Belt Rack – Top 10 Best Picks To Organised Your Belts

The leather belts are expensive, and most of us wear designer belts. The cost can be anywhere between hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. A lot of people end up damaging their belts by not storing them properly. Rolling them up and putting them down in the corner of a wardrobe is a problem. Another problem with not storing the belts correctly is that the buckle would get scratched and it looks shabby when you wear it with a delicate formal outfit. All these things can quickly be addressed by purchasing a simple belt rack. These racks are very compact, but they are instrumental in preserving the life of your belt. It helps you in ensuring that the belt stays in proper shape and finish. Most of the belt racks have a similar design, and you will be able to hang them in the wardrobe like a hanger. The advantage that you will get here is that the belt rack will enable you to store the belts in your Almira. It also helps you in saving a lot of space. Imagine the kind of space required by five belts when you store them by rolling them up and now compare that with storing them on a hanger that is specially designed for the belts. You will notice a huge difference. Moreover, the leather finish would remain intact, and the shape would also stay as it should.

Best  Belt Rack Reviewed For 2021

You can use these belt racks at your home, or you can even use them for display in showrooms. You can buy a classic wooden design, which would attract even more customers to the belt sections. No matter where you plan to use the belt rack, it is better to invest in one. They are available at an affordable price. If you cannot find the right model for yourself, you can go ahead and check out this list. The list talks about some of the best-selling belt racks that you can buy in 2021. We are sure that you would love to have a gorgeous-looking belt rack that can maintain your expensive belts’ looks. In this section, you will find the details of the products that we have reviewed for you. Go ahead and check out the details, and we are sure that you are going to find many models worth the purchase. You can go through the reviews and the advantages as well as disadvantages of each of these products.

#1. Tenby Living Belt Rack


Tenby Living Belt Rack


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The wooden belt racks are the best-looking belt racks that you will find in the market. At number 1, we have a belt rack from Tenby that comes with a wooden finish, but it is made of sturdy ABS. It can help you in tidying up your closet, and the design makes it look very stylish. The hanger loop can be used to hang it in the wardrobe, and you then latch up your belts on this belt rack. It is effortless to use, and there is no assembly required to use the belt rack. There are a total of 14 slots available on the rack, so you have a lot of space. If you are looking for an affordable yet sturdy belt rack, you can opt for this model from Tenby. It has the best possible design, and it is going to add a royal look to your closet. The plastic will secure the belts from the staining, and the color doesn’t come off. It will look new for many years to come, and it is certainly worth the price that it is available at.


  • This belt rack can hold as many as 14 belts at once.
  • It is made of sturdy ABS, and it holds well even under a lot of weight.
  • The single pack is available at an affordable price.


  • You would need to balance your belts on both sides of the loop.

#2. Ohuhu Hanger 12 Belt Racks


Ohuhu Belt Hanger - 12 Belt Racks


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Many people love hardwood design, and it is certainly better in terms of quality and finish. If you are looking for a similar belt rack, then check out this option from Ohuhu.  It has a total of 12 hooks so you can hold a lot of stuff on this hanger. The slots can comfortably accommodate the belts, scarfs, and even ties. It helps you in maximizing the space in your closet, and it looks excellent as well. The hooks are embedded into the hardwood, and they are made of metal. Your lady can hang purses, necklaces, and other such accessories on this belt rack. You can even hang it on the hook on one of the walls, and we assure you that it would not look ugly at all. The stainless steel hooks are polished for a better finish, and they do not rust even if you live at a place with high humidity levels. The standard size of the hanger is 15.8 inches x 7.1 inches x 0.8 inches. The hook on the hanger rotates 360 degrees so you can easily change the direction of the hanger.


  • It has a sturdy design that uses hardwood and stainless steel.
  • The hook can rotate, and hence the hanger can be used in the desired direction.
  • It is a multi-purpose hanger that can also be used for hanging scarves, ties, and necklaces.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

#3. Houndsbay Block – Solid Mahogany Belt Holder



HOUNDSBAY Block - Solid Mahogany Belt Holder


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At number 3, we have a premium option from Houndsbay. This belt rack is made of furniture-grade African mahogany, and it has a total of 14 slots to manage your belts. The belt rack also has a ridge on the top, which stops the belt from slipping off. This design element has been integrated after receiving feedback from the customers. The hook of this belt rack is made of stainless steel, and it can also rotate 360 degrees to help you get the desired orientation. If you are fond of putting your belts on display somewhere, you can surely buy this belt rack, and it will prove to be the best choice. It is not just a perfect purchase for yourself, but it is an ideal gift for birthdays, father’s day, and other special occasions. The wooden design ensures that it doesn’t look cheap, and your gift remains to be exclusive. The brand is known for its excellent quality products along with outstanding customer service. If you have any issues with this belt hanger, you can immediately contact the brand as it offers a lifetime warranty on this belt rack.


