Top 10 Best Bike Rack For Prius – Review & Buying Guide

Toyota Prius has been one of the first hybrid cars in the United States, and until the launch of electric vehicles, the Prius was known to be the cleanest vehicle sold in the country. Toyota launched the car in the market in the late 1990s, and since then, it has been a benchmark for hybrids. The present model of the vehicle has an all-wheel-drive system, and it has also received a massive redesign. The car is one of the favorite choices among people because of the higher fuel efficiency and the feature-loaded variants. The fuel efficiency is mainly because of the switch between the EV mode and gasoline engine. This improves the range and the efficiency of the internal combustion engine. Since Prius is one of the most popular cars, people often like to take it for hikes. The AWD system helps in conquering rough terrain. At the same time, people usually love to travel with their bikes on the hike to explore the trails or the mountains.

Check Bike Rack For Prius Reviewed 2021

One accessory that gained massive popularity in the case of Prius is the bike racks. The racks enabled people to take their bikes with them safely and conveniently. We receive queries from the Prius owners about the bike racks they can purchase, and we dedicated this post to such proud Prius owners. On this page, you will find the bike racks that can fit your Prius. Most of these stands are highly versatile, and they can fit your sedan or the hatchback. We are sure that you are already excited about the same. So, let us now move ahead and check out the best bike racks for Prius that are available today. In this section, we have reviewed the top 10 best bike racks for Prius. You can check them out below, and you can also go over their pros and cons. Depending on your requirements, you can purchase a two bike, three bikes, or a single bike rack for the car. So, without wasting any time, let us check out the reviews of these bike racks – 

#1. SeaSucker Talon Single Bike Rack for Cars

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Some of us prefer professional-grade equipment because of the quality. If you are looking for a similar bike rack, you should opt for the SeaSucker Talon bike rack. This uses a vacuum to mount so there won’t be any damage to your car. Apart from this, the stand has a unique indicator that keeps you updated about the vacuum levels. This rack is even used at Tour De France. When not in use, you can unmount the bike rack and store it in your backpack, and it just weighs 6 pounds. The weight capacity of this bike rack is 210 pounds, and that is enough even for the heaviest bikes. The brand makes this bike rack using hand, and it has to pass a tough quality standard before it reaches you. The rubber used on this bike rack is UV-resistant, and the overall stand is rust-free. If you don’t mind spending a little extra and carrying only one bike with yourself, then this is the stand you should buy.


  • Professional bike rack that you can use for roof mounting or rear mounting.
  • It is very compact, and it can even fit the backpack.
  • It comes with an indicator to let you know when to pump again.
  • The brand assures a 100% refund or replacement if you are not satisfied.
  • Vacuum mounts don’t damage your car.


  • It is one of the most expensive options on the list.

#2. Tyger Black Bike Trunk Mount Bicycle Rack

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If you are looking for an affordable option, you can also check out this bike rack from Tyger Auto Store. This bike rack comes with a highly versatile design that can fit almost any vehicle except vehicles with a rear spoiler. The capacity of this rack is 66 pounds, and as per the users, it is enough to accommodate their bikes with ease. The soft cradles on this bike rack make it safe for car paint and bike paint. They also protect the frame of the bike. The brand adds a layer of e-coating that makes the bike rack rust resistant. You can fold the rack when it is not in use. It just takes about 5 minutes to install this bike rack, and the bike rack also has safety straps for a higher level of stability. You can go ahead and opt for this bike rack, and you will be happy with the quality and services of the brand.


  • It is priced the same for one bike, two bikes, and three bike designs.
  • It offers higher flexibility & apart from Prius, you can also use it with SUVs, Minivans, Hatchback & Sedans. 
  • It has a foldable design with foam wraps to protect the paint.
  • The brand offers a lifetime warranty on the bike rack.
  • Safety straps are provided in the package itself.


  • It is not compatible with vehicles with spoilers. 

#3. Deluxe Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

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If you are not sure about the bike rack usage and want an inexpensive bike rack initially, you should try this option from Allen Sports Store. It is one of the most affordable bike racks, and it can hold up to 2 bikes. There are more expensive limited editions available, but you can opt for this model as well. Apart from Toyota Prius, this bike rack can fit other cars as well. The bike rack has a 6 point mounting system that improves the stability of the bike rack and makes it very secure for regular usage. This bike rack also comes fully assembled, and you just need to mount it on the car. The carrying arm is 115 inches, and it is enough the keep the bikes away from the car. The capacity of the rack is 70 pounds, and that is enough for two bikes.


