Top 5 Best Brands of ATV Gun Rack – Check Before Buying

ATVs are fun to drive and when you are out there in the middle of a forest or hunting region, you also need a reliable gun. However, putting the gun safely is an essential task and most people feel confused that what’s the best way to hold a gun or rifle on the ATV. Well, the use of an ATV Gun Rack can come in handy. There are a number of brands offering excellent gun racks for ATVs and we made a list of the best ones so that you can have an excellent experience while using them 

#1. Great Day Power-Ride

Power-Ride many UTV and ATV accessories and can put out any popular two-handed firearm. Thanks to Velcro retainer straps, Power ride allows you to carry two guns by using their soft, protective, and cradles straps. This UTV Gun Rack is designed to UTV frames around 50 to 64 inches. The gun rack is made from aircraft-grade aluminum & powder coated black, making it smart than other gun rack brands. Great Day Power-Ride makes your shooting safer and easier through their popular product. The build quality, extremely simple design, and easy to install features make this brand highly reliable as compared to the other competitive options available in the market. You can choose between a wide range of sizes to get excellent deals. 

#2. Best Hard Case – Stronghold

Kolpin brand manufacturers some of the top-notch products in the equipment industry. You can find many premium ATV gun rack options, but for the latest version; you can check the Kolpin Stronghold offering by Kolpin. The gun rack has a soft case liner with a hard plastic case. The best thing about this gun rack is that it can be used for fitting different guns like pistols, scoped rifles, guns, and even shotguns. The newly designed ATV gun case has good holding ability and is much sleeker than older gun rack designs. It’s an effective, simple, and convenient way to store your favorite shotguns or rifles. 

#3. Cujo Gun Magnet

Cujo Gun Magnet is thoughtfully designed for those shooters hats need ATV to carry a pistol. This ATV gun rack is small in size, but it is one of the finest options. Overall appearance and easy-to-use functionality among ATV Racks make this brand highly reliable. It works phenomenally, but might be unconventional for beginners. Cujo Gun Magnet is designed in such a manner to hold small guns, especially handguns. The smaller size allows it to mount the gun effectively, also it can be opened silently. It has influential magnets that allow you to hold your semi-automatic handgun. Cujo Gun Magnet is one of the most useful ATV accessories you can own. 

#4. Kolpin

This brand is founded by Howard Kolpin, a hunter, archer, and sportsman. Kolpin started this company to make products that can be used while pursuing their favorite pastimes. This brand is highly trusted and provided quality products to its users. This is one of the best brands for purchasing an ATV gun holder on amazon. They provide their products all over the world by shipping partners. If you carry a firearm legally, then this ATV gun rack from the Kolpin is something you might want to consider. Kolpin manufactures a great range of ATV gun holders. Some features of ATV gun holders of this brand are regarding the design. Their gun holder carries great strength. Tool-free adjustable multiangle design with 360-degree rotation. Strong rubber over heavy-duty nylon provides extra grip to the tools of firearms. Polarized lock and ride versatility is available in these products. You can mount it to any tubular or square bar.

#5. All-Rite Products

All-Rite Products provide a quality product as well as low prices. This brand is international, with multiple businesses. All-Rite Products brand also provides good customer support. They provide talk to actual person customer support. You can easily buy the products of this brand from over 500 thousand independent sealers. One of the important part that this brand provide you with some innovative and cutting edge designs for style and comfort. The built quality of their products is very high with the steel support. These products are very durable and adjustable with grip control. They also provide a lightweight product with high strength. You can find that you get quick access to the gear bar with two claps that holds one piece of gear. Rubber snubber is also provided on each bar.

Bottom Line

People often look at additional factors along with gun rack before buying. When it comes to getting their hands on accessories or other types of equipment, their expectations are always high. Nowadays, multiple versatilities are available along the gun rack to make it more functional and convenient in distinct ways.

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