Top 10 Best Bike Cargo Rack – Review & Buying Guide

To carry your bike from point A to point B safely and without having to bend it to fit in your vehicle, some bike cargo racks are designed to be a semi-permanent extension of your vehicle (think hitch & roof), whereas others are meant to be more removable (trunk and tailgate pad). Some, such as the West Biking cargo rack, are designed to be mounted to original crossbars on even a roof, while others, such as the Dirza Bike Cargo, are designed to be mounted to your trunk and removed when not being used.

Best Bike Cargo Rack Reviewed For 2021

You’ll need to consider a few factors, including the sort of mount you want, the kind of bike you want to transport, the tire size you want to use, the number of the bike you want to transport, and your budget. Decide on the type of rack you need first, and then restrict your search within that type to discover the one that best suits your needs. Continue reading for purchasing recommendations and in-depth ratings of these & other excellent options once you’ve had a look at the 10 best bike cargo racks in the world.

#1. Reliacer Bike Cargo Rack Adjustable Bicycle Rack

Reliacer Bike Cargo Rack

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In addition to our rear bike rack, you will also receive a 15.7″x15.7″ good bungee cargo net that is made of high-quality rubber and wrapped with an abrasion-resistant nylon coating for increased elasticity and robustness! As a result of its 200 percent length extensibility, it can be stretched up to 30″x30″ to cover the area around your cargo, gifts, and bags for further security while traveling on tougher roads! An integrated reflector mount and an easily detachable red back reflector are included to improve visibility at night. An extremely robust, strong aluminum alloy bike carrier rack for long-distance touring is included. It is equipped with a plate that serves as both a rear fender and a splashguard. Using two wide sidebars, you can successfully protect bags and panniers from damaging the tires or spokes, as well as preventing them from becoming caught in the bike spokes! 

Comes with all necessary equipment and installation instructions, making it simple to assemble! The perfect accessory for cycling enthusiasts and long-distance travelers, it may be used with panniers, backpacks, briefcases, trunk bags, and even baskets. The flexible structure allows you to customize the length of the bicycle baggage rack to accommodate the majority of bicycles on the market today. The bottom rods & shelf arms may both be adjusted to accommodate bike frames ranging from 26″ to 29″ in width! Most bikes featuring non-disc brakes, such as mountain bikes, road bikes, fat bikes, and so on, are compatible with this product.  As long as your bicycle is equipped with mounting holes through which the rack can be bolted in, you can use the racks without having to worry about the width of your tires or the elevation of your bike!

As long as the bike is fitted with mounting holes through which the rack can be bolted in, you could use the rack without having to worry about the width of your tires or the height of your bike!Quality is a bit poor
The height & length can be adjusted to accommodate bike frames ranging from 26″ to 29″. 
Using two wide sidebars, you can successfully protect bags and panniers from damaging the tires or spokes, as well as preventing them from becoming caught in the bike spokes! 

#2. West Biking Cargo Rack

West Biking Cargo Rack

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Appropriate for most bicycles, including road bikes, mountain bikes, fat bikes, and so on. (Kids’ bikes and Trek Verve are not suitable for usage.) Aluminum alloy material is lightweight and durable. It comes with all of the necessary equipment and installation instructions, making it simple to put together. The Rack body can be customized to fit your needs. The shelf length is 55 cm, and the width is 14.5 cm; the panel’s length is 35.5 cm, and the width is 14.5 cm. It is possible to modify the diameter of the seat tube (2.2-3.3 cm / 0.85-1.3″) for different types of bicycles. It is simple to assemble. Use it to attach panniers, backpacks, baskets, as well as other items to your bicycle! It includes Rack Body, Support Bar, Screws, Rubber Gaskets, Form Gaskets, Reflector, installs Instructions, set of Installation Tools, Free Keychain as a gift.

Things are more convenient if they are stored on your back rack, however that is not what it was intended for. This West Biking bicycle seat rack, on the other hand, is specifically intended for this function. It has a top plate that serves as a rear fender & splashguard, making it a durable aluminum alloy bike carriers rack that is ideal for long-distance traveling. NOTE: This item includes an installation tool; if you have not got it, please contact us for a reissue. Safety – The use of a red rear reflector increases visibility when night cycling, ensuring your safety while night cycling.

