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We have now reached the end of the list, and if you are fond of different sports, we would not recommend buying only a fishing rack. We would instead suggest you buy something more versatile. The last product on our list is one such versatile storage rack that can store different kinds of rods. The first thing to note is that the stand is made of plastic, and it is very lightweight in design. It is not a wall-mounted design, and hence it can easily be transferred from one place to another. Assembling takes just 5 minutes, and you can store the rods at one side or both sides of the storage rack. You can store this rack on the truck, boat, garage, or even in your home. The dimensions of this rack in inches are 17.3 x 9.8 x 31.5. It certainly saves a lot of space in your home, and it can store hiking rods, cue sticks, and all other types of rods that are required in different kinds of sports. The maximum number of rods that can be stored in this rack is 16. You can carry this with you on the boating trips, and it will be able to hold the fishing rods for the whole gang. If you are not satisfied with the above fishing rod storage rack you can make one of your own at home by checking this – How to Make Fishing Rod Storage Rack at Home


  • It has a capacity of 16 rods, and the rack is made of plastic.
  • The rack has a sturdy base, and it has a very sturdy frame as well.
  • The rack is transferable so you can carry it in a boat or truck. 


  • The design feels slightly bulky.

How To Choose The Best Fishing Rod Storage Rack

In this section, we have highlighted some of the points that you must consider while buying the fishing rod storage racks. These points will help you in understanding the kind of fishing rod storage rack that you must buy. Check out the points below – 

Wall Mounted or Floor Stand

Start by looking at the type of design hat the fishing rod storage rack has. There are mainly two kinds of design. The first one is the wall-mounted, and the second one is the floor stand. The wall-mounted one would have to be screwed onto the wall, whereas the floor stand may not need any type of installation. Go through the design details and find something that is agile.

The number of Fishing Rods

Consider the number of fishing rods you have and add the number of fishing rods you plan to buy. You can then buy the fishing rod storage rack, depending on this number. It should not only accommodate what you have, but it should also have some spare slots after accounting for the fishing rods that you may purchase later. 


You do not want the loops and hooks to damage or scratch your fishing rod. To ensure this, you can buy a fishing rod stand that has a cushion on the hooks. They improve the grip of the loops, and they also ensure that the rods do not get scratched.


Look at the space that you have in your garage or on your boat and look at space required by the fishing rod storage racks. Map the two and ensure that the place doesn’t feel cramped. The dimensions are of the utmost importance when you are buying the fishing rod storage rack.


You must also look at the material that the fishing rod storage rack is made of. There are metallic racks available in the market, and there are many racks designed with plastic. You can even choose the rack made of cedarwood, and that looks quite classy. The wooden racks are going to cost a little extra, but they are some of the best-looking fishing rod storage racks.

Ease of Mounting

If you are buying a fishing rod that needs to be mounted on the wall, you must buy something easy to fit. The package should come with the screws and all other accessories that are required for installing the rack. You can also ensure that you have all the tools necessary to mount the brackets. 


Most of the fishing rod storage rack comes with a warranty, so pay attention to the warranty policy applicable to the fishing rod storage rack. The best ones are those which come with a six-month or longer warranty.


The last factor to consider while buying the fishing rod is the cost associated with the storage rack. Be frugal while making a choice and ensure that you are spending on what is needed. This principle will help you in keeping the budget in check while making the purchase.

Fishing Rod Storage Rack Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a decent quality fishing rod storage rack will last?

Depending upon the type of your fishing rod rack, it can last for several years to only a few years. Who likes to visit the market for the fishing rod storage rack again and again. Therefore, we recommend you go for a fishing rod rack of decent quality.

I travel quite frequently. I’m worried about the security of my fishing rod storage rack. Any help?

For travel security purposes, the fishing rod pods are ideal. But, for people who do not want to invest too much in it, you can choose to opt for fishing rod storage racks with screws and rubber straps that help in tightening the rods.

When looking for the capacity of the fishing rod rack, should I consider the weight or the number that it can handle?

One must consider both aspects. If your fishing rods weigh more than usual, the storage rack will be able to carry less of them. Therefore, weight matters more. However, consider both the features.

What are some top-quality fishing storage racks? Please mention the name.

Here is a list of some of the top quality fishing racks:
Berkley fishing rod rack
Kastking patented vertical fishing rod rack
Old cedar outfitters solid horizontal fishing rack
Booms vertical fishing rod rack WV1

Can you please brief me about different kinds of fishing rod storage rack material? Which one is most appropriate?

Usually, three kinds of fishing storage racks materials are available in the market. Wooden, metallic, and ABS plastic are the three. The wooden one is quite costlier but promises the best quality. The ABS racks are free from rusting.

Will the storage rack keep my fishing poles separated from each other? I hate it when it gets entangled!

Wobbling of the fishing rods during transport is the primary reason for entangling. The tightener present in the storage racks keeps the fishing poles separated from each other.

What is the accurate way to mount the fishing rod storage racks?

Screwing of the lowermost piece is the first step towards mounting. Keep a space of 40 inches between the rod racks. Next, screw the uppermost piece of the rack after accurate measurement. 

Can you please brief me about the price range of decent storage racks?

We have listed some of the decent fishing rod storage brands. Make sure to check them. Otherwise, we do not recommend investing too much in it.

Should I expect to have a guarantee on these fishing storage racks?

Yes, fishing rod storage racks come with a warranty as well. Most of us suffer from unfortunate accidents with our storage racks while traveling. It has a lot of significance in that case.

I go fishing less frequently. Will the DIY fishing storage racks do the work?

Yes, a DIY fishing rod holding rack will work perfectly for beginner users. Make sure you follow all the steps of preparing it accurately.

Final Verdict

While searching for the fishing rods storage racks, stay focused on your goal, and ensure that you are buying the best quality available in the market. This rack will help you ensure that the useful life of the rod is increased by many years. You can go through the points in the buying guide to understand the things that you need to look at while buying the fishing rods storage racks. Do consider the number of rods that you have before finalizing your purchase. The fishing rods rack is going to help you store the rods properly, but it is also going to help you make your garage look classy. With all this information, we are going to conclude the page. Thank you for checking out this consumer report about the fishing rods storage rack. Do not forget to share this link with your friends and family so that they can also buy nothing but the best.

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