5 Things To Know Before Buying Bike Rack For Prius

If you own a Toyota Prius and plan to buy a bike rack, we want you to hold the purchase until you read this post. On this page, we have listed five things that you should know before buying a bike rack for Prius, and this will help you during the purchase, but it will also help you set the expectations right when you are purchasing the bike rack. 

What Are Things You Need To Know Before Buying Bike Rack for Prius

So, go ahead and check out the details in the next section, and we are sure that these pointers will help you buy the bike rack. You should also check out the type of bike you have and if it is compatible with the bike rack. Some of the bike racks are not compatible with the kid’s bike and the mountain bikes, so you should review the same.

#1. Check Compatibility

Prius is a sedan, and you need to understand that the bike rack that is compatible with the sedan would most likely fit your Prius as well. Similarly, the bike rack that fits your Prius should also fit other sedans. So, if you have multiple sedans, you will be able to reuse the bike rack, and you will find it cost-effective to manage with a single bike rack. Apart from this, you will also come across a bike rack that can fit the crossovers and the sedans, so you can even check out these options. The right way to shortlist the bike rack is to select the car during the search so that you only see the compatible bike rack. This will certainly make the purchase easy, and you will not be confused between several hundred options available.

#2. Number of Bikes

The next thing to check is the number of bikes you need to mount. Before you buy the bike rack, you need to understand how many bikes you will travel with? This will help you know the load factor of the bike rack. Before you begin the search, you should also look at the weight of the bikes, and this way, you will understand the load factor you should consider for your bike rack. In general, you will find bike racks for Prius that can hold anywhere between 1 bike to 4 bikes. So, you need to make a choice here, and it should be based on your requirements. We always recommend opting for a higher load capacity to deal with any ad-hoc requirement or particular need.

#3. Paint Protection

Don’t we all feel the pinch when we see a new scratch on the car? We are sure that you all have the same feelings, and some of the poorly built bike racks can easily scratch the paint of the car or the bike. To avoid any such situation, you should ensure that the bike rack has ample foam or protection to protect your car from any paint damage. Knowing the level of paint protection will certainly help you ensure that the car & the bike stays new. It will also reduce the wear & tear of the bike and the car.

#4. Easy to Use

We all want something easy to use, and we are sure that you would be expecting the same when you buy a bike rack. So, when looking for the bike rack, ensure that you consider how easy it is to mount the bike rack and how easy it is to remove it. Apart from this, you should also understand how much effort it will take to mount the bikes on the bike rack. You can even look at the portability and the storage aspect of the purchase since these are some things that will always impact your purchase decision. Do not buy a bike rack that takes a lot of time to mount the bikes or that needs to be prepared in advance.

#5. Pre – Assembled

We all hate to assemble the racks ourselves. It is time-consuming, and we need to go through many steps to assemble the rack. To avoid this frustration, you can look out for the pre-assembled bike rack. You will find many such options, and these bike racks would need you to be latched to the car’s trunk. The assembled bike racks are shipped in a box, and there is no need to assemble anything. So, to avoid any frustration while using the bike rack, you can look for a pre-assembled bike rack that is also portable and foldable. All these things make a good use case for a bike rack.

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Final Verdict:

These are some of the things that you should know before buying the bike rack for Prius. We are sure that knowing these things will help you select the right bike rack for your Prius. There are multiple options available in the market, and you can even find them on Amazon. So, go ahead and explore the bike rack for Prius to make your trips more fun.

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