It is a long-distance touring bike baggage rack that is both robust and adaptable.Poor design
Its track-compliant bags are compatible with the integrated top plate. 
The hollow aluminum design is both durable and lightweight, and the red/taillight mounts are added as a safety feature. 

#3. Dirza Bike Cargo Height Adjustable 

Dirza Bike Cargo Height Adjustable 

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The bike rear rack is ultralight yet strong, thanks to the use of high-quality aluminum alloy as the material, and the triangle-shaped stable system design, and superior welding technique. It can support up to 55 lbs and is extremely durable. This bike cargo rack is equipped with a clip to make it simple to transport stuff. Loosen the clamp and place the object on the plates without using the strap, and you’re ready to go. The ability to transport objects across small distances is quite convenient. Additionally, the clamp could be removed to suit your requirements.

Riding at night is made safer with the addition of a welded-on reflector attachment.  You can use another bike rear light in place of the red reflector if you want to ride your bike at night. This bike back rack is made of powder-coated steel. Because each rack has a smooth surface, it will not rust even when exposed to moist conditions such as a rainy day. After being mounted on the bike, the rack’s smooth surface gives it a more attractive appearance. The top of the bike baggage rack has been heat-treated to provide a smooth surface that is simple to clean. The locking nuts securely fasten the bicycle frame, ensuring that the screw remains secure even when riding on a turbulent route. It is possible to avoid panniers from grinding on tires by using support rods from both sides. The weight reduction offered by the bike rear rack is ideal for riders who want to travel a long way or a short journey on their bicycle.

Comes in a sturdy designHardware is not that robust
Value for money bike cargo rack 
Easy to install 

#4. UFANME Bike Cargo Rack

UFANME Bike Cargo Rack

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Cycle-commuting, as a convenient and healthy mode of transportation, we feel should be a daily part of the life of the majority of people. UFANME is dedicated to the development of novel bicycle equipment for leisure, commute, and touring cyclists as a result of this. This carrier rack is constructed of tough TIG-welded, heat-treated, and anodized aluminum for long-lasting performance. This material is typically used for bicycle frames & components, therefore it is just as durable as your bicycle frame and components. 

Its increased strength is derived from the high-quality material and manufacturing method used in its construction. Additionally, the anodized metal is corrosion resistant and can retain color when exposed to water. There are approximately 1.65 pounds of the total weight in this rack system (750 g). It has a Fast release clamp for quickly mounting on the bike frame or removing the cargo rack, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the seat height on the fly. Includes 2 main sidebars effectively prevent your panniers and bags from becoming entangled in the bike’s spokes or scratching the wheels while you’re riding.

How to Install?

  • Mount the luggage carrier to the seat post using the seals provided.
  • Loosen the two silver screws that are located beneath the luggage carrier.
  • To attach the rear fender, loosen then tighten the two black screws on either side of it.
  • Attach the two-side supports to the extra hole with a screwdriver.
  • Remove the screws & attach two side supports to the frame.
  • Install two side frames on the wall.
  • Attach the tail light if necessary.
The full load capacity is 110 pounds.Its bolts might create an issue while fitting to the screws
Could be used with the panniers, a backpack, or a set of baskets 
When riding at night, use its red reflector to increase your visibility and protect your safety. 
Allows you to customize the length of your rear bike rack and the length of the supporting bar to fit your specific frame size and shape 
When riding on a rougher route, an elastic bungee cable can be wrapped over the bags or gear to provide additional security. 

#5. AdventGo Bike Cargo Rack

AdventGo Bike Cargo Rack

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This bike back rack will take your bike to another level of functionality. Designed to prevent baggage or panniers from colliding with the tire, its sidebar frames are rigid. We also tossed in a back reflector for added safety when riding at night. Use with most bicycles, except children’s and fat-tire bicycles.  Time is saved by using a quick-connect design: The bike shelf rack is equipped with quick-release hooks at all three attachment locations, allowing for simple removal and reinstallation without the use of tools. It is necessary to have some tools to complete the assembly, but don’t stress, they are included in the box.