  • This belt rack is made of African Mahogany Wood, and it has a dark satin shade.
  • The brand offers a lifetime warranty on this belt rack.
  • The hanger loop can be adjusted to get the desired orientation.


  • This belt rack is an expensive piece of craft.

#4. Belt Hanger Rack Closet Organizer


Belt Hanger Shoe Rack Closet Organizer


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If you have a smaller closet, then you can go ahead and have a look at this belt rack. It is so compact that it can even be used inside the shoe rack. The dimensions of this belt rack are 8.5 inches x 7.75 inches. Besides hanging belts, you can use them to hang caps, shoes, dresses, and a lot of other things. Stainless steel is used for making the belt rack. The brand has made the design better by adding a coating of plastic on top of the steel design. It helps you from saving the belts and other accessories from scratches. Overall, the design of this belt rack is very slim, and you can even hang these multi-level designs for enhancing space utilization. The rack doesn’t also bend after you hang a lot of things on it. Overall, it is a compact design that offers a high amount of flexibility and utility factor to you. You can check out this design, and we are sure that you are going to love the minimalistic design of this belt rack.


  • The belt rack is made of stainless steel with a plastic coating to ensure that belts do not scratch.
  • It is available at an affordable price, and they offer high durability as well.
  • You can stack the belt rack in a multi-level way.


  • There are no dedicated slots for the belts.

#5. Niclogi Belt Hangers Belt Rack 


Niclogi Belt Hangers Belt Rack Ties Hangers


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If you like the previous design of the belt rack, then we are pretty sure that you are going to love this one too. This belt rack is available in a similar design, but it is from a different brand. Moreover, it is available in a pack of two, and it is a lot more affordable than the previous option that we discussed. What helps here is the multi-utility design. In addition to the belts, you can use this rack for hanging caps, tank tops, scarfs, handbags, and even bras. It makes your stuff even more manageable, and it has a load capacity of 12 lbs. With a sturdy design, the brand has also ensured a high level of protection for you. It has a plastic coating that would ensure that the expensive belts and handbags are not scratched. This coating of the plastic is non-slip material, which ensures that things stay in their original position. The dimension of this belt rack is 9.1 inches x 8.6 inches. Overall, it is quite a sturdy belt rack that you can buy for yourself.


  • These are multi-purpose belt racks that can be used for multiple things like ties, accessories, and other clothing.
  • It is available in a pack of 2 and a pack of three. The product is also very affordable.
  • Each hanger has a load limit of 12 pounds.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

#6. Belt Hanger Organizer EasyView


Belt Hanger Shoe Rack Organizer EasyView


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At number 6, we have an offering from EasyView Organizer. This brand is a pioneer when it comes to hangers and racks. They also have a belt rack as their product extension. You have an option to choose a pack of 2 or a pack of 1. Moreover, there are many color options available in this belt rack. Since they have a curved design, you can use them to store scarves, bras, Jewellery, tank tops, and other delicate things that need extra care. The belt rack’s overall design is very compact, and the plastic coating on the belt rack prevents your expensive designer stuff from getting scratched. This coating is also non-slip, so the things would stay in their place. You can hang the hooks one below another, and this way, you will be able to enhance space utilization. In addition to this, the load handling capacity of the belt hanger is also quite impressive. You can buy a pack of multiple belt racks and use them to organize your closet in a much better way. For more information about this belt rack, you can visit the link listed above.


  • These belt racks are made of premium material, and they are safe to use.
  • The pack is available in a pair of racks or a singular rack. You also get color options.
  • These racks are compact, and they are easy to use.


  • This option is slightly expensive.