  • It is one of the most affordable bike racks available in the market.
  • The 6 point safety system ensures a proper mounting of the bike rack.
  • It comes assembled, and you just need to mount it on the car.
  • The lower frame is padded so that it keeps the bike away from the car.
  • The brand offers a lifetime warranty on this bike rack.


  • Some people had to add additional rubber at the mounting points to avoid paint damage.

#4. Allen Sports Mount Bike Rack 

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Earlier, we talked about a bike rack from Allen Sports Store, and we are sure you would have loved it. The brand uses alloy steel to manufacture this bike rack, and just like the last option, it can also fit almost every car. The only constraint is that it has two bike capacities, but it can hold up to 3 bikes. There is a 6 point safety strap in this bike rack which ensures that it stays in place and doesn’t wobble.  The tie-down is separate for each bike, and they also protect the bikes from any damage. Many people struggle with the assembly of the bike rack, but this rack comes in a pre-assembled fashion, which means that you need to install it directly. Overall, the quality of this bike rack is satisfactory, and we are sure that you will love it too. You can also avail yourself benefits of the brand’s lifetime warranty f in case there is an issue with the fit and finish of the bike rack. 


  • The side straps are included for higher lateral stability.
  • The lower frame is padded for paint protection.
  • It is a pre-assembled bike rack, and hence it takes just a few minutes to install.
  • Allen Store offers a lifetime warranty on this bike rack.
  • Overall, it is an affordable product.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

#5. Hollywood Racks Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

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At number 5, we have an option from Hollywood Racks, and this is quite a reliable brand when it comes to the racks. The brand also manufactures bike racks, and that is how it found a place on our list. This bike rack is designed with EPDM rubber straps along with the rubber bike cradle so it can hold your bike in place without any wobbles. The rubber strap also ensures that the bike or the car doesn’t get scratched.  The first thing that you will notice about this bike rack is that it comes pre-assembled. This means that you don’t have to assemble it and all you have to do is, mount the rack, and it will be ready for use. The brand specifies that the capacity per bike is 35 pounds, which should be enough in most cases. Apart from this, it fits perfectly fine on Prius, and when it is not in use, you can fold it and put it in the trunk.


  • It is available in options for two bikes and three-bike capacity.
  • The brand uses rubber bike cradles and rubber straps for higher stability.
  • When not in use, it can be folded and stuffed in the trunk.
  • It is a very high-quality bike rack with a capacity of 35 lbs. per bike.
  • It is available at an affordable price.


  • Ladies frame bike may require you to add a top tube adapter.

#6. LT Sport Bicycle Rack Holder for Sedan Car

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Moving on, we have the next bike rack from LT Sports. This bike rack is designed for Prius, but it can also fit other four-door sedans or two-door coupes. You should note that this bike rack would not work with SUVs or hatchbacks. Apart from this, your car should not have a spoiler to use this securely. The individual rubber holders will keep the bikes secured, and the rubber protection will protect the paint from chipping off. The brand uses steel tubing to give this bike rack enough strength. It is good enough to be used in all kinds of weather, and it has a load capacity of 45 Kgs. The bike rack is stable, and it is of good quality. Since it can hold up to 3 bikes, it becomes convenient for you to go on family outings quickly. Overall, the fit and finish of the bike rack are great, but we feel that the brand needs to work a little on the stabilizers. 


  • It has a heavy-duty construction, and it feels very sturdy.
  • It can fit any four-door sedan or a two-door coupe.
  • This bike rack has secure padding to protect the bikes and the cars.
  • You can use the bike rack in all weathers.


  • Some users reported that this bike rack is not stable.

#7. SportRack Back Up 3-Bike Trunk Bike Rack

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Another premium bike rack available on our list is from SportRack. This bike rack is ideally designed to carry up to 3 bikes, but we found it easier to use this bike rack for carrying two bikes. There are six safety straps on this bike rack that you can use to mount the bike rack safely to the car. The soft rubber cradles and the top tubes will help you a great deal in protecting the bike’s frame and paint. This kind of design element also ensures that you are not scratching the trunk of the car. In terms of weight capacity, the bike rack can carry up to 132 lbs. of load. Also, you would not need any tool for the installation. It automatically adjusts to the frame of the car. When the bike rack is not in use, you can fold it and store it easily. Overall, it is a fantastic bike rack, and you should check this out once. 