Despite this, the design is lightweight. Our ultra-durable bike luggage racks are constructed of aluminum alloy and can accommodate up to 115 pounds of gear. Consider how much you might carry. Furthermore, it is corrosion-resistant, making it a dependable choice even in rainy situations. Perfect for Transporting Equipment: Make use of your bicycle’s rear rack to transport additional items during your next mountain riding expedition, camping vacation, or morning commute. As an example, your pet, a bag, a lunch box, or groceries; the bungee cord that comes with the kit helps keep everything in place.

It includes Quick-release connections for tool-free attachmentDifficult to assemble
Holds 115 pounds of baggage  
Red reflector for nighttime visibility 
 Side panels prevent cargo from hitting the wheel Bungee rope for cargo tie-down  
Tools for installation and instructions are supplied 

#6. Songmics Bike Cargo Rack


Songmics Bike Cargo Rack

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A sturdy TIG-welded aluminum frame and three triangulated supports on either side of the bike rack will provide a boost and effective support for your baggage, whether you’re running errands or taking a lengthy trip. The stable loading area can accommodate up to 55 lb. Is it a good fit for your bike? If you have a 26″-29″ frame with a linear-pull brake with mounting holes for the rack, the chances are good that the answer is “yes!” The height can be easily adjusted for accommodating either mountain or road bikes.

Installation Minded: It’s the little things that make a huge difference: stainless steel bolts with lock nuts will not come free on difficult roads or rust after light rains; a high-quality, thicker wrench makes the work much simpler than it ought to be; and all necessary mounting equipment is provided. Apart from working as your mudguard, its top fender panel helps in protecting the bag from surrounding road spray, moreover, its side frames help in preventing panniers from grinding against spokes or tires.  It also includes a reflector mount that is soldered to the frame. 

The length-adjustable arms are compatible with bike frames ranging from 26″ to 29″.You might take a lot of time to fit it
Use the loop to secure your bag or baggage to the rack. 
It is suitable for use with non-disc brakes. 
The height can be adjusted to accommodate frames ranging from 26″ to 29″. 
To install the rack to a vehicle with non-disc brakes, mounting studs near the seating stays are required. 
In damp weather, a splash protector is recommended. 

#7. Free Fly Bike Cargo Rack

Free Fly Bike Cargo Rack 

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 The rack is constructed of high-quality aluminum for added strength. Weight (Frame + Connectors): 700g, with a maximum load capacity of 55 pounds. It’s perfect for large freight luggage bags. It is suitable for road and mountain bikes with pannier racking mounting holes that have been reserved. Compatibility with both non-disc brake & disc brake motorcycles is provided. It is compatible with nearly all bicycles, including 26-inch, 27-inch, 29-inch, and 700c bikes. (Please note that this is NOT suitable with dual suspension bikes.)

Size (Platform Length x Platform Width x Frames Height): 280 x 128 x 330 mm. Does it have enough adjustment to fit your bike? If you have a 26″-29″ frame with a linear-pull brake with mounting holes for the rack, the chances are good that the answer is “yes!” The height may be adjusted to accommodate either road or mountain bikes.

Comes with a 1-year warrantyThe product’s maximum load capacity under evenly distributed load is 55 lb; therefore, do not load it with heavy objects.
Made of exclusive aluminum 
Can fit easily 

#8. Homee Bike Cargo Rack

Homee Bike Cargo Rack

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HOMEE bike cargo rack is universally compatible with most bicycles, including road bikes, mountain bikes, fat bikes, and other types of bicycles (kids’ bikes and Trek Verve are not compatible). This bike rear rack comes with a variety of bike accessories as well as detailed installation instructions. The rack body can be customized in terms of size.

Mounting Is Simple: The shelf for the rear of the bike measures 21.65 inches in length and 5.7 inches in width; the Panel measures 13.98 inches in length and 5.7 inches in width and is adaptable for different types of bikes. This bike rear rack is ideal for transporting panniers, backpacks, or baskets on your bike.