#7. Bamboo Finish Tie and Belt Rack


Bamboo Finish Tie and Belt Rack


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Until now, we have only listed the belt rack that comes with a hook. Here is a slightly different product for you. You can buy this belt rack if you are looking for something attached to the wall. It has a wall hanging design, and you would need to drill in two holes in the wall to screw the belt rack. It has a total of 21 metal pegs that can be used for attaching belts and ties. The pegs are placed at an even distance so that you can quickly check everything on the wall. The backboard has a bamboo finish, and that looks very attractive. It is a sturdy board that can be used for various other things. The hooks do not lose shine, and they are sturdy enough to take the weight. This belt rack is always in high demand, and you are surely going to love it. It is worth having a look at so, go ahead and check out this belt rack with the Bamboo Finish.


  • It has 21 slots in total, so it is fair to say that this belt rack has a maximum capacity.
  • The bamboo finish, along with shiny metal, looks great. 
  • It is very sturdy and stable as it is attached to the wall or other surface.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

#8. Diommel 2 PCS Belts Rack, Storage Organizer


DIOMMELL 2 PCS Belts Rack, Storage Organizer


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At number 8, we have something from Diommell, and it is available in a pack of 2. The dimension of each belt rack is 12 inches x 3 inches. Each of the racks can hold ten belts, so you get a total capacity of 20 belts. The top hook can swindle 360 degrees, and it can also organize your belts for secure storage. You can carry it easily after folding the racks. Apart from belts, you can use them to store ties and scarves as well. The belt rack has pre-defined slots to ensure that the belts do not tangle. The only thing you need to take care of is that you would need to balance it after hanging the belts. It can be said that the belts need to be on both sides of the belt rack to ensure correct alignment. The material used for manufacturing this belt rack is polystyrene, and it has a smooth finish. The advantage of this material is that it would not damage the fabric or the leather, and at the same time, it will be very durable.


  • It is available in a pack of 2, and each rack can hold ten belts.
  • The belt rack is travel friendly, and hence you can carry it while you are going on holiday.  The polystyrene material is very smooth, and hence you do not have to worry about damaging any accessory.


  • You would need to balance the belts on both sides.

#9. Mezoom Belt Rack 2pcs Belt Hangers 


MEZOOM Belt Rack 2pcs Belt Hangers Tie Holder


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If you are price-sensitive and looking for one of the most affordable options in the market, check out this belt rack from Mezoom. This product is available in a pack of 2, and each hanger has ten slots to hold the belt. The material used here is a combination of ABS plastic and stainless steel. ABS Plastic is a high-density plastic, and it is very sturdy. Another advantage of ABS plastic is that it is very smooth. This type of finish ensures that your leather goods do not get scratched.  Apart from using it for belts, you can hang other things as well. This product can help you in tidying up your closet. The swivel hook can help you in installing the hanger in the right orientation. The hook can also be pressed down so that you can store it easily or carry it easily. Overall, it is a very reliable product, and you are going to love it. It is available at an affordable price, so the purchase would not leave a hole in your pocket.


  • Each hanger has ten slots, and there are a total of 2 hangers in this pack.
  • This option is quite an affordable purchase.
  • You can use this hanger with multiple accessories.


  • There are no color options available in this belt hanger.

#10. Richards Homewares 12 Wooden Hangers



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You have reviewed different types of belt racks until now, and we have reached the end of the list. This option from Richards Homewares is made of wood. To be precise, it is the dark walnut wood that is used for making the hanger. The hooks are of stainless steel, but they have a chrome finish on them. The height of the hanger is 7.1 inches, and hence it doesn’t occupy a lot of space in the closet. In total, this belt rack can hold as many as 21 items. The design is sturdy. If you only wish to store the belts, then the capacity will be restricted to 12 belts. Ladies can store their bags, necklace, scarves, and other such accessories on this belt rack.  The chrome and walnut wood design make a fantastic combination. You can buy this belt rack for the secure storage of your belts. The closet will be a lot more organized with the help of this belt rack.  Overall, it’s the right choice, and it is available at a low price. It can prove to be a fantastic gift idea for men as well as women.  


  • It has a wooden design with a chrome finish.
  • The belt rack is available at an affordable price.
  • The rack can easily hold up to 21 items.


  • Nothing as such.

Buying Guide To Choose The Best  Belt Rack

A lot of people have never used a belt rack in life. It is something that is not many people are aware of. This unknown adds to the difficulty while you are purchasing the belt rack. Let us help you a little more. We have listed some of the points that can help you with your purchase. So, check out the buying guide and let us know if it enables you to choose quickly.


