Top 5 Best Brands Of Heated Towel Rack – Check Before Buying

When a towel comes out of the Heated Towel Rack, it keeps you warm and dry, especially in winters. Its need may not be so, but drying the towel in winter is a difficult task in itself. Instead of using the dryer every time, if you can find a home appliance with that facility, then your job can be easier. The towel heater will not only dry your towels quickly but will also keep your bathroom area warm and cozy. You no longer have to wait for towels to dry in the cold thanks to the towel dryer heater and you can enjoy your regular bath. Do you want to buy a heated towel Rack do check out various brands available online before one for yourself?

Check Best Brand Of Heated Towel Rack

The right brand gives you quality, price range and services. Along with mentioned factors, you will get an idea of where you should invest your money. Some new brands launch various bathroom appliances markets for years so that their name will be heard more. On the other hand, some new brands have also made their camp in the market. If you are familiar with these Heated Towel Rack brands, then you can choose the ideal heater rack for your entire family. Let’s take a look at them. 

List of Top Brands

  1. Heatgene
  2. Zadro
  3. BB Brandon
  4. Keenray 
  5. Amba

#1.  Heatgene Heated Towel Rack Brand

Heatgene is dedicated to being one of the most trustworthy and popular companies in the heating and bathroom appliances industry. It was established with a specific purpose to a developed and manufactured array of bathroom appliances by using high-quality material. The products offered by HEATGENE are luxurious and affordable at the same time. Users across worldwide always appreciate the company through positive reviews and ratings. HEATGENE provides top-notch quality material to design electric heating tower racks involving traditional and contemporary styles, various bathroom appliances options for you. On buying a towel rack from HEATGENE, you will enjoy a soft, warm, and fresh towel when you need to use it. 

#2.  Zadro Heated Towel Rack Brand

Zadro is the most leading brand offering a wide range of bathroom appliances in different price ranges and colors.  The brand promotes the satisfaction of customers and their requirements which they fulfill with dedication. Zadro offers a towel warmer, accessories, wall mount, countertops, shower, hand, travel, and compact to make your bathroom luxurious. Talking about towel warmer, the Zadro designed a unique towel rack than another brand in a bucket style. You can place it anywhere in your bathroom at your convenience. Zadro adopts good quality material, experienced manufacturers, and built a great team of experts who are being able to understand the customer’s needs. Rating 4.5 or 4 out 5 has been given to this brand on their various products. Thus, it becomes more popular these days. 

#3. BB Brandon Heated Towel Rack Brand

BB Brandon is highly required for bathroom appliances because of quality, after-sale services, and ratings. The popular brand BB Brandon manufactures electric towel warmers worldwide. The prominent fact to know about this company is that the towel racks by BB Brandon are installed at luxury hotels, homes, Boats, and Vacation Homes. They serve premium quality as they use stainless steel (SAE 304), designed in the USA. To make your bathroom luxurious, you can consider three different colors in Towel racks from BB Brandon. Towel racks offered by BB Brandon are best suited for both modern and traditional bathrooms. 

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#4. Keenray Heated Towel Rack Brand

Keenray is one of the popular brands that ensure premium quality in its products. The company develops unique and innovative home products to make your home more comfortable and stylish. The main object of the company is to satisfy customers’ needs with high-quality household accessories. You can enjoy luxury and comfort every day with the Keenray tower rack. They believe in technology, a quality that will make your life easier and simpler. 

#5. Amba Heated Towel Rack Brand

Georgia founder of Amba starts manufacturing towel warmers in 2004 with a clear goal in mind to develop the towel rack for every bathroom in North America. Amba Company is one of the first companies in the United State to introduce customers to stylish, affordable heated towel racks. These towel racks are made of high-quality stainless steel. Today, the top-grade heated towel racks are served by more than 2000 retailers throughout Mexico, Canada, the US, and the Caribbean. The company gives priority to affordability and customer satisfaction. Amba heated towel rack collection offers efficient heat as they use less power to operate. The towel racks collection by Amba consumes around the same amount of electricity as a minimum size of bulbs. 

Final Words

These are some of the popular brands which are taking step by step with technology today. Understanding and fulfilling customer requirements are its priority. In this list, some new and old brands will help you to maintain the simplicity and enhance the elegance of your bathroom.

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