Abrasion Resistance: 110Lb Capacity, Abrasion Resistance Alloy Steel

Safety: The use of a red rear reflector increases visibility when night cycling, ensuring your safety while night cycling.

W-Shaped Design: The rear of the bicycle luggage rack is designed with a W-shaped bar to prevent the pannier from colliding with the tires, which protects your pannier safe.

Made of 100% aluminumMay impact the gear shifting
Has an aluminum frame 
Durable & lightweight design 
It is quite adjustable for all kinds of bike 
Its quick-release designs help in easy transportation  

#9. ROCKBROS Bike Cargo Rack


ROCKBROS Bike Cargo Rack


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High-Strength Aluminum Alloy: This ROCK BROS motorcycle cargo rack is constructed of high-strength aluminum alloy material and stainless steel screws, allowing you to ride freely even on rainy or stormy days or in terrible weather. This rear bike rack has a great load-bearing capability of MOST 165lb, making it perfect for daily use as well as long-distance cycling. Universal Cargo Rack: Designed to be used mostly on mountain bikes with seat tubes that are round and less than 3.2cm in diameter (1.26ines). NOTE: This product does not suit soft-tail bikes, carbon fiber bikes, foldable bikes, small wheel bicycles, rear suspension bicycles, or other similar products.

Installing the bike baggage cargo rack is simple thanks to the adjustable fast-release bicycle rear rack clamp, which allows for quick installation and removal. With the proper equipment, installation instructions, and video, you can quickly install the motorcycle luggage cargo rack. Firm & Durable: There is increased stability with three-point fixation, and an adjustable supporting rod for simple length adjustment. You can modify the rod length to suit the mountain bike frame, making it ideal for use as a bicycle luggage rack and also for transporting stuff when traveling or commuting. Protection on the sides: Two “W”-shaped sidebars prevent your luggage from being scratched by the wheel and spokes of the vehicle. The bike back rack is equipped with elastic ropes and a red rear flashing lamp, which adds an added layer of security while riding.

An extremely powerful carrying capacity is provided by this high-quality aluminum alloy bike cargo rackExceeding the load limit is strictly prohibited
 It is appropriate for both long-distance mountain biking and daily use. 
 It can accommodate most of your riding requirements. 
The cargo rack, which is compatible with the majority of panniers and trunk bags, provides a dependable and pleasant cycling experience.  
Pack your belongings and equipment, and you’ll be ready to go right away. 

#10. BIRIA Bike Cargo Rack

BIRIA Bike Cargo Rack


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The rear carrier is made of aluminum and has three legs. SILVER ALLOY SILVER ALLOY 8-inch struts are supplied, which are adjustable for wheels ranging from 24 inches to 700C. A reflector bracket, a spring flap, and a mini-pump holder are all included. The 3-leg carrier has a weight capacity of 55 lbs. Included are spring retention systems, as well as a reflective reflector. It involves 3 sets of bolts and 2 pairs of nuts for assembling the rack. 1 set of screws & nuts is for the legs parts of the rack, which are where it is mounted and fastened to the bicycle. The other set is for the rest of the rack. The leg screw has a 7/32″ diameter and is made of stainless steel. Note that these bolts will fit most bike holes made for the rear rack legs, so please keep that in mind. 

There are some bicycles, however, that these fasteners for rack legs might not have been compatible with due to the wide number of various bicycle designs available. When installing this rack on your bicycle, you may find that you need to purchase more screws from the hardware store. The screws that come with this rear rack feature hexagonal holes in the heads of the screws. As a result, an Allen wrench will be required for the installation of this rack. Please keep in mind that for the rack to fit on your bike, mounting holes on the seat posts are required. If you don’t get those eyelets, please send an email to the company and they will give you a set of braces so that you can put this rack on your bike without having to purchase them.

