5 Things to Know Before Buying Server Rack Cabinets

Server racks are not only required in offices, but you may even need them at home. An example of this can be the CCTV set up at your home. The DVR and all other things need to be correctly stacked in a server rack cabinet. Apart from this, any network device should also be on the server rack cabinet to ensure protection and proper usage. So, we can say that most of us would need a server rack cabinet at some point in time.

What Are Things You Need To Know Before Buying Server Rack Cabinets


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Now there are some things that you should know about the server rack cabinets before you buy one. In the section below, we have covered those points, so go ahead and check them out below. For more brands of the server rack cabinet – Check Top 5 Best Brands Of Server Rack Cabinet 

#1. Space & Ventilation

The first thing to understand is one major constraint with the server rack cabinet. It is the lack of space, and to buy a correct server rack cabinet; you need to buy a server rack cabinet that has enough space to store your network equipment. If you are not considerate towards the space, you will purchase the server rack cabinet that is not useful. Also, understand that you will be adding more equipment frequently, so you should buy a server rack cabinet with extra space for future upgrades. Apart from this, you also need to be considerate about the ventilation associated with the server rack cabinet. It should have perforations or appropriate ventilation channels to keep the equipment cool. This will prevent network failure. 

#2. Lock, Key & Structural Integrity

Now, you would agree that the server rack cabinet is made of sheet metal, which may compromise the structural integrity if the build quality is not proper. To help yourself with a quality product, you should always look at structural integrity. You can even check the server rack cabinets’ compliance, which will help you ensure that you are meeting the network safety standards. Apart from this, the servers usually have sensitive data, and hence you must look for a server rack cabinet with a lock and a key. The lock will protect your server rack cabinet from any unauthorized access. You will most likely get multiple keys with the server rack cabinet, and there are independent keys for the front and the rear

#3. Mounting Style

 Not everyone has enough space to accommodate the bulky server rack cabinet. In such a case, you need to understand the space requirements vs. the space availability. If you have enough space to keep a boxy structure in the room, you can opt for the floor standing server rack cabinet. However, if you do not have enough space in the room, you should opt for the wall-mounted server rack cabinet. This will save you a lot of space, and it will also be out of reach for any unauthorized users. So, you can choose the mounting style depending on the space available, size of cabinet, and other similar things before you start shortlisting the server rack cabinet for your home. This will make the purchase process easy. 

#4. Self-Assembled

Don’t be surprised when we tell you that you will have to assemble the server rack cabinet yourself. In general, you will not find any server rack cabinet that comes assembled. You will need to do that yourself, and the task usually takes not more than 15 minutes, but it certainly depends on the size of the cabinet. You will get a user manual that will help you assemble the server rack cabinet. We want to set the expectations right, and we want you to understand that you will have to spare some effort while setting up the server rack cabinet. You can seek professional help to set up the server rack cabinet, but that can prove to be a costly affair.

#5. Weight Limit

Each server rack cabinet you find in the market has a weight limit. You need to check that weight limit, and you need to check the weight of the network equipment as well. Storing more than the designated weight in the server rack cabinet can lead to the collapse of the structure, and this can destroy your delicate server or network equipment. You need to ensure that you are reviewing it very carefully, and if you think you need a higher weight limit, you should opt for one without a doubt. Additional capacity in terms of the weight of the space is always helpful from the future perspective. 

Bottom Line:

These are some of the points that you should know about before purchasing a server rack cabinet. We hope that these things will help you understand what is required and expected during the purchase. Overall, these pointers should help you, and you should be able to buy a server rack cabinet as per your needs.

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