Start by looking at the material that is used in making the belt rack. There are different options available, which would include wood, metal, and even plastic. We would recommend a belt rack that is made of wood. It looks a lot better. Most of the belt racks would have a hook that is crafted out of metallic wire. You can avoid the plastic ones as they might not be very appealing.

Design & Color

The next thing to consider is the design and the color of the belt rack. There are different design options available, and you can choose what looks best. You can even buy a belt rack that matches with the furniture or the overall design of the room.


Look at the form of the belt rack as well. Is it like a hanger, or is it like a rod that can be installed directly into your wardrobe? There are some belt racks available that can be nailed to the wall.  If you plan to install the belt rack in the closet, buy a hanger-style belt rack; otherwise, opt for a wall hanging design.

Number of Slots Available

How many belts do you would determine this choice? Look at the number of slots in the belt rack and ensure that the number of slots is more than the number of belts you own. If required, you can also purchase a set of two belt racks to ensure that the belts are not overlapping each other.

Multi-Use Belt Racks

Some models can double up as a tie hanging. If you are fond of ties and want to preserve them well, you can buy a belt rack for such multiple usages. It will save you from the pain of steaming the tie again and again. Many of the tie hangers can be used for storing caps, necklaces and other things. Such multi-use belt racks would add a lot of versatility to your closet.


The last thing is the price, and you can match it up with the quality of your belt rack. Ensure that the quality is up to the mark, and the belt rack should not be overpriced. Look at the different products to develop a baseline before you purchase the belt rack. The budget is always important and does not overlook this aspect.

Belt Rack Frequently Asked Questions

Hanging belts on a belt rack could help preserve the belts?

Yes, one of the best ways to preserve and belts is to use a belt rack, however, if you want to preserve the belts for a long time, then just hanging the belts on a belt rack is not enough, you need to condition the belt, dry it, and store it at a place with optimum conditions.

Is there any way to avoid the unpleasant smell of a belt?

An unpleasant odor from a belt could be from the chemicals that are used to treat and manufacture the belt. Or if you are referring to the foul odor that comes from the belt after a few months of use, then it could be because your belt absorbed your sweat for a long time. In such a case, you should consider applying some oil to the belt. It is best recommended that you avoid the belt from coming in contact with sweat.

Which type of belt rack is the best? Did they make of plastic or ones made of wood?

If you are asking about aesthetics, then no plastic belt rack could replace a traditional wooden belt rack. On the other hand, if you are asking about quality and style combined, wooden belt racks are the best as they are durable, efficient, and stylish.

Is it true that premium leather belts should be hung properly to preserve them? Is it okay if I roll them and store them to save space?

Yes, most of the experts recommend hanging premium leather belts on a belt rack, if you are planning on leaving the belt on the rack for a long time without using it, then condition the belt, dry it, and then hang them. If you want to preserve space you could roll the belt and leave them in a drawer or between clothes. Remember, after you roll the belt, do not try to tie them or stick the end. Rolling and storing premium belts is not commonly encouraged, however, if you want to do it, do not put too much pressure on the roller belt.

How long does a leather belt last if I use a belt rack for hanging it?

The lifespan of a leather belt depends solely on the quality of the leather and the manufacturing process. Most top-rated leather belts last for at least 6 to 12-years if used and stored carefully. Belt rack does not perform any miracles, they help organize the belt and, in turn, helps preserve its freshness and therefore, keeps the belt from developing cracks or wrinkles.

A belt rack could be used to hang all types of belts?

Have you seen a belt rack, I guess you are asking this question because you have not seen a belt rack. Most commonly, the difference between each type of belt is their buckles. When it comes to belt rack, the type of buckle does not always matter. Check the belt rack pictures and you will understand more.

Final Verdict

We have shared all the information about the belt racks with you. You can go through the buying guide if you still have confusion while buying the products. If you are concerned about the quality of the belt rack, the best bet would be to buy one of the belt racks that we share with you. We assure you that they have the best possible quality and they are worth the price as well. These racks are going to offer value for money, and they are going to increase the usable life of your belts. For any other information, you can check out the links to the belt racks associated with each of these listings. On the product pages, you will be able to find the images, deals, and specs of these offerings. If you have any questions or queries, you can reach out to us via the comment section. Thank you, and do not forget to explore the other parts of this website dedicated to the different kinds of racks.

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