Comes with a spring retention systemLimited to its load capacity which is something negative
Reflector is included 
Adjustable mounting 
Good quality of construction 
Attractive & sturdy 

Buying Guide For Best Bike Cargo Rack

What sort of bike rack is good for you will be determined by your specific use case, in the same way, that what kind of bike is ideal for you is determined by your specific use case. To make the most of your purchasing experience, keep the following points in mind. Here are some of the features to take into account when purchasing a bike cargo rack

Installation type

First and foremost, determine whether a bike rack will suit your vehicle. With all of the numerous varieties that are available (hitch, roof, trunk, & pad), you must choose the one that best complements the appearance of your vehicle. It’s an important step in determining which bike rack is the best fit for you. When driving a hatchback with no hitch, hitch mounting racks and tailgate pads, for example, are out of the question. You’ll have to filter down your options to only roof racks or trunk racks for your vehicle.

Bike Slots

The majority of bicycle rack manufacturers create systems that can hold anywhere between 2 and 4 bicycles at a time. If you intend to take your entire family cycling, one should search for a rack that has plenty of space. Tailgate pads are most spacious and can accommodate up to seven bicycles.

Ease of Use

It’s also crucial to consider how straightforward it’ll be to operate the rack you purchase. When choosing a bike rack, avoid choosing one that will offer you a headache each time you try to install your bike on it. Simplicity is always the best policy.


Some racks are easier to use and install than others, depending on their design. With a trunk-mounted rack, getting into your vehicle’s trunk might be awkward and time-consuming. That is not an issue with a hitch rack, which allows one to angle the bikes down, allowing you to have more space in your trunk. Consider how frequently you will use your bike rack and choose the model that would be the most convenient for you to utilize.

Sturdiness and Stability

Aspects such as this are among the most crucial to keep an eye out for. You’ll want a stable rack and will keep the bike in place while you’re working. On a busy roadway, the last feature you need is a wobbling bicycle! Another important factor to consider is the durability of the product. You need a rack that would last for a long period. As a result, search for a model that is constructed of heavy-duty materials for increased durability.

Padded Security Points

You’ll need a bike rack with cushioned security points if you want to maintain your bike in excellent condition. This will help to guarantee that you do not scratch or harm your motorcycle.

Locking Cables

The locking wires are either incorporated into the racks or are available as an optional addition to the rack. Fabric, plastic, and metal are all acceptable materials for making them. Invest in long-lasting, heavy-duty locking cables to reduce the likelihood of your bike being stolen.


For the best results, the rear racks should be as light as possible so that it does not contribute added load to the bike.


Another element to consider when selecting the finest back bike rack is the material, which is responsible for increasing the strength, weight, carrying capacity, and longevity of the bike rack. Aluminum is a lightweight material that can be used for the back racks of a bicycle.

Cost and Ratings 

The cost, rating, & reviews of the goods should all be taken into consideration. It is critical in determining the best thing to purchase because a high-quality product will be priced appropriately. The reviews and ratings assist you in making a distinction between different items. Customers who have used these products have provided helpful feedback and reviews about the product on the product’s website.


When purchasing a rear rack for the bicycle, it is important to consider the material from which the rack is manufactured. The construction determines the weight-bearing capacity as well as the overall weight of the rack. If the rack is constructed well, it will be simple to install and operate, and it will be lightweight, which will make it convenient. Aluminum construction is used in the majority of the goods listed above, which renders them lightweight & provides a high weight carrying capacity for their size. When shopping for a rear rack, you should keep these items in mind.


Installing a back rack on your bicycle will be quite beneficial to your back. If you’re commuting or touring, you may let your bike handle the weight of your belongings while you avoid back strain and excessive perspiration. The bike cargo rack is a great all-arounder that can be used for both commuting and touring purposes. When loaded, it remains stable and does not waver, even when the rider is falling out from the saddle. For those who require a rack for carrying things, the bike cargo racks, made of aluminum, lend a touch of elegance to any town bike. Both in terms of appearance and functionality, this one excels. The Rear Bike Rack is evidence that high-quality, long-lasting rear bike racks do not have to be prohibitively expensive. It’s simple to set up and is ideal for those who wish to get a flavor of bike travel.

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