  • It can hold three bikes with a load capacity of 44 lbs. per bike.
  • There is ample padding, and the six-strap system holds the bike rack properly.
  • You can use it with any type of bike frame.
  • You can hold the bike rack when it is not in use and store it easily.
  • You won’t need any tool to install this.


  • It is easier to use this bike rack for two bikes instead of three.

#8. YITAMOTOR 3-Bike Rack For Prius Car 

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If you are looking for the best bike rack, you can also consider this option from Yatamotor Store. This bike rack has an excellent load-bearing capacity of 88 pounds, and it can easily fit the car within a few minutes. The hooks have been coated for higher stability and to reduce the wear and tear of the bikes. Each bike rack goes through strict quality standards, and it offers you great peace of mind. The stability is improved with the help of the safety straps included in the package, and the patented fastening system does a marvelous job. The foam used on this bike rack is of high density, which further improves your experience. You don’t have to put in any effort for assembling this bike rack as it comes pre-assembled. In addition to this, the bike rack doesn’t need any tool during folding or assembling it.


  • This bike rack can carry three bikes as it has a 12-inch arm.
  • The separate fastener system helps you protect the bike from any damage.
  • You can fold the bike rack for higher portability.
  • The overall load capacity is 88 pounds.
  • It comes pre-assembled, and you won’t need any tools to mount it.


  • You can only use it with sedans.

#9. DoCred Bike Trunk Mount 3-Bike Car Rack

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If you are looking for a versatile bike rack that you can use with Prius and other cars, you should consider this bike rack from DoCred. This bike rack can hold as many as three racks, but it is generally more suitable for two bikes. The bikes don’t skid, and that helps you with added stability.  When the bike stand is not in use, you can fold it for easy storage. Mounting and unmounting the stand doesn’t take long either. Talking about the material, the brand uses durable steel along with a lot of padding.  During our use, we never noticed any damage to the paint. Another advantage of purchasing this bike rack is that the brand offers one year warranty on the bike rack, covering you during any manufacturing defect. Donald also provides extra safety straps that offer a higher level of stability and minimize the rattling when using the bike rack. Overall, it is an excellent option for your Prius.


  • You can use it with sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, and SUVs.
  • The bike rack has a thick cushion sponge for superior paint protection.
  • There is no tool required to turn and adjust the ratchet.
  • The anti-skid threads ensure that the bike stays in its place.
  • The brand offers a one-year limited warranty on this bike rack.


  • The load capacity is 130 pounds which may be less for three bikes.

#10. Lite way 2-Bike Bicycle Hitch Mount Rack

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The next bike rack on our list is from Lite-Way, and it is quite an affordable option. This bike rack is great for short journeys. The steel tubes used in this bike rack are thick enough to deal with heavyweights, and the tightening mechanism ensures that your bike doesn’t fall. The build quality is impressive and the PP cradle has a good amount of bending strength too. When the bike rack is not in use, you can fold the bike rack’s arm, which will make it easy for you to travel around. The capacity of this bike rack with two bike capacities is 70 pounds, and the capacity increases as you order a bike rack with three or four bike rack capacities. Overall, it is an affordable bike rack that comes with some compromises. The bikes won’t collide with each other, and hence they stay safe during the journey.


  • It is available in 2 bikes, three bikes, and four bike carrying capacities.
  • The wobble-free design ensures a better grip, and the rubber protection ensures no scratches on the paint.
  • Tubes are designed with thick steel, and the anti-rattle design is very welcoming.
  • The arm can be folded when it is not in use.


  • Some people reported issues with the quality of this bike rack.

Buying Guide for Bike Rack For Prius

Some of us have never purchased a bike rack, and in such a situation, you may find it challenging to understand what you should buy. Today, we will help you figure that out to buy a bike rack for Prius that will be suitable for your requirements. To help you, we have compiled this comprehensive buying guide that will guide you regarding the points that you should consider while shortlisting the bike rack for Prius.

Mounting Style

The first thing to consider while buying the bike rack is the mounting style. You will come across the bike racks that you can mount on the car’s roof, and you will also come across the hitch carriers. Apart from this, you will find trunk mounts as well. The most popular choice for the bike racks for Sedans is the roof mount and the trunk mounts. Depending on your preference, you can choose one. There are certainly more advantages of the trunk mounts over the roof-mounted bike racks, and hence most people opt for the trunk-mounted bike racks for their Prius.


