Top 5 Best Brands of Roof Rack For Subaru Crosstrek – Check Before Buying

Subaru Crosstrek is quite a popular car that offers unmatched reliability of Japanese cars. It is a hot-selling car even in the pre-owned market. The car has high ground clearance, and the maintenance cost is among the lowest. It is loaded with features, and it has everything that you would probably need. In terms of the luggage rack, we are sure that you would have faced trouble while planning for the long trips. It would have been better if the luggage space was slightly more, but there is always a workaround. To get the most out of your Crosstrek, you can buy a roof rack that will help you mount the luggage on the roof. 

Check Top Rated Brand Of Roof Rack For Subaru Crosstrek


The luggage rack will increase the luggage carrying capacity of the car exponentially. You will be able to get the most out of your car in terms of luggage space, and it will help you plan the road trips easily. Many brands manufacture roof racks for Subaru Crosstrek, and we have listed them below. We thought that recommending a brand would be better than recommending specific models. Recommending the brands would help you with a large number of options by yourself. So go ahead and check out the details below.

#1. Brightlines Store Roof Rack for Subaru Crosstrek 

The first brand on our list is Brightlines Store, a part of Auto Sports Group. The brand specializes in roof racks, and it is also manufactured the best roof rack for Subaru Crosstrek. There are multiple options from the brand, and you will be happy to know that all the roof racks from Brightlines are made of aluminum. The shape of these racks is aerodynamic and what this means is that you will not have to compromise on power or fuel economy. If you opt for a mid-range product from this brand, you will get 150 pounds capacity with a price range lower than $100.

#2. Autekcomma Roof Rack for Subaru Crosstrek 

The next brand on our list is Autekcomma, and this brand specializes in roof racks for different cars. There are many options here which are compatible with Subaru Crosstrek. One unique thing about the roof racks from this brand is that it comes with an anti-theft locking system. You get the keys for the lock so that no one can steal your roof racks. The weight capacity of the roof racks from Autekcomma can be as high as 260 pounds. Apart from this, they have an anti-corrosion coating, and they can also be adjusted as per your preferences.

#3. Midabao Roof Rack for Subaru Crosstrek 

If you are looking for roof racks and a carrier, you can explore the options from Midabao. This is a thickened waterproof roof rack that comes with a carrier. It has a soft shell, and the brand has roof racks in various sizes. This brand is only for the people looking for a complete solution and not just the racks. So, if you don’t wish to use your luggage with the roof racks, you can opt for the Midabao. They are affordable, reliable, and sturdy. Another advantage of this brand is that these roof racks and carrier looks very stylish.

#4. Rightline Gear Roof Rack for Subaru Crosstrek 

If you are looking for an affordable roof rack that comes with a carrier, then you can also go ahead with Rightline Gear. This option is very flexible since you can use it with or without the roof rails. The roof rails for the roof racks are provided in the package, and you can install them. All the products from Rightline as designed similarly. When not in use, you can fold the roof rack and store it in your home or the boot.

#5. ISSY Auto Store Roof Rack for Subaru Crosstrek 

The last brand on the list is ISSY Auto Store. The brand manufacture products for multiple brands, and it has impressive mats as well as roof racks. The brand uses aluminum to make the roof racks. The products have ABS feet along with an anti-theft lock to take care of your car and possessions. The racks from this brand have a very low wind resistance, and hence you don’t hear all the wind noise either. The brand ensures that its product goes through multiple crash & durability tests before it reaches you.

Final Verdict

These are some of the best brands of roof racks available for Subaru Crosstrek. You can opt for the roof racks from these brands, which will be a reliable choice. You can explore the options and understand what is available that would meet your requirements. Overall, the brands like Brightlines Store, Autekcomma, and Rightline Gear are impressive brands that would never fail to impress you. Their products are available at an affordable price, and you can even bag a great deal on Amazon. Compared to the brick & mortar store, you will save a lot of money on racks if you buy something from Amazon.

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