5 Things to Know Before Buying Server Racks Shelf

Devices are either mounted on racks or placed on rack shelves. Serves rack shelves are majorly designed to be mounted into a 19″ rack including AV racks, Network Racks, and Server Racks. The main use of rack shelves is to store desktop PCs, Servers, and Tools, Switches, Printers, Monitors, other devices or equipment. Buy a server rack shelf to keep things systemized, offers extra storage for devices/equipment, and makes servicing devices much effective & easier. 

What Are Things You Need To Know Before Buying Server Racks Shelf

#1. Types

A wide range of server racks is available for the data centers. It is essential to understand the basic requirement based on the type. If you are running a hosting company for domains, you might have to install a wide number of rack shelves and maintain them on daily basis. Due to this, you should be choosing between mentioned basic types – 

  • Fixed heavy duty rack shelves
  • Sliding Rail Shelves
  • Adjustable Switch Shelf 
  • Post Rack Sliding Half Shelf   
  • Light Duty Laptop Shelf
  •  2U Configurable Cantilever 2 Post Rack Shelf 

Fixed Heavy Duty Rack Shelves

As the name implies, these rack shelves are specifically designed to support the heaviest equipment. This shelf is ideal for equipment like Tower Servers, UPS, and Printers. It features adjustable mounting brackets. 

Sliding Rail Shelves

The sliding shelves can be slid forward for easy access during operation. It is an ideal solution for those computers and heavy equipment that need to be stored on a durable and sturdy shelf. These shelves are well-suited for round hole-based server racks, threaded & square server racks.

Adjustable Switch Shelves

Adjustable Switch Shelves are equipped with a plated side tray to store cords and power bricks. It has a hook & loop strap which keeps secure cables to the shelf and power bricks. Usually, these shelves are made up of 16 GA steel. For easy and quick installation, this would be going to be the perfect option. 

Post Rack Sliding Half Shelves

The type of sliding shelf is the posted rack half shelf. With enclosed wall mounts, it can be compatible to use. Having a shelf like this can be a great option to save a lot of space. This lightweight shelf is often used to mount Laptops. It can be also used with enclosed transport and mounts cases.

Light Duty Laptop Shelves

Looking shelve for mouse & keyword? If yes, then this is going to be an excellent option. It comes with a lock-out safety feature. The equipment can easily remove and adjust through this shelve.

2U Configurable Cantilever 2 Post Rack Shelf 

The shelf can be used for securing equipment and strapping it down on the shelf. Each type has its own set of advantages. Choosing the right type is all dependent on your specific needs. To understand that which one will suit your need, you should consider the undermentioned aspects. 

#2. Accessibility 

Understanding that how often you need to access the cables behind the server or how often you have to replace the memory sticks in the server is a critical factor. If you run a media house, you will be using servers for storage purposes mainly and you won’t have to access them on an often basis. But, if you are constantly changing the drives or maintaining the servers, you would have to choose a rack that has rails. Changing the equipment inside a rack is common among media houses, hosting servers, data centres and networking companies. For personal use, you rarely access the hard drives, so you can choose a fixed shelve only in that situation. 

#3. Adequate Ventilation

A server rack shelf that offers plenty of space to ventilate the server is essential for the highest performance. When you are installing a graphics card in the server, you know that the whole setup will be producing an intense amount of heat due to the high TDP of the graphics card and CPU altogether. In such a situation, if the servers are mounted at a close distance to each other, they might end up producing more heat and the server may crash by throttling. This will affect the overall performance and your productivity will decrease. So, always choose server racks that have ventilation holes to provide perfect usability. 

#4. Know Your Budget

Sliding Rail Shelves is slightly expensive than regular shelve. Shelve having significant capacity keep your device safe and easy to operate. Firstly know your needs and then choose shelve.

#5. Check Reviews 

To know about the product’s durability and sturdiness, it is good to check the rating and reviews of users. Moreover, you can contact experts who already use shelves. By the way, you need not know about the shelves before use. Thus, look at shelves that offer a reasonable price and better functionality.

Final Words:

Server Rack Shelves are designed to be able to be configured to your needs and preference. Before reaching to final pick, consider the mentioned aspects.

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