Another factor that you should consider is the compatibility of the bike racks. Now, it is not just the bike’s compatibility with the bike stand, but it is also the car’s compatibility with the bike racks. All the bike racks that we have listed on this page will be compatible with the Prius and most of the other sedans, but you should also check if you will carry your bike on those bike stands. This is an important factor while looking for bike racks and ensuring that you check the compatibility to avoid exchange or returns later.

Portability & Foldable

While looking for the bike racks, we are sure that you want something portable. The portability would help you ensure that it is not occupying a lot of space on the road. At the same time, you can opt for foldable options. The foldable options are easy to unmount, and you can fold them when the bike racks are not in use. These options can help you optimize the space. While looking at the portable & foldable bike racks, you should also understand how easy it would be to mount and unmount the bike racks.

Build Quality

The next thing to check is the build quality of the bike racks. You should buy the sturdy bike racks only. Avoid anything that you feel has inferior quality, and you should also ensure that the bike racks feel sturdy. Low-quality bike racks can be dangerous, and they can compromise your safety or the safety of others on the road. Do not hesitate to spend extra but always choose something durable. This will help you keep the bike safe, and it is an essential factor to be considered.

Weight Limit

Apart from the points mentioned above, you should check the load limit of the bike racks. This will help you understand if you can carry your bike on that particular bike rack or not. Some bikes are heavy, and you may face difficulty carrying them if the weight limit of the bike racks is lower. Match the load capacity of the bike racks with the bike’s weight and ensure that you have some extra buffer. Mounting a bike heavier than the load limit can prove fatal, so you should take care of the same while purchasing the bike racks.

Number of Bikes

You should also consider the number of bikes that you would like to carry on the bike racks. The general options available in the market are designed to carry one, two, or three bikes. You will need to choose the rack accordingly since this would also change the load capacity, build quality, and other bike racks. We always recommend opting for a higher capacity until you are sure that you would not need to carry more bikes than the capacity you are choosing. Otherwise, you may find yourself in the market soon looking for a new bike rack for your Prius. 

Holding Mechanism

You will be mounting the bike on the bike rack, and the holding mechanism is very important in such a case. You need to ensure that you can tighten the holding mechanism to get a good grip, and it is not flimsy. It is the only part that keeps your bike mounted to the car and holds a lot of importance. While looking for the bike racks, you should also check how easy it is to secure the bike and how easy it is to remove the bike from the bike racks. These factors will help you a great deal during the regular use of the bike racks.

Rubber Protection

The bike racks are made of metal, and this can easily scratch your car or the bike. To avoid this situation, the bike racks have silicone or rubber protection on them. It protects different surfaces, ensuring that the bike rack will not damage the car or the bike’s paint. The rubber protection also acts as a damper, and it prevents any rattle or wobbles while you are carrying the bike racks. These features are critical when considering the bike rack and avoiding buying anything that lacks proper rubber protection.

Warranty & Brand

When you are buying a product, we always recommend opting for a reputed brand. This helps you ensure the quality of the bike racks, and it always gives you peace of mind. A good brand ensures that you are not compromising on the quality of the bike racks. Apart from this, you should also check for the warranty policy. Some brands offer you a lifetime warranty, and some may provide you with a limited warranty. Some brands may also offer you a satisfaction guarantee to check what is on offer and your preference.


The price of the bike racks would vary depending on the product that you are choosing. They are available in an extensive price range. The cheapest one that we found was priced close to $40, and the most expensive option on this list is priced close to $300. You can set a budget before proceeding with the purchase, and this will help you shortlist the bike racks easily. As per a general observation, you will find a good quality bike rack between $100 and $ 200. You can set a budget between this range and find many reliable bike racks that serve the purpose. You can also check e-commerce websites for discounts and deals on bike racks. This will help you save some money. 

Final Verdict

These are some of the best bike racks available in the market. We are sure that you will love the design of these options, and they would serve you the required purpose as well. We suggest you check out the product page of these bike racks to get more information about the rack. You can mount them yourself on your Prius, and if required, you can unmount them too. These bike racks are very easy to use, and they would never let you down. While purchasing the bike rack, we always recommend opting for an option that can hold a minimum of two bikes. This way, you will be able to travel with someone who shares a similar interest. This was all for now, and we would now conclude this post. If you are using any other bike rack for Prius and if you think it is worth a mention, do let us know in the comment section, and we will review that for our readers. In case of any queries about the bike racks, you can reach out to us, and we will help you resolve the question. Thank You.

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